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Hey Mark,

Where has your funky little E-Card gone? I was just about to purchase it.



it was taken down for an copyright issue by an other author here :S but it should be back online soon :D

Just purchased this and I have great expectations on this. Great work.

Thank you :D

I Mark,

It is possible for you to send me the helvectica neue font that is used on the logo?

Thanks in advance.

The helvectica font is not a free font, but email me and i will direct you to the place ;)

I Mark,

My email is (...). Thanks.

Other question: how to force a different default color theme?

email send

Mark on the grids you have 5 icons:

delete.png – delete item document—arrow.png – i can use this to access an article preview document—exclamation.png – what is the intention? suggestions? document—minus.png – what is the intention? suggestions? document—pencil.png – edit item

The icons belong to any particular icon set available?

I think famfamfam slik set, so free to use.

for more free icons sets

How can i add this to wordpress admin ;) because i cant write any php just html

Well this is an admin skin, not an wordpress admin skin, but you can convert this to an wordpress skin if you have knowledge of wordpress and php

Is there a date picker somewhere in the package? I cannot find it if there is. If not, it would be great to throw one in!

Well i think that i didn’t included an datepicker, but here’s a very simple to use datepicker


Thank you, the problem is that all the date pickers are hard to include because of the styling. No matter what date picker I try, it always looks like the theme of the page and requires too much tweaking for me to deal with. So if you have one laying around that you have used with this template, please do include it in the package. It will save a lot of time and headache LOL


I am moving to a new house so i dont have the time at this moment to include this, and I am working of my mobile right now so i cant do much :(

But trust me this datepickers is really easy to use, please give it a try ;)

I am having the hardest time getting pagination to work. Anyone have a simple script for that? Thanks :)

Use an php navigation script ;) try to google it

What needs to be included on a page to use the dialog windows? I have the dialog css added to a page but all I see is the dialog text and the ok button without any box on the page.

When I click OK the ok button and text go away as its supposed to. but I don’t understand why the box itself is not displaying.

I will contact you true email about this :)

I wanted to buy this theme this morning but the stupid site doesn’t send the verification email so it won’t let me buy it… Grrrrr! Stuipd.

verification email? Huh? please contact the support about this issue.

Some emails have an delay or will be dropped in the spam box.

No… something else is wrong because I just got the email notification of your reply. The site isn’t sending verification emails. I also did send a support ticket… but if I can’t buy the template soon I will buy something else or use a free one… I have to get this project started this morning.

Mark, this admin theme looks fantastic… How easy is this to implicate into a Web template?

Thank you.

Hello Mark it says “almost complete CMS skin” when do you think it will be finished? and what is it that need finishing incase theres a feature i’d like/need but not finished yet?


Well it’s not going to be finshed :)

As you can see all other admin files here hare little content or page’s in it, freshcms has a lot of pre made pages which will speed up you process, thats why the title almost complete ;)

When I click on the “x” for mesages (ie sucess, error, etc) it shows a finger as if there’s a link there but when clicked it does not close.

I have included all the necessary files:

<link href="css/basicblack2.css" title="styles5" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" />
<script src="js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/jquery-ui-1.7.1.custom.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/jquery.cookie.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/styleswitch.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/main.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

I had to edit the theme so I have everything else working except for this. Even when I strip the index2.html (demo file) down to nothing except these messages and those include files it seems to work. It seems like there’s some ajax calling that’s missing.


Can you send me a link to the demo or an zip with the files?

<p class="del-x" /> seems to not have any entry in any of the css files. Where is it getting it’s styling from?

Well the class del-x is just for the jquery delete function. The cursor is class is div.dialog-right.

Hi, there’s a simple way to change the markitup to tinymce? I have tried and tiny broke up all the textarea space.


Well it should be easy to intergrate a new wysiwyg editor, see there website for more info :)

two days before i purchased this theme for $20 and now today it has dropped to $10, lol. anyway the theme is worth the pennies spend on it. loved your work Mark. it would have been lot better if you ha included the JQuery UI datepicker in this, a newbie like me and most of the others are unable to understand how to implement it. i would appreciate if you have any followup tutorial that would teach me how to implement it. thanks BTW

Sorry about that, but i dont know when my stuff is beeing added to the bin. Well i though that i have added the datepicker to the theme but you already know that it isn’t. But the good thing is that jquery ui stuff can be added with ease.

Thanks that you like my stuff!

Just to add to add the information i successfully implemented the Jquery UI datepicker i didnt really know jquery was this simple. thank you for recommending MARK , i am already loving it :)

Want to know when a file gets updated by email?

Hey Mark, i noticed that the collapsing panel with the icons has some conflicts with the latest Jquery core file When you open the panel, it will close it selfs again. Do you have a fix for that? Isolved it by using the min.1.3.2 But would be nice to use the latest core file as i allways use api in my sources. ;)

Dank u wél, hope you have a solution. I couldn’t find it :(

I see it, well i have tested it, and it works fine with 1.4.2, but not with 1.4.3, there is a issue with the slideToggle, dotn know why. I think it’s a bug or there is an conflict with an other plugin.

You can stick to 1.4.2 or go to my support forum for an solution.

Firstly thanks for a great theme!

I was wondering if you could shed some light on a little problem I’m having, I would like to add an on click event to the edit button on the user rows so that the row still expands to show the form, but also perform my own custom action.

For some reason it ignores anything i put in an onClick event, Do you have any suggestions what i could try to make an onClick event work under these circumstances?

Many Thanks


Hmmm well i cant think of anything right now, the best thing to do is to put this on the jQuery forum, they can help you with this thing :D