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what a beautiful template! love it!

Im missing a scroller bar in the bottom..just like in your other templates. But love it!

Awesome! Really good theme. Well done! :)

thanks mate

The WP versions of our themes are no longer available on TF, they are only sold on our own website (can’t post the link due to Envato policies)

Awesome Live in IE8 Slider & Javascript Animation NOK ! :(

Great work! Good Design! Bookmarked! ;) Good Luck!

Great work on this one. Really loving the WP version!

thanks mate, we apreciate the kind words

wow awesome template again.!

Glad you like it, Mabuc! As always, thank you for your kind words ;)

lol! a theme with my artist name..

It does not work in chrome.. anybody else have the problem?


Odd. It works in our Chrome. It is possible that you have js disable?

Not all characters appear in the CLEAN AND CLASSY CORPORATE theme. Using Opera.


obh Purchased

Hi There, really like the theme, thanks

Im trying to make slides that are not current fade out more or become darker but am struggling to find the relevant bit of code.

Could you point me in the right direction?

Hello, we’d love to help but we don’t like giving support here on comments… instead, we have created a dedicated support forum on our website, where it’s much more easy to follow the discussion and receive support. So, please head over to and create an account (it takes 2 seconds) and post your question in the appropriate forum. Thanks


obh Purchased

many thanks, have done that now.

call me crazy, but i am trying to build my own page – mainly due to no/limited funds at this time. i purchased freshfolio $12 – it downloaded to my macbook laptop, i can see the file…but due to my ignorance (at least I am aware of it)...i don’t know my next do i open it to make manipulations ect. really appreciate your help. i am a interior designer, so the creative aspect is not an issue, and even took a brief course while getting my design degree on web design. but alas, i am stuck. any KIND words for the novice? btw: have domain and hosting taken care of…

sure Troibarnum, please head over to our dedicated support forum at and we’ll guide you step by step.

probably a newbie question, but how do you integrate a working blog with the site?

Love the design by the way, really lovely

Actually you’ll have to code the WP version to have a blog, considering that this is only a HTML template. No need to code though because the we already did that and the wp version is available on our website. Can share the link though because of the envato policies.

I need to know if this template works with all browsers including chrome?

yes, it was tested for all main browsers: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. Keep in mind that it is not responsive though, because back then when this was released there was no such concept as RWD.