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HI Amatyr4n,

I downloaded this a few months back when it was Themeforests’ free item of the month, because I figured I could use it for a future project and it looks really neat and I love the design. :)

Well today I finally had a project I needed it for; so I unzipped the files and started taking a look. The first thing I noticed is that there are not any HTML files at all (not even 1.) But, the item details for this template say ‘Themeforest Included Files: HTML , CSS, JS, PHP , JPeg’ etc. but there is not any HTML here. What can I do?

Can I open the Index.php file in Dreamweaver and then use the ‘Save As’ command to save it as an HTML file, and would that work?

Thanks! Ruby

UPDATE : So sorry about that, I was confusing Freshlr with a completely DIFFERENT 1 -page template I downloaded as a free file of the month a while ago. It was an online resume template that looked somewhat similar to this one and I just totally mixed them up! :-)

hi Amatyr4n, ok I found my Freshler zip file and am actually working with the right template now. :-) Love it so far, very nice work!! Might want to let people know though about how they need to set colors in the jQuery at the bottom because for the first few minutes that confused the heck ‘outta me. Its all good now though!

Hi RubyLu, no problem ;) thanks for using and spreading my work :D


Great template ( and code ). Is there a chance to not make the nav slide? I would just like to keep the nav at the top left of page without it sliding. Any tips? Thanks in advance!

Hi bclifford, except if the browser window is too small, by default the navigation will always follows viewport, but you can disable the animation by setting this option

,animateSidebar     : true

to false.



I have 2 pre-sales questions:

1 – Is it easy to change the background picture ? 2 – Is it viewable on iPhones / iPads ?

Kind regards, RadCon.

Hi RadCon,

1. Yes it is, you only need to change a line of CSS

2. Just like any other site ;)


Oh s**t ! I’m afraid this author has died :-(

It’s been 3 months now since he didn’t reply to any message.

Oh s* **t (read: sweet :) ) lol :D no I’m not


This doesnt’ work on my iphone. I had read a comment a while back that it does… I have something disabled?

You probably get this a lot, but I cant see it by scanning back on the comments, but is there a wp version too?

If not…

...why not?! :P

It is a lovely design and just what I am looking for in a wp theme!

I see no way to STOP images from doing the lightbox effect if you just want them to be links.

So, if I just want my images to be links – like banners – how do you allow them to be links to URLs and not try to open the URL in a lightbox effect???

How can you make a link IN the content that triggers to one of the other pages?

For example, this does not work Contact Us if it is in the body of the page to trigger a jump to the Contact page. This only works from the nav sidebar.

I found 1 way to stop the lightbox effect on select images, make the images DIV ’s in the css and not actually img’s in the page.

the fix to letting text links or images link to pages IN the site is links like this

the key is that class=”xtrig”

I cannot get the Google Analytics script to appear in the source. Firebug’s console displays “match” but the script is nowhere to be seen. Any thoughts on what may be missing?


Bump. Anyone there? The Google analytics script is still not appearing in the website source. Can anyone shed some light on why it is not loading.


hi mate! nice work! i downloaded your template when it was free, now i’m looking to buy the update but first i’ve to fix some bugs…

how i can remove the bottom-column?


how i can make the bottom-column and the entire page interactive with an accordion menu like this one

if i exclude modernizer.js or freshly.js the page resize… i need to resolve to buy the update, thanks!