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Nice work. Bookmarked. I always like one page sites and this one looks great.

Thank you rororo, I’m glad my item get bookmarked :)

Keren gan… :D
sukses deh jualannya…

Thanks gan, belum sesukses agan nih.. :D

Needs rounded corners…

Hi jjjrmy, thanks for leaving your comment here.

I can of course make them rounded with adding some lines of CSS , but if I may know the reason, why you suggest the corners to be rounded?

I just think it would look better.

Hey there, I tried to install the theme on my word press site, although I received this error message.

Warning: fopen(/home/ivory/public_html/wp-content/themes/freshlr-personal-onepage-site-template/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ivory/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/ivory/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4168

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/ivory/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4171

And it says that the style sheet is missing. Is this an issue with the new version of word press? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Hi there domonique, Thanks for purchasing, but this item is a one-page HTML Site Template, not a WordPress Theme. So yes it’s not possible to be integrated directly to a WordPress site.

I’m sorry if you expect this as a WP theme, as I’ve already mentioned in the description or if you look at the breadcumb, which category this item is at.

However, to use this template as an HTML site, you can by simply unzip the downloaded file, then copy the contents of “Freshlr Personal Site” folder to your hosting folder. Since it’s a one-page site, it’s easy to customize the content with editing the HTML file (index.html), you can read the how-to documentation in folder “Freshlr Help Guide” which is also included in the zipped download file.

If you have any difficulties afterwards, feel free to ask me. :)

DOH ! Sorry my bad! Thanks for that… I had a question actually about customizing the background. Can I only use the combinations you have provided? I would like to have my own background if possible.

Thanks again

Yes you can use your custom of course, by following this simple step:
1. upload an image to the /images folder, for example I named it “my-background.jpg”
2. add these lines just before the < / head > tag in index.html file:
<style type="text/css">
body {background: #999 url("images/my-background.jpg") repeat;}

amatyr4n, this is an incredibly creative template! Keep up the great work, especially the “Graylr” theme you’re working on.

- Luke | His Handiwork

Hi Luke,

Thanks, really appreciate your appreciation, that motivates me more :D

Hello amatyr4n

I’m trying to add another sub menu in between portfolio and contact but when I do the website doesn’t always navigate to the correct page. Could you help me out?

Hi lweeg512, sure I’ll be happy to help you, just email me your problem description, if could be more specific, through my profile page: :)

hello amatyr4n,

i have a problem with your php contact form. when i type a “enter” in the textarea, the contact form will not be sent. The same problem is here at your live preview…..maybe you can help me?



Hi ron, thanks for purchasing my template

Sorry can you explain more detailed, does it happen only when you typed Enter in textarea? It’s because textarea is multiline paragraph, so you must clicking Submit button.

I wasn’t installing the PHP in the live preview before. Now it’s installed and pointing to my email, you can test again if you want to make sure.

For testing on your server, you can uncomment line 39, so you can see what kind of error happened when failed to send a message.

The contact form works perfectly when I only have one line without a line break by pressing Enter. If i make a linebreak inside the textarea by pressing “ENTER” and then click on submit, the form reports “sending message….” and this message never goes away.

i cant find the issue.

Hi ron, now I get what you meant..

My proposed solution is by replacing the line break ’\n’ from textarea into ’\\n’, this can be done by adding

datastr=datastr.replace(/\n/g, "\\n");
in freshlr-script.js line 102 (just below var datastr = ...)

Thanks for spotting this issue, this is a serious problem for my buyer, I have to update my item soon..

hi amatyr4n,

works perfectly :bigsmile:

thx for your quickly support.


Your welcome, ron. Happy to help ;)


Great work. Instead of popping up images in the portfolio can I make them go to a link instead? I’m using this to showcase my books however if someone wants to buy that one book I would like them to be able to click and purchase. Can you let me know what I can do to have it use a link instead?

Hi CrowlJor, thanks for purchasing.

By default, the gallery was bundled with Fancybox jQuery plugin which make this feature realised. But you can inactivate fancybox features from the gallery by simply remove the
$(".gallery a").fancybox({
lines from js/freshlr-script.js, so then every anchor element will go to their href=”link” instead

Hope that helps, :)

For all previous buyers, I just updated this item which got improved much than since 6 months ago, also with several new features added (see changelog). In case you’re interested, just re-download it from your download page. ;)

I bought your template and ie8 comes loading and does not disappear, because it can be? thanks

Hi a2, thanks for purchasing.

I have tested my theme before and by default it should be fine in IE8 . If you experienced the loading bar stays nowhere, then there must be something wrong in javascript code. Do you have a link to the demo so maybe I can take a look? you can send privately through my profile page: ;)


My client loves you theme, his question is because of its structure being a one page site, is it SEOable.

can more menu items and pages be added. can video be added youtube vimeo,etc also are the plugins used for this theme included

thanks looking to purchase this today if the above responses are good for him to say yes

Hi lalaine,

I may be biased, but I think my template provides pretty good basis for beginning a site with good SEO , It has valid XHTML (W3C validated), uses proper meta-tags (see with view source), has semantic structures, loads fast with proper javascript loading method, provides popular social sharing buttons, etc.

More page and it’s menu item could be added later, and yes, vimeo could be embedded as usual. All jQuery plugins used in demo are included within this template.

Thanks for considering my HTML template, looking forward to see you ;)



Is there any way to change which theme is default? I’ve had a good look through but cannot find what I am looking for :-(


I’m now editing this just 5 minutes later, wanting to slap myself in the face as I’m being quite thick. I’ve found it, haha.

Haha, no problem. Thanks for purchasing :)

oops, sorry double post

Hello Amatyr4n,

I am thinking of buying this template, but I am wondering if we can change the scrolling to be vertical instead of horizontal! do you think that is possible? Thanks in advanced.


Hi Manuel, sure that’s possible. Just email me after purchasing, I’ll send you a little tweak to make it slides vertically :)

Hello amatyr4n,

thanks for the quick answer! I just purchased your theme, if you could send me that little tweak version to my email: I ll be glad, thanks again!


Hi Manu, sorry for the delay, since no notification system here, I have to check manually. If only I knew I would instantly reply and send it.

Thanks for purchasing, email sent ;)


Hi - Very nice template. But I too have the ‘loading’ bar problem… in Mozilla Firefox. The latest IE browser gets further but crashes on changing fonts. I have installed the demo package on; So that you may look at it. The package was uploaded without any mods from the .zip file. Thanks for the help. Marc

Hi Marc, I’ve take a look to your site and it seems that only happened in Firefox 3.6, I’ll try to find a solution for this issue shortly.


I think I’ve found the problem causing this is because of jQuery.getScript() has a bug in Firefox 3 which loads external script asynchronously (so the callback get executed before the required script fully loaded), whereas other browsers load synchronously just fine.

Meanwhile, to solve this issue I have to restore back the method to load external script by declaring script directly instead of using XHR . At least until I found a proper method to get a predictable result.

I’ve sent the patch to your email, just reply back if you have any difficulties afterwards. ;)


I have bought your template, IN INTERNET EXPLORER 7 , does not look right is off the menu

como puedo solucionarlo?

Hi a2, which part of the template doesn’t looks right exactly? would you mind to provide the link so maybe I can take a look?