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I tried that one before… it’s not enough… Nothing seems to work… can’t make the link stick, as soon as I refresh, the message / link / post is gone and it’s only visible on my wall… :(

Try to remove the opengraph as well xmlns:og="" and all of it’s meta tags meta property="og:..... see if that works…


Hi amatyr4n,

A million thanks to you.. because of your template I able to understand basic html… and now able to edit website.. _


Currently I having trouble with installing link to picture. Below are my html code for this.. but it wont work..

When I click om the picture this message pop up – “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Hi Ahmad, unfortunately I can’t see your code :D


When I replace the text header with an image, that image is treated like the portfolio images where there is a box and drop shadow around it. How may I remove this for the header without affecting the general style for images?

Hi caedmonn0, sorry for that, please see my comment to TOreDEFINE in the previous page for the solution.


Thank you for the reply and thank you for a great template!

I have to change the code here because it didnt come up on above comment..

<> i deleted this symbol

a href=”” img src=”images/photos/Rayban.jpg” width=”700” height=”250” title=”Rayban Advertisement” /a

a href=”” img src=”images/photos/Rayban.jpg” width=”700” height=”250” /a

a href=”” class=”shadow leftpic” src=”images/photos/Rayban.jpg” width=”700” height=”250” rel=”me”title=”blog” /a

Hi Ahmad, do you have the link to that? it’ll be more easier for me to help you.


Is there a way to have the page load a random background/foreground like the sample button calls ‘random?’

Hi caedmonn0, unfortunately there is no way outside for demo, but you can modify the script inside /js/freshlr-script.js file to add that functionality.


How can I change the color of the yellow box that appears when you are done sending a message using the contact form.

Hi timster54, you can edit that color in /css/freshlr-style.css, find for background property inside #response selector

#response {
    background: #FFA;



Thank you for the quick reply


Picture hyperlink is on the last & 2nd last rayban picture.

It’s clearly my bad, thanks for spotting this bug.

To solve this you have to edit the /js/frehslr-script.js in line 239, change this

$('.gallery a, a[href$=jpg|png]:has(img)').fancybox({

to this:

$('.gallery a, a[href$=".jpg"]:has(img), a[href$=".png"]:has(img)').fancybox({



Thank you very much

I still got a lot to learn & tq for the opportunity.. _

No problem at all, good luck then ;)


Hey bro whats up i just download your template if i have any issues can i ask for help here?

Hi emmanuelcarr, unless you found a bug, you might have to read the documentation first.


For some reason when you visit my purchase page, the map from the contact page is appearing on the right side of the screen, but only in google chrome. I tried it in Safari and emptied the cache to double check and it does not happen there, nor in Firefox. Also on the two pages that I renamed when I refresh the pages they don’t return to that same place, however when I refresh on the other 3 pages they do return to that same place.

thanks! Do you know what might be happening about the map overlapping.

No idea, I’m using Chrome but don’t see any issue there.


ok, thanks! I’m running a beta version of chrome, it just might be doing something wrong or something. Thanks for all the help.

Well I installed it and it says its broken!

Hi emmanuelcarr, where do you try to install it? as Freshlr is a HTML site template, there’s no need to install it, you just have to edit the HTML and then upload the whole files ;)



Thank you for this awesome theme and your diligent support.

I have a quick question pertaining to js portion of the site.

Is it possible to have each page load at the top of the page when switching from one screen from the other?

Meaning – if I were to scroll to the bottom of the ‘services’ page and then click on ‘portfolio’ link, the page doesnt take me to the top, but loads the content from the footer. I find that people might miss the important information that is positioned at the top of the page, as they might not realize that they will have to scroll up to see the whole page.

Hopefully I am explaining myself correctly. And I apologize if this question has been raised before, I have gone through most of the comments, but was not able to find anything relating to my question.

Thanks again :)

Works like a charm…Thank you!

Tho I wonder if we can make the transition not so abrupt? Adding .delay perhaps, or some other slide options.

If not, then i am happy that it goes to top now.

Thank you again :)

Sure mate, to make the movement more smooth not jump directly, just change the



    scrollTop : 200
}, 1000);

You can adjust the top and duration number until you feel suitable with your need.


Sweet! Thank you :)

Great theme! Thanks for the file!

Quick question – is there a way to randomize the background image? I have trouble deciding which color I like best! :)

Hi MarcSanchez, the random is only built for demo purpose, but you can make your own script to pick a random color.

var colorOptions = ['blue', 'brown-green', 'dark-blue', 'dark-green', 'dark-purple', 'dark-red', 'light-blue', 'orange', 'red-brown', 'yellow-blue', 'magenta', 'silver', 'chocolate', 'dark'];

var randomColor = colorOptions[Math.floor(Math.random() * colorOptions.length)];

Then you can assign

var settings = {
    backgroundColor    : randomColor

It’s not finished but I think you get the picture ;)


I love your page, and I really can’t seem to figure out what to do. I edit the index.html file with my textedit, but it saves the file as RTFD , even if I add the .htlm extension. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much!

That was it, I changed it now it works great.. Well, not really, I guess I changed something because the tabs now stay static in one location, they don’t move up and down like they used to.. What did I do wrong?

This, my friend, in line 564:


should be




You’re the best, thanks so much!!

Hi again amatyr4n!

I was wondering, is there a possibility to add (.flv) videos to the gallery? What about sounds (.wav)? I haven’t yet tested, but can you link the image (not the thumbnail) to another link so when you click the image itself it opens a new tab / windows with the link?

Kind regards, SzSza

Hehe, I was referring to the exact opposite :) to make the big picture a link, not the thumbnail (but as I said, I haven’t tested it so this might turn out to be very easy)...

But I was wondering if you can put a Flash video inside the gallery… or a sound (in any format, for example .wav) ? This is my main interest :D

PS: you’re really fast at replying and helping out :) Later today or tomorrow I’ll buy this piece of work!

I’m using fancybox jQuery plugin ( ) for the gallery, not sure about the wav but it seems that fancybox is capable to load swf video for the lightbox, you can see the examples from their site. As for the big image turn into link I can’t seem to find in their API /options but you can surely put a link in the description text below the big image.


Oh, thank you! I’ll check it out, awesome!

for some reason when I right justify a link the tooltip shows all the way over on the left. As well as when I am hovering over the navigation it appears off to the left as well. Is there anyway to make the tooltip center over the text. Or should I be asking the tooltip developer?

Hi timster you can edit /js/freshlr-script.js around line 215-227 to configure the tooltip. See for better explanation about the plugin.


thanks. will do.

Hi Amatyr4n,

I got another question.

Everytime I post my website url on facebook post, it link to your site

The like button also does the same.

How to change this? I try the meta tag on the top of the index.html but it does not work.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Hi ahmadshahmi, try modify /js/freshlr-script.js around line 424, change the url to your encoded URL address

From this:

href=' + url + '&amp;

Into this:;


Its not working.. it still directed to your web.

Well that’s weird, just delete mine and get your own like code from the Facebook then


Yup ive tried that too.. still not working..

but the main problem would be the tag… i cant put my website url on facebook because it directed the link to your website.

Here an image when I post my web url on fb..

I have no idea why it redirect to my site :D as it’s not expected to.. perhaps you can try to remove all of the FB things and it’s opengraph tags (see my previous comment replies to SzSza).


I’m having the same problem with the map overlapping in Chrome. Was the issue ever resolved?

Hi CinderE, I haven’t experienced that problem before, can you show me the issue?


I don’t have the site live – I’m editing it on my local server. The map seems to be the problem. It works without the map.

That’s okay, you can inform me whenever you have the site goes live so I can also check if it’s a problem with my template :)


Nice work. Simple. Cool. Lots of options.

But the transition between ‘pages’ is very awkward, on Safari 5.1 it shakes and rumbles like an earthquake during transition instead of smooth slide.

Anyone else experience this?

Hi MacMyDays, Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately I don’t have Safari at the moment to test. Anyone else can confirm?