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I replaced the google analytics code in the index page a few days ago and it is still not registering any data. Do you have any idea what might be causing this issue? Do I need to change anything elsewhere? Thanks in advance!


Hi kinsoo, what’s your analytics id? how do you write it? I’ll need to check if my current script doesn’t get it through.


This is the code that I am using: UA-5023794-6

It is still showing up in the google analytics admin page as “tracking not installed.”

It passed the regex for validating analytics id in the script, so it should be working. Do you have the link to your site?


Hi – I am having a problem w/the fancybox working. images are opening up in a new window.

thanks for a great template! -Lisa

Hi Lisa, I see as you’ve heavily modified the template, there might be a conflict with other scripts you added earlier, you can try moving all the script below <-- jQuery plugins: --> before closing the body tag to top just before closing the head tag.


thanks alot :D

Hi JGWD , you’re welcome ;)


3 things.

1) when I link to another page on my site, the arrow disappears, I followed the exact instructions in the help file.

2) About your comment to MacMyDays, when you are anywhere besides the far bottom of the page. What happens when you are all the way on the bottom of the page and you transition to a shorter page it gets very weird, but that happens in all of the browsers, not just Safari.

3)About the map. I am pretty sure it might be your code, but not the map code, because I tried a variety of javascript maps, and I had the same problem with each, but that only seems to happen with Google Chrome on a mac. I resorted to just using an image.

Examples for Map issue:

Hello again timster54,

1) You’re right, I forgot to add the arrow for sub-page link :D

2) I think MacMyDays talk about the transitions in Safari not just that case you mentioned. For that case you can follow my reply to opustalis ;)

3) Interesting, you know what might cause that? as currently I don’t have mac to test :P

Thanks for the feedback.


it must be a weird chrome bug, because I can’t replicate the problem in any other browser. I’m really new to code, but I am guessing that chrome isnt letting the tags contain the javascript properly.

—Sorry I have been asking so many questions, used to WP stuff.

amatyr4n, have you or anyone else using your template figured out the issue with posting the url on facebook and it linking to your site?

Hi kinsoo, try remove all og and fb meta tags.


Hi, I´m new at these and I dont practice my english sense I finish school (year 2000) so I´ll doo my best. First, thanks for the theme, looks realy great! I download for free at themeforest whith the idea of learn Wordpress. I say looks because i´m not beeng abel to instal it at wordpress so I wander if I showld modify something of the .zip version. My congratulations for you amatyr4n… hope you like to help me

Hi gdelco, notice that Freshlr is an HTML site template, so yes it can’t be installed in WordPress ;)


Not working correctly in flock or safari ? in safari it just jumps vertically to contact and in flock nothing happens at all. other than that great work! johny

Hi jony123, thank you for the feedback, hopefully I can make an update in the upcoming month.


hi mate, it look nice stuff. I think you’re not amatir with your skill. :D

Great thanks :)

Hi trojanbuster, lol thanks, despite the actual meaning it’s becoming my brand. :P


Anybody else having trouble installing this theme? After installing through WP, I get a “theme installed successfully” message followed by this:

Warning: fopen(/home2/zoepaper/public_html/jovenes/wp-content/themes/freshlr-personal-onepage-site-template2/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/zoepaper/public_html/jovenes/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4339

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home2/zoepaper/public_html/jovenes/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4342

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home2/zoepaper/public_html/jovenes/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4345

Then, in the manage themes section, Freshlr is in the broken themes section with a note: “Stylesheet is missing.”

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi tbhceo, see that Freshlr is HTML site template, it’s not meant to be installed in WordPress ;)


Wow! That was really dumb of me. Sorry…I should have read the description. Thanks for the reply. ;)

Maybe stupid question, but when I’m installing this on my site – I get error: Stylesheet is missing? It’s a bit frustrating. Can anybody help me?

OK – I read answer above… sorry

Hi hhenell, no problem at all ;)


Hey amatyr4n i changed the links to the style sheets to changed the theme of the website to Dark and it shows up in Dreamweaver but when i look at it on firefox its back to default. Any suggestions?

Hi joeymisner, you also have to set backgroundColor property in footer script, read #3 and #6 from documentation ;)


Hi Amatyr4n – Is there a way to make the sidebar not scroll and just keep in it’s current fixed position?? Thanks in advance, Lisa

Hi Lisa, sure you can customize by modifying /js/freshlr-script.js inside this section:

    .... // change these lines to what you wanted


I love this one page website! I am trying to add my twitter username i the jquery.livetweet.min.js file yet I’m seeing Envato’s timeline. Help!

Hi ninamorena, you have to change the username in the bottom of HTML file, please read the documentation ;)


Hi amatyr4n.

Is there a way to implement the “imprint”? I need a single column page which is not shown in the menu! Any advise?

Great theme, btw!

Hi djar, thank you for purchasing :) what’s “imprint” anyway? sorry but I’m not familiar with that term :D is that grid system? you can use div class="one-full" to create single column div.


i mean links like “terms of use” or “privacy police”. these links which are normally in the footer, you know? i know i can easily use the single column div but it’s shown in the nav-menu, isn’t it?

Oh so that’s it, if you don’t set the link to the section on the menu manually then no it’s not automatically shown in nav menu. Anyway, you can actually set the link with absolute path to the desired target, like:

<a href="">Terms of Use</a>


Hi amatyr4n, Just wanted to say, even though themeforest specifically said freebies don’t get support, you did it anyways! Many people like me was lucky to get your template for free, it’s awsome! THANK YOU !

I know html, enough to design nice newsletters, but when it comes to javascript, jquerry, it seems really hard… Did you go to school to learn this? It’s amazing!

I followed your directions from a comment to remove shadow box from an image in the header and even after adding
h1 img {
    box-shadow: none;
in the bottom of, my logo still has a shadow box. Here’s how it is in the header div:
<h1 id="title">
<a href="index.html">
<img src="images/my-logo.png" alt="logo" /> </a></h1>
It’s been fun customizing your template, thank you for all the support you didn’t have to give!! :)


Hi danisampa, I think that should be working, how with adding prefixed properties as well:

h1 img {
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
    -moz-box-shadow: none;
    box-shadow: none;


Thanks amatyr4n… This is strange, these css rules should work, but I still see the white border around the logo. Maybe I’ll send you the link via email when I’m ready to host, then if I run into another issue, hopefully you can help. If I successfully customize this template, I will definatly purchase! THANK YOU !

Sure, feel free to email me ;) to remove the white border you can set the border to 0:

h1 img {
    box-shadow: none;
    border: 0;


hi sorry for my english. today i look the theme is not working well in ie9. how can i fix it?

Hi onlinesoft, which part from the template that isn’t working in IE9 ?

-amatyr4n can you look?

that’s good onlinesoft


Tried the free give away. Very much liked it so bought it.

Good work.

Hi c0lin, thank you for purchasing :)


Actually I just noticed an issue with Chrome that I didn’t see on the free version.

When you click one of the sidebar links the page seems to jump to the content. Do you know how this can be stopped?

Hi yes actually I intentionally added that behavior for the newest version. You can disable by removing line 271-273 from /js/freshlr-script.js

    scrollTop : 200
}, 300);