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Hi amatyr4n, thanks a lot for your cool job !

When i use the twitter button it mentioned to your account, how i can change that ?

Thank you so much for your help,


Hi Cyril, thank you for purchasing :)

That’s weird, by default the twitter button doesn’t contains any account to be mentioned as you can see in /js/freshlr-script.js line 424.

<a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="horizontal"></a>

you can add data-via=”youraccount” attribute to get mentioned when someone click the tweet button.


How do for the menu to boot at the top and not in the middle of the page?

Thank you for your help,


Hi krlosed, ha I don’t see your purchaser badge there ;) but anyway assuming you’re using the last month file (v1.7) you can modify line 379 of /js/freshlr-script.js, change the initTop value from 150 to 0:

var initTop = 0;


Hi amatyr4n!

Yes, i am using the last month file (v1.7).

Changing the initTop only works if the scroll bar is used, I would like that the menu is already on top when the page loads!

Thank you so much for your attention!


the marker is not working on the map,

is it right to add it like this:

,gMapSettings       : {
    latitude    : ##.####
   ,longitude  : ##.####
   ,zoom       : 14
  ,markers: [
        latitude: ##.####,
        longitude: ##.####,
      }, ], }

Hi asnanak, please see for more comprehensive documentation about gmap settings.


Hi -amatyr4n

Sorry for this question even if I’m using the free version, but I’m getting crazy….

Why no one of javascript is working in this site?

no slider no contact form no map


Anyway ….halo dari jakarta


Hi artisted, there’s a syntax error in line 852:

'Puoi comunque inviarmi un'email'

the aposthrope should be escaped

'Puoi comunque inviarmi un\'email'


Terima Kasih amatyr4n

I can’t believe how a simple aposthrope… :(

I found others before and changed….....just last one…

Thank you so much again


You’re welcome gio ;)


Hey! I have a problem with the background and text colors. I wanted to change it to light-blue and I did…
   <link href="css/color/freshlr-color-light-blue.css" rel="stylesheet" id="css-foreground" media="screen" type="text/css" />
            <link href="css/background/freshlr-background-light-blue.css" rel="stylesheet" id="css-background" media="screen" type="text/css" />
But, when I load the page, the background and text colors are the default red and orange colors. :( Can you help please? Thank you, Henry P.S Love the template :)

Hi Henry, to change the color of background you can read the instruction #3 and #6 from documentation.


Oh, I got it! It worked perfectly. Thank you very much :)


Great template! How can I add a new page without it showing in the nav on the sidebar? Thanks

Hi micagius10, thank you but in this template unfortunately you can’t make a page without creating the menu as well.


Hi amatyr4n! Thank again for your good work!

Could I ask you 2 things :

  • I’d try to insert a Google +1 button like that :
<span id="tweet-button"></span>
<span id="like-button"></span>

and the other part of code just before header end. The button works good but is not aligned with facebook and twitter ones.

Is it a big job to fix it? Could you give me a way?

  • Is it possible to insert image without css class ? I tryed several things but nothing work.
    • Thanks a lot for your help! Have a good week-end.


Hi Cyril,

- You can enclose the button inside an element which you control it’s position, for example:

<span style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:160px; height:21px; padding:15px 0 5px 0; "><g:plusone></g:plusone></span>

- Sure, just use

<img src="url.jpg" />

Thanks for purchasing as well, have a good day :)


Thank you again ! But I think Google doesn’t allow to change +1 button size!

Google does allow to change the size of the button, see


Great template!

How could i involve an imageslider, such as nivoslider to the home-section? Everything i try won’t work.


Hi golo, you can read further documentation related to nivo slider in their site:


very cool layout! is there a way to make the “portfolio” section show pop-up vimeo/youtube videos via Fancybox, instead of just static images?

Hi silverhalo, I can’t see your purchaser’s badge ;) well anyway with fancybox you can replace the href attribute to something else beside JPG , for example:

<a href="" rel="freshlr-gallery">
    <img class="shadow centerpic" src="images/photos/thumb_book06.jpg" height="96" alt="some text." width="128" />


Thanks for the response, amatyr4n… I actually downloaded the template back when it was offered as the “free file of the month,” but I would be happy to purchase it I end up using it. I have tried this method with the “embed” links on Youtube and Vimeo, to no success. It seems the jquery lightbox script you used isn’t compatible with videos?

Hi silverhalo, it’s okay then, I was just joking :P

Fancybox should be compatible with videos, you can see the script in the example here:


I am having a problem with the images linking off to another site in the body of the page. – I am trying to link off to the registry pages of M & BBB , but I am getting an error, probably related to the image gallery. This comes up in a pop-up box: The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.

I know that you don’t need to support a freebie, but I would certainly appreciate it.


Thank you so much, I am still getting the following error still: The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later. This is what my lines look like: .children('li:has(a)') .find('a[href$="jpg"]','a[href$="png"]','a[href$="gif"]') .not(':has(img)') Any other ideas?

Okay please ignore my previous comment, try changing the exclution from Fancybox in line 239

$('.gallery a, a[href$=".jpg"]:has(img), a[href$=".png"]:has(img)').fancybox({


Brilliant! Thank you!

Bro, how do you change where the “Like” button links to. It links to your template

Hi Gamerholic, thank you for purchasing :) which version are you using? if you’re using 1.7 perhaps that’s because the fb namespace inside tag and fb tag in head, please try to remove those.


already tried removing everything including the fb head tag. Please re-upload a version without anything linking to your site.

Hi Gamerholic, you can download the latest version from download page.


This is the same thing i downloaded a couple days ago. You’ll need to upload one that doesn’t have any links back to your theme forest page. remove the FB headers, the link in the .js page ect.

Hi Gamerholic, I guess I have removed the FB tags on the latest version, also, please make sure that you have modify the OpenGraph meta tags inside head element :) it’s on line 51-55:

<!-- Opengraph protocol. See -->
            <meta property="og:title" content="Freshlr Personal One-page Site by Amatyr4n" />
            <meta property="og:type" content="profile" />
            <meta property="og:url" content="" />
            <meta property="og:image" content="" />


Is there a way to get one of the gallery thumbs to link to an external page and open in “_blank”?

I’m using this for a quick online portfolio and one of the pieces in the thumbs needs to link to a digital flip book. The flip book is build in flash and does not work in the light box so I just want to open it in a new window when clicked.

The problem is that every time I add just a regular a href=”#” target=”_blank” link to the thumb, it is either unclickable or when I click it I get an error saying it cannot be opened at this time.

Thanks, Jon

Thanks for the reply but that solution did not seem to work. Here is what I am working on…

I have this portfolio section:

I want the book image to link to here:

but every time I create the link I just get the same error. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jon

Just noticed that the first posted link isn’t taking you to the right spot so after you click the link go to portfolio and then scroll down to “catalog & book design”

I think that’s because I linked all anchors inside gallery to fancybox, you can change this selector in /js/freshlr-script.js

$('.gallery a, a[href$=".jpg"]:has(img), a[href$=".png"]:has(img)').fancybox({


$('.gallery a[href$=".jpg"]:has(img),.gallery a[href$=".png"]:has(img)').fancybox({

so it wont target all anchors in gallery to fancybox


Hi, I have version 1.7!

Is there a way I can get 2.0 ?

I downloaded this as a free version ? Thanks so much!

Hi eberswine, you can purchase it if you want of course ;)


hi i have a question :). is there a way to link to a tab with also menu-change (arrow). ONSITE , using this: a href=”#2” class=”xtrig” rel=”coda-slider-1” link to second tab /a does not affect the menu. EXTERNAL , using this: doesn’t either affect the menu.

atm, I am using free version but want to upgrade before live and after testing. This theme really deserves the high rating.

best regards :D

Hi strgg, I guess I’ve fixed the arrow-not-moving issue in v2.0 (see changelog) ;)