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This is really nice. I love how the landing page opens, great work! Good Luck.

Thanks mate!

Wow! Looks great, good luck! :)

Thanks SevenX7

I want to purchase this but before that i want to know that are these files in HTML format or in other formats? will they work on linux server and is contact form working (i need message to arrive in my gmail account when contact form is submitted)

Yes, is full HTML format and the contact form is working with any email account, the full template is ready to edit and launch! The first test was made with an gmail account.

And this platform run on all Servers available!

Hi I loved the theme,

I would like to know if i can change the shape of the sharp teeth like effect to something plain and which looks more like a gift or something

Thank you

Yes the “sharp teeth” is an image png you can replace with any image format like animated gif or jpg

I really like this but I’m hesitant to buy because it doesn’t work as well on my phone. i LOVE the desktop version but could you maybe suggest a work around for the iOS versions?



Hello, Thanks for your message, in a future i will work to tablet and phone!