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Great template. Thanks.

Now, when I minimize the content of ‘about us’ page to mere 1 para, then when I switch between different menus (home, contact, about etc), the entire ‘about us’ page shifts to the left by few pixels. When I navigate to other menus, its ok. How to fix this bug ?

Hi Sekra,

I believe this has to do with your browser’s scrollbars “hiding” when you click on your about us tab. If that’s the case, there is little you can do to prevent this.

Feel free to contact me via my ThemeForest contact form and include a link to your site. I’d be happy to check it out for you.


You are right. If scrollbars didn’t appear, that page shifts a few pixels to the left. Why can’t this be fixed ?

I am yet to publish my site. Will share with you once its ready.

Are we able to add the Scrollable Screenshots on other pages than the home page? If yes, how so?

Excellent theme. I’ve noticed that on the pricing table (pricing page) that the “row names” start to quickly lose alignment from the rows after 5 rows.

I a beginner developer. I can write some html. Will it be easy for me to cancel pages I do not need? and change the text and photos? Thx

Hi Mikonos,

Thanks for your interest in Limon!

It is very easy to change both the text/photos and select only the pages you wish to use on your website. The code is heavily commented and well documentation to make customization a breeze.

- Eric

I want to change the colors, however I look and see that everything is done in an image.. Is it possible to provide a version that uses CSS rounded corners, etc? So that we can easily change the colors and use a background that is not just a simple solid color?


Hello improvingtheweb,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but FreshServe was developed for a large set of browsers, thus uses images for some of the more detailed graphical elements vs. CSS3 .

The full source PSD ’s for the color-specific elements are included with the theme, so with basic Photoshop knowledge, you can easily create a color scheme of your choice.

- Eric

Can the slider images on the home page to load youtube,vimeo or other external flash videos?

Hello Yubi,

The homepage slider supports videos from both Youtube/Vimeo as well as static images.

- Eric

The signup form is fully-coded? What really needs to be modified or added for the signup form to work. Is it straightforward? The signup form to take cc info,paypal etc is crucial for me as well.

Hi Yubi,

The signup orm is a fully coded template, however it is not integrated with any online service (such as paypal) or merchant account. But, with a few modifications It can be made to work with any of those mentioned.

- Eric


For the contact form , the sendmail script can direct key in my email address or need to sign up any product or must link back your system?

2nd Enquiry , Can it customize and post function for sign up and contact form ? , cause I have my own support system such as kayako .

3rd Enquiry , For contact form subject can it change to department such as

sales department - send to :
billing department - send to :
admin department - send to :

Looking forward to hear you soon.


Hello, i bought the theme today, its awesome. i’m havind some issues with the slider and screenshot tough. when i load up the slider images in admin panel, they are there when i save and visit the front end, the slider images are not showing. am i doing something wrong here?

Also, the screenshots don’t show thumbnails and when you click them it isnt a lightbox but just opens a new page to display the picture.

Thanks in advance for the help!! much appreciated !

Hi TommyKoncept,

Thanks for getting in touch via our support desk. Glad to hear everything is working out.

- Eric

Hi There,

Quick question, upon download what are the software that I’ll need to have to modify the template? Photohop what else?

Best Regards,

Hello baazinga,

To modify the HTML template files for basic customization you will simply need a Text/Code Editor. To modify graphical elements of the theme you will need Adobe Photoshop.

- Eric

This is a very nice clean design, but I had to make a lot of adjustments to the HTML and CSS to get it up to where I needed it to be. I got a lot more mileage out of the PSD ’s than I did the actual HTML /CSS on this one.

It’s definitely still a good buy, and I think that most of my qualms were ‘best practices’ that I follow.

You really shouldn’t have to prefix each CSS element with the node type (ie, div#page). Because I wanted to use html5 elements like <header>, I had to clean a lot of that out. The use of “page” as both a class and ID was repetitive as well, and made for some messy code.

Thanks for the work!

Here is a great example of what we did with your design.

Thank You!

Amazing! Really nice job with the customization :) Thank you so much for sharing!!

hi Congratulations on this excellent template! I bought this and started using it for our project.

I am able to configure Contact Us form however needs some guidance how to configure Sign up form. Please can you describe the steps for this?


Thanks for the kind words :) Have you submitted a support ticket yet? If not head over to our support desk so that we can help you out.


Look good! Thanks for sharing :)

Any plans to update this theme? Make it responsive for example?

Hi there,

We do not have any immediate plans for a new version of this theme.

So, this is how it look like when it’s used by a software site


Thanks for sharing!