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Nice Work :) nice sidebar… pinned sidebar ?


Thank you very much for your purchase archolet! I’m glad you like it! :-)

Pinned sidebars are coming with the next update very very soon!

Very nice theme! Is it difficult to change the orange accents into an other color?

Hi tjveldhuizen and thank you for your interest in FreshUI, I’m happy you like it!

I’m already working on color theme support and will be very easy to choose different colors or use one of your own preference :-) Coming very soon with 1.1 update!

Hi, well done Pixelcave …

I really want it but i have questions, is it come up with less or scss files or not, you just did it in css ?

the next, i want to use it as php and is the left menu, header and right sidebar located in header.php ?

Hi CreativeHP and thank you for your offer! I’m currently waiting for the official RTL support from Bootstrap. It was supposed to come with 3.1 but postponed till next version. I will wait for it and then decide how to proceed! Thanks again ;-)

I know but i’m working on it for several years and my native language is in RTL mode, last year i completely add support for RTL in version 2, so i want to transfer it to version 3 and use in a eCommerce project, any way it would be good if you’re interested . thank you too ;-)

That’s great, I will let you know for sure if I need any further help with RTL support! All the best with your project and thanks a lot ;-)

Awesome work! ;)

Thank you louiejie! ;-)

Love it, pixelcave! GLWS :)

Thank you very much xwisnux, I’m glad you like it! All the best :-)

i like your work, purchased with love!

Thank you very very much your support! :-)

Do you have any dynamic chart sample (real time) ?

Hi filipebatista, thank you for your interest in FreshUI!

I will add a dynamic chart example in the next version but until then, if you proceed with a purchase, just send me a message throught my profile’s contact form and I will send you an example asap :-)

can we see the .html version somewhere in demo?

Hi wevdberg and thank you for your interest in FreshUI!

The output of the PHP version is the HTML version! Both produce the same results in the browser. If you have any questions about the versions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to assist :-)

it would be nice if the settings persist like pinned sidebar and full width page. anyway nice work.

Hi d13g0v and thank you for your interest in FreshUI!

All the settings are persistent in the full version and can be changed from PHP variables or classes in the HTML version. In the demo they can previewed individually in each page.

It makes great sense though, so I just updated the demo and now you can choose to preview FreshUI with full width page and pinned left sidebar :-)

I am happy to find your work, thanks! One questions, Can I add radius to the buttons? Hope your reply, thanks again to your very good works and it will be a pleasure to meet your another works.

Hi ccmagic and thank you very much for your purchase!

You can remove line 1510 from main.css and all the buttons will get rounded corners :-)

Hi, I checked your template in my phone ( I use Windows Phone by HTC 8s and IE browser ) and I had little trubles. Side bars didn’t sroll when i touch it and left side bar acting weird when page was loading. When do you fix that bugs or tell me whether it is a matter of browser ( IE ) ?

Thank you for your interest in FreshUI!

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Windows Phone for testing FreshUI there, but a while ago, when I had the chance to play with mobile IE, I came across various isuues. FreshUI play nice on other mobiles devices (Android and iOS), so I think it’s mobile IE’s issues to blame. I will definately have a look though, if I come across a Windows Phone device :-)

Thank you for your quick reply. Is it possible the side menu’s scroll smoothness? Main content is scroll well but the side menu scroll is stuffy on mobile. hope your help, thanks.

You can alter the value of ‘touchScrollStep’ in line 130 of main.js, to alter the sensitivity of touch scrolling on mobile devices to your own preference!

Other than this setting, the smoothness is also related with the power of the mobile device. In more powerful devices, you will get smoother results :-)

Does your other Admin Templates include auto menu creation?

Hi mquirogao and thank you for your interest in my admin templates!

uAdmin and FlatApp also support auto main menu creation in their PHP versions. You just add the link info in a PHP array and main navigation is auto created for you :-)

Can you please add some message boxes with the states error, warning, info, success? Thanks in advance!

Hi ValentinHocher and thank you very much for your purchase!

I have already included styles for messages like those! You can find the related examples at typography page http://pixelcave.com/demo/freshui/page_elements_typography.php

Also, if you put the same markup in the sidebars, their style with adapt accordingly :-)

Thanks, I’ve probably overlooked ;-)

Is it possible to test this before purchase? It really looks great, and I would like to use it for a site that i am working on. However, I will not know if it’ll work with what I am trying to build, until I test it

Hi jgiga and thank you for your interest in FreshUI, I’m glad you like it!

Unfortunately, there is no way for testing it directly but if you like, you could send me a message through my profile’s contact form and let me know what your requirements are, so I can assist :-)

Very very nice admin template you’ve created here. We’re considering this for a project and are wondering if this includes a design file (psd, ai, ect) of the elements so we can do quick static layouts for reviews before we start development?


Hi vault13tech and thank you for your interest in FreshUI! I’m happy you like it :-) Unfortunately, there are no available psd or ai files of the template.

Thanks for the 1.2 update, you’re awesome!

Thank you very much for your purchase dnid!! I’m glad you like 1.2 update! More are coming soon, stay tuned!

The remember me function on the login page looks good but I can’t seem to get the input working. How would I be able to see if the button is disabled or enabled and send it along with the form?

Hi siegerhansma and thank you very much for your purchase!

Just send me an email through my profile’s contact form and I will send you back the login page with an example :-)

Wow! You’re an amazing designer. I bought your previous design for my current project and now I’m trying to think of a new project just so I have a reason to buy this one. If anyone is on the fence about buying this I highly recommend it. Pixelcave’s designs are amazing and very easy to manipulate the way you like it. You don’t have to be a front end guru to make it work perfectly on all platforms. It just works!

I have no words, thanks so much for your comment dpopp123!! I’m very happy you like my work, thanks again! I hope you find a new project soon! ;-)

Good work. How can I make the carousel slider start automatically ?

Hi selimsan and thank you for your interest in FreshUI, I’m glad you like it :-)

You could add the property data-interval=”3000” (number in milliseconds) to div.carousel and the carousel will automatically cycle though images every 3 seconds. For more info on carousel, you can check out http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#carousel

Thank you. It helped me so much. I applied the following and it works great now.

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function() { $(’.carousel’).carousel({ interval: 500 }); }); </script>

That’s great! Glad it works now :-)