Discussion on Friendkit - Social Media UI Kit

Discussion on Friendkit - Social Media UI Kit

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Tcalp Purchased

I think you have done a fairly good job with the social page designs. However, I think one thing that is really missing from this template is any reference from creating a normal content page for say a product page, or privacy policy / terms of service , etc.

Hi, if those are feature requests, we’ll be glad to tackle them as soon as we are done dith current development. Might be able to start working on that in the middle of next month. Once started, development shouldn’t be very long.

Hi can i use these templates with django or it’s only for node js?

Hi, this template generates static HTML using gulp (nodejs). You can then work wih this generated HTML anywhere, in any kind of setup. Best.

Hi, The zip that I downloaded is in react bundle. I tried to use for normal html/css but that one is react. Is there any option to download normal templated which includes html, css and js pages.

Hi, I’ve answered your ticket on our support portal. Like I’ve said, there is no React in here, only HTML, CSS and JS, but bundled by Gulp. Do you need to have the precompiled dist?


camter Purchased

Do you say template code? {{> demos-list}}... It’s too hard to work on because I’m not used to it and I’ve never studied. I hope the dist folder is together. I beg you. Sorry for the Google translation.

then just run npm install, and then npm run build to get your dist folder.


camter Purchased

Thank you, Ninja.

You’re very welcome!

hello team, i just purchase this theme for my development, but i using this theme for php codeignator development, i am facing issue whenever i m loading any feed data using ajax than its share,comment,like, and click feature not working, can u suggest me what is the issue

Hi, please open a ticket with your issue on https://support.cssninja.io . Based on what you said, I think it could be because you are loading elements dynamically. Regular JS like jQuery runs once at page load. Therefore, any dynamically created elements after that won’t have their click events attached. Make sure to re-run functions like initDropdowns(), initComments() etc… after your AJAX request is done and that the DOM was populated with the response.

can u just tell me for feed page, which jquery file using for calling like,comment,share feature to load using jquery. or which function i need to recall after loading ajax request

You can find those functions in src/assets/js/global.js

Hello, looks nice, and was looking to purchase an online social media/radio songs sharing site if it fits. It would be nice if you have ASP Core MVC views/or partials with identity since the code is free and scaffold already

Please consider some feedback from the developers.. laughing and looking forward to the next release.

  1. Please share some/do have a time line, so we can plan.
  2. Are you going to support this long term, or are you releasing another theme
  3. I am interested, but much of the current seems like its BS 4/5 beta, and no updates since two yrs, would be nice to see some updates
  4. Do you have a road map of features we can expect – please share
  5. Can we use this app for one Saas app?
  6. How and you alllow users to change the theme/colors styles and save on cookie or post to backend
  7. Can we change roundness/squareness of containers and buttons
  8. More login page options/design, with a feedback tabs on the side of the page.
  9. More menu style options/design, with a feedback tabs on the side of the page.
  10. Do you have any special sale and release for labor day?
  11. Timeline pages would be nice
  12. Album for songs and filters (album, artis,t muysic style) would be nice to see, so we can share songs between friends
  13. Word cloud/tags
  14. trending topic pages

Looks great just sharing some hopeful feedback, hope you consider.

Hi, thanks for reaching out, I’ll be happy to answer your questions: 1. We don’t have a specific timeline for this template, and we don’t plan any content updates. Just cleaning any bugs that would surface and keep dependencies up to date. We dropped jQuery 2 years ago, so we won’t do any anytime soon. 2. We are supporting this template, but we will release in 2023 a new social media template with the best from this one and new stuff using Tailwind CSS and Nuxt 3. 3. We will do an update of this around october, but like said, it will only be a maintenance update. 4. We don’t have any particular roadmap, but feel free to reach us on https://support.cssninja.io to suggest new features and things you’d be interested to see in a new social media template. 5. You can use this for a SaaS app if you purchase an extended license (In the case your users will be paying for the service). Regular license if it is free. 6. This is built with Sass preprocessing, therefore, what you ask for is not possible, unless you maintain several predefined stylesheets. This is possible with our newest and future products, since we switched from sass to postcss and css-vars. 7. You can change anything you want in the SCSS files to adapt the look and feel to your convenience. 8. Again, please suggest and we’ll be happy to make in a future product. 9. Same as 8. 10. We don’t have any special sales or releases for that day. We are releasing our own marketplace at the end of this month. Therefore, we are overbooked. 11. Please share some examples you like. There is already one I believe, in the profile posts. 12. Sharing songs is a great idea, we’ll consider it for the next one. 13. Cloud tags, sure, noted as well. 14. Same as 13. Hope I’ve sent you some useful info, will be happy to share more with you if you any other questions. Best Regards!

Hello. First I would like to say that your design is, without a doubt, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I have some stupid questions. Are the uis illustrations you use in the templates (like https://friendkit.cssninja.io/assets/img/illustrations/ui/components-block.png) made by yourself? Is it possible to edit them? Are the files n figma? Is there somewhere I can get similar images to use in building templates? Thank you very much

Hi, thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! Regarding that particular illustration, yes we made it ourselves. I can send you the illustrator file if you want to edit it and customize it to you needs. Otherwise, we get most of our illustrations from https://www.freepik.com/, but we generally heavily customize them. Hope this answers your question. Best Regards.

is there an admin panel? and I will know how it works, thank you!

Hi, this is a UI template only and does not come with admin panel. Regards.

now on admin panel is where?

You have to make it yourself on your end and connect it with the frontend.

we have strict rule in our country that in order to start using the product , we need to register its copyrights under our name. hope thats not a problem right as I have purchased the code ? Regards

Hi, this item is sold under Envato licenses and the copyright is held by us. Therefore, Iam not sure about what you are talking about when you say “registering” the product. You are entitled to build a single end product with it and cannot redistibute it in any ways. Would you mind expanding on that registation process?

Very nice and stylish template. Sometimes some interfaces do not close by themselves when we click outside but so cute. Maybe making a nice header like LinkedIn or Vk. The Header looks strange on mobile. Regards

Hi, thanks for your feedback! I’ll think about the header idea and about how it can be optimized on mobile. Best.

Your software is amazing. I’ll send you some cute ideas you can add. ( By email )

Sure, looking forward to read your suggestions. Best.

I believe this template can be used in react, I was trying and was almost there but I am getting too much errors and undefined scripts. Can you guide?

Hi, you cannot use this template scripts in React. The scripts are jQuery based and it is a non sense to include jQuery scripts inside a React project. Instead you should only keep the HTML and the SCSS in your project and make your components with that. You can then imitate the initial jQuery code by writing your own state driven javascript in the react style.

yea that’s what exactly I am planning to do actually

Yes, I think it’s the best way to go. Also try to scope your styles when creating your components, for the sake of performance. Best.

How do I install Friendkit – Social Media UI Kit theme on my WordPress site? You tell me the steps to install this theme.

Hi, I already answered your ticket on our support portal. Unfortunately, like stated in the Friendkit item description page, it is not a WordPress theme and therefore cannot be installed on a WordPress system. Best.

On the mobile version, when clicked on the search icon, the text is overlapping with search icon over the logo. Can you please fix that

Hi, would you be able to share a screenshot so it is easier to identify the bug?

any new update ?

Hi, no update scheduled for now. We’ll probably release one around late Fall. Best.

Paypal integration possible?

Hi, I guess yes for sure as long as you follow the PayPal API implementation. Best.

Hi, I am trying to add the scss to an existing project but i am getting these errors ./src/styles/assets/scss/core.scss (./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref-5-oneOf-6-1\\./node_modules/resolve-url-loader??ref-5-oneOf-6-3\\./src/styles/assets/scss/core.scss) Error: Can’t resolve ’../../../../node_modules/slick-carousel/fonts/slick.eot’ in ‘C:\Users\User~1\source\website\web\src\styles\assets\scss’

And how are you adding them to your project? I need more details if you want me to help. Without that, I don’t have any clue about your issue. Please provide the steps to reproduce it, explain your project structure etc….

Would I be able to email you? As that would be much easier.

Please register and open a ticket on https://support.cssninja.io. That will help us have a more structured conversation. Regards

Hi, where can I get detail group page and create new group page? any prebuilt page of them?

Hi sorry no prebuilt pages for those for now. And I think there are enough elements to build them on your end if you’re in a hurry. Regards

nice, I’ve purchased this. Can I get confirmation dialog component of this theme? any example page?

I see, I’ll send you some code to create a basic modal during the weekend with Yes/No Buttons. Best.

I’m so glad to hear that, Thanks. Anyway, you said about sweet alert and I just checked on the web and it’s so cool. Is it possible integrate it with friendkit theme? I mean with dynamic color theme dark/white.

Hi, we just released an update. It fixes some bugs and introduces a confirm dialog built with Fancybox (as a dialog reusable plugin) and styled for dark mode as well. https://friendkit.cssninja.io/elements.html#fancy-2 . Best

This template will work in WordPress…

Is there any tutorial related to this template…

Hi, this template does not work with WordPress. It has a documentation that you can find here: https://docs.cssninja.io/friendkit/#/ . Please go through the documentation to make sure you are comfortable with template structure, tech stack etc… Regards.

how can fix Cannot GET /navbar-v1-settings.html

Hi, please provide context for your issue. Where it happened, how it happened, and steps to reproduce it. Please also consider renewing your support subscription. Regards.


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