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HI Mate,

Is this already the wordpress version?


Hello. No, it’s a html template.

You’d said you were almost ready with a wordpress theme.. any idea how long it will take? If it is in a couple a days, i can wait ;)

Oh, sorry. I didn’t understand you. Now I am working on another project, so i think wp version will be released not soon.

Hi Voky, Great template!

However, there is one issue I noticed that the layout looks great in Firefox but within Chrome, the fonts (including symbols) don’t look smooth edged. It seems to an issue within Chrome font rending but here’s a fix http://www.adtrak.co.uk/blog/font-face-chrome-rendering/. But im not sure how to incorporate it into your design. Any ideas?

Hi, many thanks for your comment. I’ll try to solve this issue in a few days.

Hey Voky!

Your support is great – just like the template. :-) Anyway, I cannot see where I can give you a rating. You certainly deserve all five stars.

Neither place that shows the ratings has a link for me to input it.



Thanks, James. I am very glad I could help you.

You can rate products in the Downloads section http://themeforest.net/downloads

Best regards, Voky

Hi there Voky,

Is it possible to implement a modal pop-up box without effecting anything else. As most pop-up boxes require to be triggered by a href link, the problem i’m having is that the pop-up box appears on top but the background/single page goes to the homepage. Whichever section/page the modal pop-up box was triggered, the section/page should not revert to the homepage or any other page other than the section/page its on.

I would be grateful if you can find a great solution.

Thank you in advance.

Hello. Please, send me your code to voky.com.ua@gmail.com and i’ll try to do something with this problem.

Good day. Through the system paypal can not buy a template?

Hello. Try to contact envato support. I can’t help you with paypal problem.

Regards, Voky

Added to favorites,an amazing masterpiece.

Thanks! Very glad that you liked Frittata!

Hi Voky

Thanks for the great template. As a beginner, I need to ask you how can I change the online icons of social item and use my own icons.


Hello. Thanks! Please, send me an email (through the contact form here http://codecanyon.net/user/voky) with the icons that you want to use and i’ll show you how to change them.

Regards, Voky

Thanks for replying, the contact form link is not working. would you please send it again

Sorry. Here is the link http://codecanyon.net/user/voky

Is there any possibility to to edit this template to Blogger?

Hello. Sorry, but I don’t know. Never worked with Blogger.

Regards, Voky

hi – how do I change the map location/pin…

Hello. Just sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

How to edit the template ? There are admin panel ?

Hello. No, it’s a html Template, so you need to edit code via code editor.

Regards, Voky