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I do like this theme but would love to see it in a CMS format.

ps… Is there a CMS widget for HTML type sites like this?

Thanks for your comment. I don’t know about widget like this, but may be later i’ll create the wordpress version.

Good job., GLWS…! :)


Wonderful, nice work.

Thanks a lot!

nice template!!!


Hi voky,

it would be an awesome template if you would add permalinks to each individual post. google cannot handle ajax and social sharing is impossible as well. other isotope based templates are either using !# hashtags or even regular www.bla.com/samplepost/ permalinks.


Hello. Thanks for your advice. Soon, I will release an update that fixes this issue.

if you realize this as a wordpress theme, please let me know – i’d love to use it then as i am now just too lazy to do the manual coding…

compliments on this! looks really neat – a nice feature (in a wp version) would be to have full control over the colors used per item). really great template :)

Thank you very much. I’ll let you know when the wordpress version will be ready.

I have the same question as hanhaoran. Are you preparing the Wordpress version?

I’d like to use it for my personal website and I’m not able to code this.

Hello. I will start development Wordpress version in a few weeks.

Do you think that the WP version will be out during March?

I am planning first release of WP version at the end of march or beginning of april.

Excellent theme! Let me know once the Wordpress version is out.

Thanks a lot. I’ll let you know.

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks a lot!

Very nice Theme I like it alot! And waiting for the WordPress theme to come!! :)


Thank you very much, Linda. I hope soon WordPress version will be released.

Can you change the direction to be RTL ?!

Hello. Please, send me an email through the contact form on my profile page ant i’ll try to create rtl version for you.


Good Job, this is an excellent template. I have two questions.

The first thing I wonder is if it supports – or can it be easily changed to support – AJAX content loading. I don’t want to put all my blog posts with a bunch of images. That would make the page huge and it would be a really bad thing for SEO.

The second thing is, is it easy to make skill items to be clickable and have a separate page like a blog post. I would like to give extended information about my skills to my future customers.


Thanks for your comment.

1. This version don’t support ajax content loading. But it uses popular javascript plugin “isotope” and this plugin has such functionality. So I think it can be easly modified to load blog posts with ajax.

2. Skill items can be changed to links and on click you can show blog post or portfolio item.


I released un update for frittata that includes AJAX content loading. So now you don’t need to put all blog posts in a single page.

Thank you for great idea!

That’s great news. Thanks a lot!

Unique Design ! Best sales ! full width block example is possible ?


good. thanks – but i mean example for everyone. Bookmarked

In update there will be a full with block that performs ajax load. Hope I can finish it today.

Great Job, keep going…

Thanks a lot. I am now working on a WordPress version. Hope soon i’ll realese it!

hi, i´ve bought it, but i can´t install it, because the style.css Stylesheet is missing. what should i do?

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing.

Support is offered exclusively through the contact form and not in the comments section. Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page and i’ll answer all your questions. You can find the contact form on the right side of the page.

Any news about the Wordpress version? And will it be part of an update for this current product or a new product listing?

I already created Wordpress version, but it requires some improvements before i can sell it on Themeforest. I think in few weeks it will be released and it will new product.

Any news on the Wordpress edition?

Hello. I already created Wordpress version, but it requires some improvements before i can sell it on Themeforest. I think in few weeks it will be released.

Nice original look…..a lightbox would make this better and give more flexiblity though.

Thanks for your comment. I am planing to add lightbox in future updates.

Hello Voky – really great theme! Congrats!

I am a very amateur question. How can I add projects and skills to the theme? So how do I basically personalize it? Do I need to code or some other way? Thanks, p

Thanks Voky for the quick reply. I see. And I guess there is a structure, so if I just copy a project’s html code and insert, I can multiply it, right?

Yes, you are totally right. You just need to change the IDs of the block and it will work. If you have any problems you can always email me and i’ll help you with your project.

I just wondered, is WordPress version of this web site will be available anytime soon?

Hello. Sorry for the delay. I have some troubles with version, but I hope that soon it will be released.