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Your theme description page is to similar to our The7 theme. Especially main image… Please change it. Copying from fellow author is foul practice…

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude!


Lovely piece of work here, very nice. Can I ask on the gallery images is the ‘I like this article’ heart part of the image window or a plugin your have created, can I apply this to all images across the theme?

Again great work..

Hi,Thanks. This is a part of theme. Each gallery have this options.

This is a really pretty theme, i’m gonna buy this! I have a small issue with the meny in ie10 though. The black field in the menu slides out behind the orange.

hi, can you send us a screen of the bug and we will fix it immediately. Thanks.

Sure. just sent u an email


this is new concept especially the left sidebar is showing new type of menu and sub-menu.

Thanks, Left menu is a trend in our days)

awesome work guys.. good luck!


A mini update.

- Fixed Bugs with Left MEnu in IE 10
- Added Skins Selector Box

Hello, I just have purchased your theme “fuerza” which looks really nice in the sample. After activating I receive this message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare optionsframework_rolescheck() (previously declared in /homepages/35/d75630884/htdocs/Exposions/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php:47) in /homepages/35/d75630884/htdocs/Exposions/wp-content/themes/fuerza/aletheme/options/admin/options-framework.php on line 42

I even can not login in my wp-login anymore!! Please help quickly… Thanks, Rob

i have already told you) archive-award.php and archive-team.php you need to edit..

Thanks, it worked!

Have a good day) Rate our theme 5 stars on themeforest please.

Nice theme. Good luck!


Love the Layout Dude… Well thought out. Good Luck with sales.. :):inlove:

Thanks. Have a good day

A theme full of options. Congratulations!


hi, in shop option it’s a download product or what ? how about the thumbnail at horizontal slideshow. still show at the mobile ? Awesome theme man. Thank you for your time.

Hi, in the shop is a simple product.. it’s a woocommerce plugin and you can add any product you need..

very nice template. if I do a preview on an iphone 4s with iOS7 I find the layout not so good the logo bar is to big so you can’t read the title of the main picture and the menu will not scroll? is this becaus I am in preview or because it’s for retina screens?

hi, can you send us screens? and if it’s a bug we will fix it immidiatly. Use the form on our profile. we will reply and you will be able to send us screens.

Hi. I would buy this beautiful template (Fuerza Responsive WordPress Theme) but I do a preview on an iphone 4s and iphone5 with iOS7 and I’ve seen the layout doesn’t fit to the screen size because it’s too large. It ’s too heavy and It takes a long time to load. The site is so difficult to navigate and to view photos. I send you two screens on your form. ;)

Hi, i saw your screens. Thanks. First of all we will fix the gallery issue (width and responsive-design). And after, we will try to improve the images loading speed on smartphones.

Thanks for your screens. We work on it. As soon as possible we will upload the update. Note: Now we are working on a package of new options and features.

Have a good day.

Perfect, thank a lot for the quick response. I wait for next update. ;).

Good Luck.

Hi I tried the live preview in ie10 but still have left menu problem. the orange bar stays in place while the menu appear

Ok. if one else will have the same problem, we will try to find the problem and solution.

sorry but already 4 different computer showed same problem 3 of them without caching the site. I really want to buy but this holds me up

send us please the screen of problem, on home page the menu opened and on the blog page the left menu opened. And press F12 to open the debug bar and make the screen with debug bar. Thanks. Use the form on our profile. write us text, we will reply and you will be able to attache your screens.

Awesome work! ;)


This is a great theme for current trends, and I love the way it looks on various devices. I’m encountering a problem. In Appearance-Theme options-Typography I am trying to try out different fonts for the main header, but only the default font “six caps” is working. If I try other fonts in the drop down from the Google font library, only one other font will work. I’m confused about why the option isn’t there to change the main header font size. Am I missing anything?

Hi, First of all you need to selecth the font from google library. (This will load the font from google). And only after you need to selet this font as font for H1, h2 etc..

Actually, I chose the font from the Google fonts drop down box in the template. It doesn’t change the large header on the main page slider, but it did change the font to the header in the left pop-out menu. What do I do to change the large main header on the home page slider? H1, H2, etc. don’t seem to make any difference. I would like to offer some helpful feedback, also, that in the template, where the option is to select a screen texture for the main slider page, or a color for the sidebar, that you have a small picture with the option menu. This saves the time it takes to choose, save, open the page, look at it and go back and choose another one.

Select a font from google library. And to change h1-h2 you should change their fonts too. you have a section typography in theme options.

Amazing WordPress Theme! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thanks, friend.

Hello, i have a problem with the theme, when i change color scheme and background pattern, nothing happens ^^ the color stay orange and i don’t see the background pattern over the images. Regards and thanks for this great theme.

Hi, can you give as the link and passwords from admin panel we will test..? use the contact form on our profile page.

looking at this theme looks great. have a quick question regarding navigation icon to bring out the nav bar. Any way to make it more dummy proof, worried that clients would not know to click that icon to get to the navigation. ( thinking of the not so computer savvy)

Hi, this ison it’s an image. An you can easy replace with your or make in image with “MENU” text and replace. No problem with this. It’s easy

Have a good day.