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An update is ready. V. 1.2

- Fixed russian translation file
- Fixed romanian translation file
- Fixed spain translation file
- Fixed french translation file
- Fixed German translation file
- Fixed italian translation file
- Added Partners shortcode
- Added Services Shortcode
- Added Google Maps Shortcode
- Fixed some responsive parts

Hi, I can not find where to change the word “NAVIGATION” menu.


in source files only. For all pages – header.php. And for home is separatly, depends what home type, the default – page-home.php.

Have a good day.


I have a small issue and I’m sure it is right in front of me but after a complete afternoon, I can’t solve it So here it is. I try to set up a “Home page” just like you guys, with vertical slider (when you scroll down another picture appears). But I can’t find this feature anywhere. I keep having a simple “custom background picture” only.

Am I missing something here ? ^^

Thank you very much for your reply.

Great looking theme though I am sure I am gonna love it once I solved this minor trouble. :D


Hi, please read the documentation. we desribed how to create each page from demo site. First create the slider. Than create the Home page, select the template. Save. After insert the sldier slug. Will work perfect.

Have a good day.


firstly thank you for this great theme.. i thought to revamp my website and chose this to be the one.. i have a few questions… 1. can you make available the 145×145 logo you used so i can change the text within it please? [i would appreciate that] 2. how do you get your testimonials displayed as per the demo 2 columns, it is not working for me.. 3. also how to get the team short codes working exactly like demo please? i have gone through the documentation and still seems to get things wrong.

you shortcode is totaly wrong.. how can the al_one_half ended by ale_testimonial ? firs tine in you code..?

it shoud be
[ale_testimonial style=”light” avatar=”” name=”Testimonial Author”] Testimonial Text Ya Heard [/ale_testimonial]

well i am sorry, i have no coding knowledge.. forgive me.. i am just trying to make sense of your documentation and asking questions if the only option i have… so thank you for your response ill see how that goes..

Have a good day.

Awesome theme, just wondering about changing the size of the logo. I would like to double the size because my logo has a fine font. I have looked in your css file and cannot find the script.

Hi, you can change the size using custom css field in Theme options. add your custom code, or edit the css/general.css file find the class .logo

Ok, When I follow the instructions regarding the gallery i get it showing and it shows there is 35 images. but when I click on the gallery i am getting 404 error. then click on portfolio

refreshing the permalinks worked.

but now I am wondering about display because your galleries do not show portrait images very well. Does this theme support a lightbox type gallery where it opens as a popup

no, at the moment it doesn’t support lightbox, but we can add this function in next updates.. just show as some examples as you want and we will decide what type is the best and will add.

Hello i would like to know if i can sell virtual products like, videos, pdf and .doc. Is for a web of tutorials.

hi, yes of course, you can sell “downloadable” products.

how do you remove your logo from the wordpress login

hi, css/images/logo-admin.png

Hi there CRIKOVA, great theme.

Using the Nivo slider, how can I change the speed of the slides? If it involves changing the CSS can you give me the exact CSS to paste in please :)

Some of the other sliders don’t seem to play as slideshow automatically. Is it easy to turn that on?

Thank you!

you an change the settings of nivo slider in js file.. js/scripts.js

I can not display the slider on ABOUT US 3 I’ve named the SLUG and does not appear …

The about us 3 already solved, the problem is with IE 10, the menu bar does not move

We will check the menu in IE10 and fix it on next update. As soon as possible we will upload a new version…

Hi, I bought your theme. It is really great and different. But the responsive design is not really working. The skin is black and it should be green and the headlines are not in the middle. And where can I change the background of the Navigation? I did not found it in the editor. The translations in other languages are really funny (especially german), so i let them in english. Where can I send you the screenshots of the responsive design? Thank you…

hi, send us please screenshost using contact form on our profile page. Write a message, we wil lreply and you will be able to attache files..

About background menu – you can’t change it, obly in source file – css/general.css

Question… how do you setup the home page with changing images and display moving text/small images and a read more button? as per the demo…? the documentation does not go into that detail at all..

Hi, in documentation is described how. Create a slider. Add images, Titles, Descriptions and links. Copy slider slug and go to your Home page. Edit the Home page. Select the home template. Save. Add the slider slug. Save. All Done.

Have a good day.


I’m interested in buying this theme but had a question before purchase. Is it possible to customize the background image on each page?

Hi, yes you can use different backgrounds on different pages.

Hi, I like to view the demo’s before purchasing on my iphone5 to make sure its working good. Is the demo updated with the new version? The text on the home page overlaps and the images are cut off.

I really love your theme!

Also, when using the iPhone it seems to be choppy. I don’t know if it has to do with the amount of images/animation. I’ll be using it for photography mainly. And one more thing, when rotating the phone, I’m not able to scroll. Thanks~

Oh and one more thing, I don’t think I would be using any text on the home page. I want to showcase my images instead. But, using it on the phone it seems to stretch the images. How can I make sure the images stay true to size?

Hi, images in slider have bacground-size:cover style.. to be responsive on all devices.. you can dissable this options to show the image in full size. And of cource you can show your images without text, descriptions, links.. etc..

Hi, do you understand by Russian

Da, mojete zadati svoi vopros na russkom. Toliko s translitom, tk themeforest ne imeet russkoi kodirovki.

urgent need to make the layer slider gallery height fullscreen (100%) in any screen size, to appear just like the one on your demo site.

Also after installing theme, all pages apart from the homepage returns a “404 – Not Found” error. But when set to the default wordpress url settings, it works fine. Fixes to these are urgently needed, thanks.

Hi, We doesn’t support the plugin. We support the theme. Ask your questions about plugin to Layer Sldier developer. In documentation find their contacts.

Check if you made all as in documentation. Check if you selected permalinks. Check the .htaccess file in root folder. Contact hosting support for more info why permalinks doesn’t work.

Have a good day.

Problem… Logo and banner cover menu? When I click on the Menu it is not visible except for last letter?

Hi, what you mean? shw me a screen please.

How do you want me to send the pic? Your email said no reply???

Use the contact form on my profile or add links to screen here..

hello. is there a way to have multiple galleries and select a different gallery category for each gallery? in other words i would like to have a page with a gallery for “category-one” and a page with a gallery for “category-two”...but you would only see the selected gallery for each separate page.

Hi, no this is not possible. the theme haven’t this option.

Have a good day.

Hello! I use wordpress 3.7, will this theme work with that version?

yes, it should work perfect.

there seems to be an issue with the navigation in IE 10. the menu does not slide out correctly. can you check?

you have listed that the theme works with IE10. that was an influencing factor when we purchased your theme. needs to be resolved asap.

As soon as possible we will make an update.

We fixed the problem. Today we will upload a new version. Have a good day.