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i see the update. thanks. what files were updated? i have quite a few modifications in the CSS.

js/libs/mlpushmenu.js The exact file.

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excellent! IE 10 working now. were there any other files that changed in this update?

replace all files without css folder.. i can’t tell you all files what were edited.. i don’t remember all.

Hi, I can not create two pages (es. street photography and landscape photography) with different galleries because the theme include them in a single page. How can I do?!

Yes. I have bought theme through a friend to my friend because I’m not very experienced.

ok. write the comment from the purchaser acount.

Hi CRIKOVA! If i have installed fuerza 1.2 theme in my wordpress and modified it uploading new content, you know, how can i update it to a new version 1.3,do i have to install it again and begin from the first step or what? Thanks

Hi, if you made changes only from theme options, you just need to delete the old theme and install the new version. All data wii be saved. If you changed source files, you will lose this changes.

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I repeat the question by racktrick.

“Hi, I can not create two pages (es. street photography and landscape photography) with different galleries because the theme include them in a single page. How can I do?!”

Hi, if you want to have a page with only one category galleries, you can use the galleery category page. But in this way the theme wil lshow the default gallery grid.

If you use the custom grid page, you can show only all galeries, because pages are with filter on the top and need all categories on a page.

At the moment it’s immposible to make a page with only one gategory, but next updates we will make it possible, because it’s a good idea and very useful.

Have a good day.

True, it would be very useful to have this option. I wait for next update. ;)

ok, Have a good day.

Can you keep the pop menu open all the time?, i worry that my customers wont know how to find the menu


Hi, at the moment the menu is hidden. Probably next updates we will make an option to make this possible, to make it opened.

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Thanks for your reply. ;)

np, Have a good day

Hello, Our name is RDD and we are industrial design studio. We are working on our new website and we loved one of your templates, however before we will purchase it, we have to ask you several questions. link: First of all, we want to make sure that it will fit our wordpress, we have the 3.7 v. and we understood that your template fits only 3.6,3.5,3.4 v. so we want to know if we need to get another wordpress version or you can fit your template to the version we already have? Second question is about the order of the categories, if we will be interested in changing the order and for example put the “about us” category before the “gallery” category, will it be possible? Last question is a little bit general, obviously we will make lots of design changes and we want to make sure that things like background picture can be replaced to patterns? Colors pallet that you offer can be changed or what we see is what we get? Best regards

replied by email. Yes you can make all of them.

I have some issues to run the home page, i see that the page type is where you select what type of slide for example “horizontal slide” but where i put the pictures?

the other thing i would like to know if you have any king of tutorial or manual that i can follow it?

Hi, please read documentation. It’s already described. (sliders section)

We have a documentation file 50 pages. In the main archive you can find the pdf documentation file.

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Hi sorry it’s me again,

Can you change the size of the page titles and the titles of the products? And used H1 or h2, maybe, I do not want them all capital it seem so big in comparison with the body text.

thanks :|

hi, you can use the custom css filed in theme options and add your custom code to make it.

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Hi! I’m quite new to WP themes. Is there a way to sea how the example in the live preview has been done using the wordPress interface?

Especially for the sliders (vertical slider and nivo slider with moving items)

Thank you!

Hi, the theme comes with a 50 pages documentation pdf file. In the documentation is described how to manage the theme.

Have a good day.

Thank You, I was missing the layerslider documentation. However, I still encounter troubles using a custom made slider as background. It appears under LayerSliderWP, but not under Apparence/sliders… Have you got any clue? I don’t find it in the documentation! Thank you!

Hi, about layerSlider – in documentation you can find LS developers. They responsd for LS support. LS documentation is in plugin, dirrectly in your site. Contact developers for more info

About simple slider. If you create a simply slider, don’t use the Layer Slider template. Use or Nivo, Or vertical or horizontal.. it depends what type of page you want to create.

Have a good day.

I am about to purchase the Fuerza template but wanted to confirm if the background slider on the home page can be set to auto rather than just changing background slide “on click”. Please could you confirm?

Many thanks


Hi, yes, of cource the auto slide is working on home sliders.

Thanks for the swift response. Do you also know if your theme would be compatible with this flip book plugin – I would like to use it to display images within a gallery / post page.

Thanks again.


hi, you can use different sizes, because the slider is responsive, and images will be background-size:cover and look different sizes on differend devices. The oprimal size is 1920-1080px.

Have a good day.

Hi Crikova..I have now purchased and installed the theme, but appear to have a few issues / bugs. Firstly the admin site is running very slowly despite testing on various servers and a local installation. Secondly the simple Slider I have created using the Nivo template is not showing up on the home page at

I look forward to your swift response.

Many thanks

Hi, in documentation is described how to setting home pages. Select the template. Create the slider. Copy the slider slug and paste in your Home page settings in slug field. Will work perfect.

Have a good day

Hi, How can disable the fullscreen image gallery ?!

Hi, what do you mean? if you want to delete the fullscreen button on the gallery page, Use custom css filed in theme options and add a display:none to button class.

Have a good day.

Yes. Thank you very much for your response. I noticed that I can not add titles and descriptions to images gallery but only in the slides. How do I do it?!

I have read all the documentation pdf but i couldnt understand how to add a home page slider, I can’t find the slider slug field. Could you give some information about it.


Hi, Go to sliders section (Appearance->sliders) create a slider. Add the name ans press the create button. After wil lappear a box with slider options (in this box you will se the slug)

Whrn you edit your home page, select the template. Save. After will appear a box with options. in this box paste your slider slug.

Have a good day

Hello!, Yes I have created the Slider for the background uploading 4 highquality photographies and named the slider bg_slider that’s the name which appears in the slider slug. I’m just a wordpress biginner so i don’t know a lot, I want to get that bg_slider in my Home page, I tried to go to (Appearance->Editor) copied all php code from “Home 2 (Vertical Slider)(template-home.php) Cuz I want the vertical slider ” and pasted it at index.php, but nothing happens, i don’t know where is that box of option you mentioned before.

you made totaly wrong. index.php file is fopr blog archive. Not for home page. In documentation is described step by step how to manage the theme. You have a page called Home. this is your home page! You don’t need to change source files! Select the template in your page editor! In settings select your static “Home” page as Front page. All Done!

Have a good day

Privet, chochu kupitj vashu temu, slozno li budet perevesti ee na ukrajinskij jazik. I vtoroj vopros. V demo do sich por ne rabotaet adekvatno menu v IE, u vas napisano ispravleno (v1.3)

Privet. Da mojete perevesti bez problem. Po povodu menu ono 100% rabotaet.. Obnovite stranitsu i ocistite cache i uvedite cto rabotaet..

Udacnogo dnea.

Spasibo za otvet. Cash ochistil ne rabotaet. U menya IE 11(wind.8.1) Kak uzhe dostal etot ie vsech … Izvinite za bespokojstvo. Na dnyach kuplju temu, potom budem reshatj esli chto. Porupaty budu s drugogo akkaunta dlja klienta. Udachi vam v tvorchestve

V 11 versii ia daje ne testiroval. No po hode vremeni mi postaraemsea profixiti ego.

Hi. I noticed that I can not add titles and descriptions to images gallery but only in the slides. How do I do it?!

Hi. you can add titles in slider shortcode and use it in a custom pages. Use the slider section and add sliders. Then add the sldier shortcode in you page. Done,

Have a good day

I want to change the background of the pages from the dark grey to something else. Where do I find the background color? My logo needs to be on a lighter background.


Ok, Have a good day

I hate to bother you again..I know we can add icons to menus and you had a link to get but I can’t find the link again and what is the format to add to menu? Thanks your support is OUTSTANDING!! also the theme

hi, in documentation you have screens on how to create the menu. Find the Menu section in documentation and get the forma of icons and the link.

Have a good day.

The scroll bar is very temperamental and likes to disappear when you get close to it. Can this just be replaced with a standard browser scroll bar. I know they aren’t the the most beautiful but they tend to always work unlike the one in this theme. Only issue with it.

Hi, you can dissable the custom screllbar in theme options panel. The theme will use the default browser scroll.

Have a good day


First off, Great theme! I was thinking of purchasing this theme, but I have some questions. Will you be fixing the iOS7 issue any time soon? Your theme constantly crashes on iPhone. I have not tested it on other mobile phones yet. And can contact form 7 be used with this theme?

Spasibo =) jazeppi

Hi, can you show some screens with the problem and we wil ltry to fix it.

Have a good day

Hi! I don’t see the “fullwidth” feature on page, blog… Doest it exist or the only choice is “2 columns and more”? Thanks. great theme.

Hi, the theme haven’t at the moment fullwidth blog style. May be next updates we will add this feature.

Have a good day