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Hi, I love the theme so far but have run into some trouble. When creating galleries, I can open them on the website but they all appear to be empty. I have to click on the Fullscreen button, then the pictures appear. Even when closing Fullscreen, they still appear. Obviously, I want them to appear without clicking Fullscreen first.

Apparently the pictures I used were too big. What is the maximum size of pictures that is supported?

hi, probably your images size is very big and after page load the slider make his init, but the image were not loaded. Try to oprimize images.. the best size is 200-600kb

Have a good day

i want to make all the gallery items display on one page. without pagination. how can i do this?

Hi, you need customization. open the gallery archive file (depends what style you use- for default is archive-gallery.php) and add a query_posts attribute posts_per_page=-1 and it wil lshow all items in one page.

Have a good day

thank you. i have the archive-gallery.php file open. can you send me the exact code and where to insert it in that .php file please?

global $query_string; query_posts($query_string.'&posts_per_page=-1');

that is the php code. You know were to put it? may be in the file exist already query posts if not find smth as if(have_posts….) and paste new code before this line.

Have a good day.

Like please our theme 5 stars if you like it.

Hi, the i-phone seems to stretch the images of my home. How can I make sure the images stay true to size?

We are sorry, but for nivo slider the image is used as image tag, and it’s not possible to fix. try to use the flex slider (Home Horizontal)

ok, however the interface for smartphones needs to be updated. The logo and the structure are too big and the view is bad.

we will try to improve it on next updates.

Have a good day

Hi Crikova

you have little bug on your template:

1. on you fuerza blog page if you click on the camera or gallery icon ( for popup preview ) with black theme you don’t see the cross for close the popup.

2. on the same page if you scroll you have problem with the youtube thumb always on the top

3. on homepage if you use youtube full screen and layerslider wp you have problem with the menu. Youtube always on the top.

sorry for my English im french ;-)


Thanks for screens. Next update we will fix these issues.

Have a good day.


I want to change the type of blog, but I always get the display of the “Default model” even if I choose, as an example “Blog Masonry Load More” and this with all your blog models… I tried to deactivate all plugins, but no change… Do you have an idea?

Hi, read documentation. We have already secribed in documentation how to create blog styles.

Note. You can’t use the name Blog and Slug – blog for your new page. Rename in our-blog or other..

Have a good day

Oupss… Sorry, jhust after I sent this message, it works????? But I don’t hnow why suddenly… Probably a problem with wp-estore plugin…

ok. have a good day.

Is it possible to get the horizontal layout to have a timer to switch the slides automatically? Rather than have the client have to click each slide?

Hi, what type of home you use? the Horizontal Home? the slider is automaticaly slide. On hover it’s stop.

Have a good day.

Thanks for your previous help you certainly have great customer support. New question is it possible to change the color scheme per page or post? Also can I get a custom color for page background and skin color per page/post. Similar to They do not have the real skin but highlights.

Hi, this is not possible from theme options panel. You need customization. Use the custom css field in theme options and add your custom css code.

Have a good day.

Hi, just purchased and started playing around with the theme my client wondering if we just have arrows up/down and no thumbnail on that front page?

that did it, thanks. Another question re that thumbnail. I used this code to hide it:

.fullslider .tf_thumbs { border: 4px solid #FFFFFF; box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px #202020; display: none; }

But it does a weird thing at the top left of the site when scrolling through the images. Not on the first click, but second and more of the up/down arrow, you see a grey box that flips up there. How can i disable that thumbnail image?

also, i wanted to put a button on those slider images that say read more , i put this button code in the html part of the slider stuff but nothing happened. when i added it to the content area it showed up but as code, not a button

[ale_button url=”” style=”blue” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”] See More Images [/ale_button]

You can’t customize this slider from theme options. To customize, use source code. html,css and javascript. The grey box is from javascript. The button will not work, because the slider doesn’t support shortcodes and the slider doesn’t support html. edit source file. template-home.php.

Have a good day.

Hi there! I liked the black style, but something is wrong, the bottons have no effect, i mean they don’t have a hover effect, please is it possible to change it at style.css of the template?, for example the botton “TAKE A LOOK” has no hover, and the bottons “Enter Full Screen, Next & Previous” too. Also the tags “Extreme, Fitness, Force, ...” when I hover them they become white and their background is white too, so it’s impossible to see the word.

I think is possible to fix it at the css Style, or it’ll be fixed in the next Update?

The other styles work perfectly that just happens with the black style.

Hi, yes, of course we will fix it next update. The problem is in black style. Next update the style will be fixed. If you want to make it manualy you can use custom css field in theme options and add a fix. Or just wait the next update. We are sorry for this bug.

Have a good day.

Hi, future updates will solve the problem of image compression by nivo slider (home 3)?

Hi, we will try to make it. The problem is in the fullscreen and slider properties.

Have a good day.

Thanks ;)

HI, In the menu navigation, if I put more than one level and then I want to click in the first level I cannot see the page, for example:

Home products Bikes MTB Road toys action figurates Books In this case I cannot see the page Bikes, I can only see the end page MTB and Road.

Yes, the menu parrent is not a link. It’s a separator to make dropdown. Add your parent link in the submenu and it will be a link.

Have a good day.

Do you mean under Appearance/menus? I change the Page to a link and save it but still not working. Am I missing something here?

Hi,. no, you do correct. Simly the theme doesn’t support links in parent menu item. If the item have a drop down, this item can’t be a link. The theme cuts the link, because this item on click should open the dropdown, not open the link.

Have a good day.

Other question can i use the search option to look into my product catalogue?

Im using woocommerce

Hi, the theme search field is for blog posts. To use the shop search you can use the widget and used it in a sidebar for example.

Have a good day.

Hi there! Thanks for the great template, but I’m having a few problems with the Vertical Slider (Home 2).

1. the first image of the slideshow gets stretched – proportions are not maintained like on the following slides. 2. what can I do to display Portrait style images without loosing so much shown content? Is there a way to edit the responsive behaviour to only fit for the longest edge of the photo (so a fitIn behaviour)?


Thx in advance

Hi, this is not possible in this slider. The images are made as “background-size:cover” to make it responsive. This is the only solutions for this slider. You can’t use portraits images in slider. One way is to use the layerslider and to create smth special with backgrounds and vertical images as you need.

Have a good day.

ok thx for the response on issue #2.

but what about the scaling issue #1? Like I said, the first image in the VerticalSlider-Slideshow is always contorted in proportions.

This is the slider plugin specification. this image can’t be done in other way. We are sorry about that. We will try to make it more responsive next update.

Have a good day

Is there any audio player included or do I have to add it myself?

Hi, the theme haven’t any custom players. You can use different plugins or customize it.

Have a good day.

Hello, whenever i open any page there’s a pop out coming. I dont want that popout i just want that page to be full width page. Can u help ?

Hi, What do you mean? show me a screnshot please.

Have a good day

Can I change the type of line sidebar maybe less heavy?

Hi, you can by customization. use custom css field in theme options and add your custom css code. or edit directly in source file. The file you need is css/general.css

Have a good day

Hello , whenever i click on any page that page pops out on a different page. for eg. In the given link the about page is coming on the different pop out on the page. I want to remove the pop out and want to appear the details on full width page . Below is the link

Hi. this is not possible.

Have a good day.

There can be some modification or customization to do that.Try to figure out something as i have to make allthe pages in that particular way, also i need to sort this today anyhow. Kindly help.

We don’t provide customization. Our support team helps with theme default settings. Custom things are not included. Have a good day.

what is your return policy?

Hi, I’m an author and I haven’t a function to return money. And I’m not sure if Envato in general have this option. Have a good day how can i get that content block up a bit, i’m finding the margin at the top above the content too much

Hi, in custom CSS field add this code .singleblog {margin-top:20px!important;}

Have a good day

hie i want to use the testimonial template but i am not getting its option when i am choosing any options on the page

replied in other thred. Have a good day