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hie i want to use the testimonial template but i am not getting its option when i am choosing any options on the page

Hi, what exactly is you problem? To create a testimonial page you just need to use testimonials shortcodes and columns shortcode.

Have a good day

Hello question if i make aa slider and choose home(layer slider) my pictures are not risizable on different screens. On the demo is it ok is there also an example how to do that? And second question is on internet explorer the menu isnt working?? gr, john

Hi, the slider should be setting as responsive. in help for sldier and settings you will set up it.

Abou menu, it must work on all new IE since IE9..

Have a good day.


Thanks for your great theme here.. Really good theme :D..

There is 1 thing that I still confuse.. For contact us page, I’m using Template Contact 1.. Where is the settings for put email address that will use for contact form inside my contact us page ?..

I’ve filled it in ‘Contact Page Option’ > ‘Email field.. But somehow, no email was sent into my inbox when I tried it..

This is my contact us page site :

Thanks, Ronny

Hi, the email for contact form is the main worpdress email. That can be edited in General Settings -> email. The email from theme options is only for visual on left side.

Have a good day.

Hi Crikova,

Thanks for your reply.. I thought the same way before.. But still the same, no email delivered into my inbox for both email address from General Settings & Contact Page option..

Please advice..

Thanks, Ronny

Try to contact support and ask why standart worpdress mail function wp_mail doesn’t work on theur server. But first make sure that the emails are correct, may be you pasted a wrong email.

Have a good day,

Hello I am unable to use tabs shortcode in my page.

Hi, hwat do you mean? the shortcode doesn’t work? canyou give me in pm login info i will test? usethe contact form on my profie page. In the message describe the problem.

Have a good day

Hello I am unable to use column shortcode in my page.

Hi, whar do you mean? you can’t add or it doesn’t work in frontend page?

Have a good day

i can’t add the shortcodes

Give me login passwords in privat, i will try to help you. Have a good day

Actually I am not able to use any shortcodes in any of my page. This is on urgent basis.Can someone sort this ?

Hi, the best way is to give me login info and i will test. Send it using contact form on my profile page.

Have a good day

Hi, I am using Layerslider WP in my website but i am not able to update the layerslider code on my page.

Hi, what do you mean “to update layerslider”? Setting the slider as is described in documentation. Have a good day

Hello there! How to exclude Gallery Categories on the Album Page?

Hi, this is not possible. The theme haven’t a same function. Have a good day.

Hi, really loving this theme, think it’s pretty stylish and easy to use. My client feels that little menu graphic isn’t obvious enough and he would like me to put the word menu above it. I tried creating a little larger graphic (45px x 50px) uploading it and adjusting the css line

.greycol .menu-trigger { background: url(“images/opennav.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); display: block; height: 25px; left: 38px; position: absolute; top: 31px; transition: all 300ms ease-in-out 0s; width: 35px; }

if i don’t adjust the css i see a partial graphic, if i do adjust any of the items (going for height or width) i loose the graphic all together.

what am i doing wrong? sorry forgot to add the url

Hi, You doo all right. Use the custom css field in theme options and add the code .greycol .menu-trigger {width:45px!important; height:50px!important;} and replace the image file with your new image. the folder is – themeroot/css/images/opennav.png

wil lwork perfect.

Have a good day having a huge issue on iphone, navigation isn’t working at all, logo is all overlapped. please take a look and let me know what’s up

Hi, you customized and your logo size is not as in documentation. that’s why the theme can’t place in responsive. The size is for theme, then the theme understand where to put the logo. Look the example –

Have a good day

Hi, Before I purchase this theme, can I allow only client login to view the portfolio or gallery page. Those users without client login may only view some images only under maybe the “gallery page”.

Hi, yes you can use the password protected post. And without password the users is not allowed toview the open page, he must insert the password. This is a wordpress default function.

Have a good day.

Hello I want to disable left click on the testimonial image which is coming within the circle on the testimonial page. This is on urgent basis.

Hi, this is not possible. The theme doesn’t have same functions.

Have a good day

Hello I am not getting OUR TEAM 1 page template option. I am also not able to use many of the sortcodes on my website. Can you send me a link wherein I can give you my login details and you can sort it out. After you sending me the link I will inform you what all changes I require on my site. Kindly revert soon.


1. Out team 1 – Is described in documentation. Please read the documentation.

2. What problems you have with shortcodes?

Have a good day

Where can I give you my website’s login details so you can solve my doubts.

Hi, the support section is from comments section. For private messages use contact form on my profile page.

Have a good day

Hello, and Happy Holidays! I am having a issues with the social icons. Apparently my youtube icon is not showing up any thoughts


Hi, The theme doesn’t have an youtube icon. In theme options exist a field (it was added by a mistake), but this field is not used in the theme. We will add the youtube icon next update.

Have a good day

Hello I want to use team and awards section in my pages. can you tell me how shall i do that because i am not understanding it from the documentation .

Hi, show me a screenshot of your admin panel. You should have it in the left menu bar.

Have a good day

I am getting team option on left hand side of my admin panel I added new team. And I also added team photo and its text from the theme options. Both I have done. Now how to display it on a page.

Menu Section – > Advanced settings -> Team archive. Addthis item in your menu and you will give the team page in the menu. the link will be

Hi there

I’d like to purchase the theme, but I’m using a new installation of wordpress, and therefore running version 3.8 – can you confirm whether it will be compatible or not?

Many thanks

Hi, yes the theme work perfect on the last 3.8 version.

Hello I want to use team and awards section in my pages. can you tell me how shall i do that because i am not understanding it from the documentation .

I, already replied in another thread.

I have uploaded team picture and its content in team section from the theme option how can i use it on page.

Hi, what do you mean? show me please some screenshoots.

Have a good day

I have created the gallery. But when I click on the take a look button it is showing me page not found error.

Kindly check on the given link

Him i opened the link and it’s ok, inner galeries too. Only thing is you didn’t upload images to your gallery slider. Upload images as attachments. In documentation is described.

Have a good day