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Hi there,

On your Fuerza example webpage, the home page pictures have a grid that is not embedded in the pictures itself (the grid does not seem to resize (bigger or smaller) with the pictures when I resize the browser).

How did you do this? Is it a setting that can be used in the template?


hi, yes, you can select it in theme options – Background pattern.

Have a good day

ah, great, thanks. It works now. Didn’t realise that this would affect the images in the slider. Thanks!

ok, Have a good day

Hi, one more question:

I’d like to use Custom CSS to change the color of the toggle element, i.e. the color of the background of the header part of the toggle box (which is grey, orange, or whatever, depending on the skin).

I can’t seem to find the right element that controls this color. I’ve looked in the css files to find a matching color (which seems to be #7f8c8d; strange grey when compared to the rest), but no luck.

I have changed the generic box background using .singleblog {background:#333333!important;}, and I’m looking for something similar for the toggle box. Can you tell me which one I should use?

thanks! and have a good new year…

Ups, it’s my misstake. We updates Socha Theme with the same problem with NivoSlider, i don’t see that you are a Fuerza purchaser.. But don’t worry, this month we will upload a big update to Fuerza Theme too and this issue will be fixed too. I’m sorry for my mistake.

Have a good day

excellent, will update when available…


ok, Have a good day

Hi again

I would like to make sure that images in the sliders used as banners (flexslider) have constrained dimensions ie when the screen is resized, the proportions remain correct. At the moment when the screen is resized, the height of the slider remains constant, but the width does not, so the image within gets squashed and looks terrible. Please advise. Is there some code I can add to make the slider scale properly with the page as it resizes (ie make the width and height scale at the same time to keep proportions the same)

I don’t really understand why anyone would want to do anything other than this – why would you choose to have images go out of proportion?

Many thanks again

Hi, this solution is not ideal, whe you open on a mobile and the height is bigger then widht, the image is narrowed. We will be thinking on how to improve in next updates.

Have a good day

Hi again, sorry didn’t make this clear again – in this particular example, I was talking about the sliders that I’ve used as banners on particular pages – for example: (the top sliding banner). If you scale this, you will see that it remains in proportion whatever the screen size

The standart slider, as in youe link example should work perfect in scale by default. may be are some bugs, we will check it and fix if problems exist. Thanks.

Have a good day

apologies, me again – I can’t seem to be able to get the layers in the layerslider to be responsive in a usable way for my homepage.

I want to use a full width slider, so that the image fills the screen, but I need the text to get slightly smaller to fit the screen and make sure none of the content is cut off – otherwise the content is redundant and the user experience of someone visiting from a mobile device/tablet is not great. Does Layerslider not provide a way to do this using its built in settings/options?

Similar to how your demo site shows the title and copy getting slightly smaller when resized down. Either that, or I need a scrollbar to show when the content goes off the page so that people can scroll to read the rest of the content and click the call to action.

Thanks again

Hi, the layers slider plugin is not fully responsive. You can make it responsive, but some problem will appear sure. The best way is to contact slider plugin developer with the exact problem.

The slider have some responsive options (on our demo we used them) Read the documentation to learn how to make a responsive slider. I don’t remember if we added the demo content for the layer slider in the download archive, if no, we can send you the export file from our slider you will check and change. Just let us know your email.

Have a good day

Thanks for the response. I am going to have a play around using the flexslider that forms part of the theme instead of layerslider, and if I can’t get that to work as I’d like I’ll look at writing some additional classes for the elements that I need to be responsive and write the relevant code to get these to respond as I would like when resized.

Many thanks again

ok, Have a good day

Me again, sorry for posting a lot today, but been working on a site using the theme.

I have a suggestion – can you make it so that the left menu triggers/slides out when hovering the mouse over the icon rather than actually clicking it? I feel that this would be a more fool-proof way of using the menu, and probably a little slicker?

You could also do that same with the navigation once in the menu so that parent pages in the menu are clickable links as well – hover over them to open the subpage navigation, while a click actually navigates to the page.

These options would really help to give variety to the theme and give us users the options we feel are most appropriate for our audiences.

Thanks again – great theme.

Thanks for this too. With the childmenu thing, I meant so that hovering would open the submenu out, and clicking would allow you to navigate to the actual page (thus allowing the click on the parent page too) – as an example I recently worked on this site:

obviously the menu is very different here, but it illustrates what I mean.

Do you have plans to include LinkedIn/ Vimeo as options in the social channels seciton to include in the nav? If not I will do some tweaks my end to get them in there.

Many thanks again

Hello one more question/request – how do I get the read more buttons that appear on the horizontal and nivo sliders to show on the vertical slider? Thanks again


1. in the next update we will add more social icons.

2. The vertical slider doesn’t support the read more button. We will add probably it next update.

Have a good day.

Hi, me again

I would also like if possible to change the taxonomy for “Gallery/Galleries” to “Client/Clients” as we will be using the gallery functionality for case studies. I understand that this would require some amends to the config.php file, but I’m just a bit wary of breaking something! Can you point me at the relevant lines of code that would need amending and if there are any other files that would need this.

Thanks again


Ok thanks… I’ll keep searching and if not perhaps update the PHP (and keep a note of what has been changed for future updates).

Many thanks again

Just to let you know in case anyone else has the same issue I found this plugin useful:

Really simple – it doesn’t change the slug/permalink, but to be honest that doesn’t matter too much – it does change the wording on the breadcrumbs etc, so I’m happy!

Thanks again

Well. Have a good day.

hai is i use the contact page and i send it then it says succes but there’s a 404 page ?

hi, check the permalinks settings. It should be as in documentation. In the end of documentation you will see a creen with necessary permalinks settings.

Have a good day

ok. Have a good day

Do you have instructions on how to install the demo content?

Hi, from the log errors i can say that aresome problems with images import. Probably you don’t set the necessary permision for images folders, or just your hosting have some limits and abord the download process.

Have a good day

I opened “fuerzaresponsivewordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-10-01.xml” and it looks like all media files are pointing to localhost. For instance, http://localhost/fuerza/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/abaslider2.jpg

I think this is why all media is failing. Do you guys have a proper XML file to import?

oh, it’s my misstake, in the last update we added the xml from localhost, not from the server. Write me please a message from my profile page and i will reply with the xml file. just write need the fuerza xml. Sorry for this mistake and thanks for your attention.

Good day,

I have pre-sale question. I love your theme because of it’s uniqueness.

On the homepage can I add any amount of text over the images for SEO purposes or only a title and a small intro like on your demo?

Secondly, can the images inside an album have a different layout instead of the big image slider? I want to display my images e.g. in a masonry layout for that album instead. I can only see the different types of layouts of the list of albums but not the actual images inside the albums.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Jhorene


1. you can use more text on Home page.

2. the theme support only layouts from demo preview. If you need other layout, you need customization.

Have a good day

Can you set the menu to always show? Or does it have to be hidden all the time?

Hi, at the moment the menu is always hidden. But next update we will add an option to make possible it be opened always.

Have a good day

Thanks mate! When do you expect the next update to come out?

Hi, This month wi plan to upload an release. Have a good day

Hi again

I can’t seem to get testimonial links working? Even if I fill them in using the shortcode generator, nothing appears in the shortcode itself, and the testimonial always simply links to the current page (not very useful, reloading the same page in another window). I don’t think its functioning correctly?

Thanks again

Hi, we will check it and fix in the next update. add the link manualy to each testimonial code link=”the link” or link=the link and check.

Have a good day.

Thanks again guys, if you could check it for the update that’d be great – for the time being adding the link= code appears to be working so at least we can get them linking manually. Thanks again

Hi, yes, this issue will be fixed. Have a good day.

Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User


Hi, the theme support all pages that are in demo preview. If the demo is good for you, you can purchase it.

Have a good day.

Hi, is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.8?

bye Francesco

Hi, yes. the theme is fully compatible with wp3.8

Hi, i have a question:

In the blog page, How i put the reset button on comment form in this theme, because in the live previw is active, but in my site isn’t on?

my link is

Hi, the link is not working. it’s an image, not a site. May be you probably selected other comment style for your blog posts? You should select Alethemes Comments in theme options panel.

Have a good day

I have another question, how i rename the team page? i need change the name team on link…

This is not possible. You can’t rename custom post type url. You need customization, try to find a developer.

Have a good day

One more suggestion – custom background image on gallery pages as per standard pages. Ta!

In case anyone else wants this functionality now, I’ve added this myself for the time being by editing the config.php file:

$meta_boxes[] = array(
       'id'         => 'pagebg_metabox',
       'title'      => 'Custom Background',
       'pages'      => array( 'page', 'gallery'),

Ta again

yes, you can add any post types names into this array. Have a good day

An Update is ready. v 1.4

- Added new section - Theme Information
- WordPress 3.8 Ready 
- Fixed the issue with child theme css styles
- Updated nicescroll.js plugin for custom scroll
- Updated the LayerSlider plugin to last version 5.0.2
- Added new fields for advanced google fonts settings in typography section
- Fixed the toggle shortcode height issue
- Fixed the issue with logo width on admin panel login page on WordPress 3.8
- Added an upload button and tet specification for Gallery box in Admin panel
- Fixed the custom post type icons in Admin panel for WordPress 3.8
- Added logo.psd file into the download archive
- Fixed the issue with captions images. Now images with caption are responsive too
- Fixed the issue with the testimonial shortcode link
- Updated languages .po files
- Fixed the scroll bug with color selector box enabled
- Added config xml file for WPML plugin for better multilingual support
- Fixed the issue with left menu on IE11
- Fixed issue with style bugs in black skin
- Added option to upload a custom animated preloader and replace the default
- Added the Read more button into Vertical Slider Home Page
- Added new social icons for: Vimeo, Behance, Flickr, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instaram
- Updated the demo content xml file

is available to download.

Is there a reason that the search on the main navigation doesn’t return pages/galleries as well as posts? I have tried a number of plugins that claim to change the default wordpress search to allow all pages and custom post/page types to be searched, but none have worked with this themes search. Any advice for extending the search functionality to include pages etc would be appreciated.

Thanks again

Hi, we are woring on this feature. May be next update (but not sure) this will be included. Have a good day

Thanks again guys!

Have a good day


I have just upgraded to v1.4 (using FTP to overwrite theme files; it states it is now v1.4), but the slider issues are still there as per one of my earlier comments (to which you said, wait for the upgrade): - Preferably: have nivo slider handle images correctly (so they don’t scale wrong on a smartphone) - or have horizontal slider work, so that slides move automatically (images scale properly using horizontal slider, but the slides do not move automatically (nivo slider does do this)

Can you indicate when or how this can be corrected? This is a major issue.

Hi, What is the problem in Nivo sldier? it is responsive as much as possible. I can’t make smth else with the sldier. And The NIVO slider is auto sliding too. Just muve the mouse on the top of you browser and the slider wil lchange slides automaticaly. The slider is on pause when the cursor is on the slider. Move the cursor away and it wil lbe autosliding.

Hi, the Nivo slider images are not scaled properly when looking on small screen (eg smartphone in portrait mode). It does slide automatically, which I like. But as stated by one of your earlier comments a while ago, I expected the responsiveness (scaling) of the images in the Nivo slider to be solved with this upgrade.

The Horizontal slides does scale properly, but does not auto-move..




With nivo slider it’s imposible to make the scaling as the horizontal.

But The Horizontal support auto sliding! if this can be a solution, i can help you to enable the auto sliding for Horizontal flexslider.

Just need the file js/scripts.js from the theme. Contact me by contact fom on my profile page.

Have a good day

Please help (again)!

I’m now in the process of moving the site I’ve been working on from development to live – I’ve moved it onto our VPS server from a shared hosting environment, but for some reason video posts are now not working at all. No video displays even on posts that were working fine in the previous install, or on any new ones.

When viewing the code, the “siglepostvide” div that used to contain the iframe etc for the video embeds is now completely empty!

Where I have manually embedded videos onto pages/posts they are working fine.

Could this be something to do with using a development environment? At the moment, I’m making sure everything is working first before re-routing the DNS so I’ve used a tweak to my PC’s hosts file so that I can see the development site on the actual URL before switching it over.

Please let me know if you’ve run into anything like this before and if there’s any advice you can give me to fix this before we go live!

Thanks again


Hi, chech the “http:” in your video ebed code. Some hostings doesn’t support code without http:. Have a good day

Thanks for getting back to me – we had some issues with the server that we had migrated to in this instance – nothing to do with your theme after all. Thankfully the hosting guys have fixed. Thanks again for the support.

Have a good day