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I faced a lot of difficulties to set up your theme… My issues are :

1. I found that there is a Social Tab on Theme options that allow me to put my social page urls.. But what I can’t found is where these social icons will be displayed in site ?? I can’t found it anywhere..

2. I use Gallery Filter template for my Gallery page.. But what I found is when I opened it on my iPad landscape view.. All my gallery items didn’t get responsive as expected..

See my screenshot :

3. I’ve updated my current theme with the latest theme of yours.. I just found that on my homepage slider, there is a ‘Read More’ button that always visible even when I am not fill any value in my slider’s URL field.. This didn’t happen on previous version..

How to hide this ‘Read More’ text ???

See :

4. I found that my first slider for page with Vertical Slider is always got stretched when browse via iPad / iPhone screen.. This is not happen for other sliders.. How to fix this, since my client want to show his logo on the first slide.. ( His logo got stretch, and he didn’t like that)..

See : ?

I’ve hide my site for public.. If you need to look up on my site, please let me know.. I will grant to you a user account..

My site :

Thanks a lot and please help..

Regards, Ronny


1. In the left part – 2. We will check and fix next update. 3. Tell us what template do you use, what kind of home and we will check and fix. 4. The sliders are background and not banners, You can’t add any elemets because it will be use background attribute:cover. Use the layer slider if you want to add elemets on the page.

Have a good day

  1. Thanks for your reply :D.. I’ve found social icon area..
  2. Yeah, hopefully it will resolved soon, since its a major UI issue :(.. I will waiting..
    Please let me know if you need more information regarding this issue..
  3. I use ‘Home 2 (Vertical Slider)’.. Right now I manually remove its ‘Read More’ in its code file..
  4. Hmm, I still don’t get it.. Please more insight.. For homepage slider I use ‘Appearance > Slider option’ and put its slug in my home page.. Or maybe I need to use ‘Layer Slider’ plugins rather than Slider option ??

Hi, 4. Yes, you should install the plugin and use the plugin and Layer Slider home template. Have a good day

Pre-sales question. Is it possible to put a graphic where the fuerza text is located? I would like to put a head shot in the circle containing the fuerza text. Thanking you in advance.

Hi, what do you mean exactly?

hi, i don’t seem to be able to see comments on pages, just posts is a page that has a lot of comments, but they dont’ show up. this post has comments and we see them

Hi, only blog posts have comments option. Simple pages doesn’t have this option. There is no template for pages compatible with comments. You need customization to make it possible. the file you need is page.php in the theme folder.

Have a good day

Hi, your link is openning the default Home page. It’s a custom slider. Have a good day

Hi there,

How to remove the background color of the navigation? I’ve chosen orange color scheme, so I would like to delete the orange color background.


Hi, the theme haven’t this option. You need customizations if you want to make somth custom. Have a good day.

Hi there,

I want to replace the search box with other thing, a flag icon that represents the website will be in other language. I also notice that the search box didn’t filter result if I search for Pages.


Can you also create shortcode for tooltip?


1. You can replace icons manualy in images folder css/images and in the header.php file. For Home pages edit page-home.php. 2. Search field is working with blog posts only. If you want to enable pages or galleries, in alethemes/config.php make it possible.

Have a good day

hi, i had a problem. my gallery filter not working properly. Don’t add new filters on top, but in gallery thumbs it’s normal. See:


The category “Aulas na piscina” don’t is not displayied on top, on the category filter.

Hi, this means that “Aulas na piscina” doesn’t have any gallery. Create a gallery and select the category – Aulas na piscina.

Have a good day

hello, I correctly configured the category, album, and like all the other filters, but the last two do not appear in the filter added, although the photos appear below. You would analyze, after you pass the user and password management?

Hi, can you show us some examples? a link and admin passwords? Have a good day

Hey, i had quick question. Idk if i over look something but how come my pics that i edited on my computer don’t get same quality when uploaded on slider

Hi, check the option when you insert in into the slider if you added the full size image, not the thumbnail or medium size. For the slider the best size is 1920-1080px.

Have a good day

I purchased this theme months ago. When WP was updated, the woocommerce pages no longer worked. Do you have an update for this?

Hi, we have uploaded an update yesterday. The theme is fully supported with the last vertion WooCommerce plugin. Have a good day

Hello, as the menu has to be open when the site is loaded? Where do I change the words to Portuguese NAVIGATION, GO BACK AND HIT ENTER TYPE and?

Hi, that mean you didn’t changed all files or you use a cache plugin. Show me a link example what exactyl you want. I have already tell you all files that contains the left navigation bar. If smth is not working, that means you didn’t make it right. Have a good day

Hi, as i told, all data is in the files i have already send to you. For example one file is header.php and see the screen first is the class where you can change the icon, and second is the placeholder.

Have a good day

Hi CRIK0VA, What happen with Socha theme? it’s been deleted!! I can’t access to demo nor forum!! Please, let me know when will be fix it! Thanks

Hi, the theme will be available in 2 hours. Some bugs issues and it is temporary hidden. Have a good day

Good news ;) Thank you for your quick answer! Have a nice day!

Good Luck

hi there

Someone has just pointed out to me that the contact form doesn’t work correctly in ie9 – the placeholder text doesn’t appear, so the user doesn’t know what they are supposed to fill into each field. Can you help please?

Thanks again

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. I have made some customisations for ie compatibility, but I’ve kept a log of all changes (most of which have simply been through the custom css panel to be honest). I will look at the file and see what I can do. I think I may be able to use the Modernizr javascript library plugin to do some of the work for me, but I’ll see how I go.

Hi again – just in case anyone else was wondering or needed to know the solution, I ended up using some IF statements in the contact page template – one of these after the opening tag of each field:

<!--[if lte IE 9]><p>Name*</p><![endif]--> <!--[if lte IE 9]><p>Email*</p><![endif]--> <!--[if lte IE 9]><p>Phone</p><![endif]--> <!--[if lte IE 9]><p>Your message*</p><![endif]-->

Have a good day

I am having trouble getting the products to show up on the site using your theme version 1.5. everything work fine with version 1.2. please advise

Hi, i will reply you by email. Have a good day

any update on my situation?

Hi, yes of cource, we have fixed this issue. To update it manualy open the file in theme root folder woocommerce/archive-product.php and find the code echo $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url(); replace the code with global $woocommerce; echo $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url(); and it will work perfect. Have a good day

Hi, the link is opening the home page, can you show us the screnshot with problem? Have a good day

Doesn’t seem to happen on every gallery page but does on some.

Hi, we will check it and fix in the next update. Probably are some responsive stlyes issues broken. Thanks for the screen. We will sure fix this issue. Have a good day

How do I get the site already open with the open menu, without having to click to unfold?


Hi, this is not possible. The theme doesn’t have this function. Have a good day

Hi, ok back from overseas.. I still have not found how to get custom background image on pages working or displaying..

here is a link to one page not working even though i have uploaded a custom image.


how do i get the images displaying when the custom upload does not work.?

Hi, in my mind we have your login info in privat? We will take a look and reply you via email. Have a good day.

great i look forward to receiving a email soon.. because its been like this for too long and i guess i am at the crossroads to just get another theme if some of the things do not work out..

we have already replied. Because i have no messages in my inbox.. check and reply if we need some data by email..

Hi, i can change the menu background color? Black is very dark … thanks

Hi, you can change source file. css/general.css This is the only way. Have a good day

Hi, I have a new issue. My theme doesn’t work in Firefox. Could you try it for me, please?

Hi, try to reinstall the theme and update the browser. Probably some files are corrupted. I have tested our demo – and no problems in firefox. Make sure you use the last theme version. Have a good day

Hi and Thanks for your amazing theme.

Tell me how do you make this one?

It didn’t work on my website or i didn’t find the good way.

Thank you :)

This page will create the gallery archive. To add items you should use the Gallery post type section in the left admin menu. And for each item upload images for sliders and select one image as featured image. Have a good day

Thank you very much :)

Have a good day)

I love the theme. Very well done. But is there options to change the layout of the gallery once it opens? I guess im asking, Could the page that has the slider and the text, have a grid or masonary layout?

Hi, by default the opened gallery is as the demo type. If you want to customiza it, the file you need to change is single-gallery.php Have a good day