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Hi! I noticed a strange error with a particular plugin that I think is due to the Fuji theme, as the plugin works with the default theme. The Q and A FAQ plugin by Raygun features an accordion-like effect that reveals an answer when a user clicks on a particular question. For some reason, when implemented in my version of Fuji, this doesn’t work—it’s as if the theme doesn’t support this type of reveal.

See here:

The answers should appear underneath the question on the same page—the questions should not act as permalinks. Is there any way to fix this? I’ve been working with the plugin support guys directly and they can’t figure it out. We have, however, discovered that it works when I use another theme, and there isn’t a conflict with another plugin.

I fixed the permalink issue – the page was in portfolio mode. Now in my full-width page template, I get a blog post appearing underneath! Argh. I sent this up to the plugin authors.

Hey Craig,

Sorry for taking so long to reply! I’ve tested the Q&A FAQ plugin with the Fuji theme and found the source of the conflict which causes a list of posts appear under the FAQ. One line needs to be changed in one of the plugin files to fix this: we need to tell the plugin to reset the query instead of resetting the post data. Please go to the following folder: wp-content/plugins/q-and-a/inc/ and open the file called “shortcodes.php” (you can do it via FTP or by going to “Plugins -> Editor and choosing the right plugin on the right). Locate the line which says “wp_reset_postdata();” (line 393) and change it to “wp_reset_query();” and do not forget to save the changes. Let me know if it worked!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

You are the MAN. Thank you! I sent this to the support guys for the plugin.

Hey, I’m having this blog post problem again with Pretty File List Pro. I’m looking all through its php files for the postdata reference, and only found it once. When I changed it, nothing happened. Can you assist?


(I flagged one of my duplicate posts above)

Dear Craig,

adding a “wp_reset_query();” on line 516 of the main plugin file (“PrettyFileListPro.php”) did the trick. Have you tried the plugin with other templates? I’m starting to wonder if it may be a theme issue. Although this time the root of the error was a bit different: the shortcode was supposed to display only attached files, whereas it also displayed all normal posts from the blog, which is strange.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Awesome, thank you so much. I forgot to test it with other templates, actually – since the error was so like the other one, I figured this to be the same problem. Thank you very much for helping me out, and for your great response time.

Hi, is it possible to have a portfolio in which you can click one Image, and the Image pop´s up instead of going to a new site and display it?! And when it´s popped up, to slide through all images?!

Hmm the alternative Method doesn´t work…:(

found the solution, just upgraded my timthump.php to the latest version….:) Thx

Glad it works now! Do not hesitate to contact me in case anything else pops up!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

Hello there,

We just found that on IE7 and IE8, the theme is loading the menus for mobile, and changing the layout to have around 710px width… It’s like if some media query was triggered (but obviously none of those browsers use them…). Would you know why it happens?

Best regards,

Hey Jan444!

The menu issue in old IE versions has been fixed in Fuji several versions ago ;) see the screenshots of the demo homepage from Browserstack for IE7 and IE8. Please try updating your theme. If this does not help, let me know!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

Hi there

I’m website manager in company We’re using your theme FUJI in one of client website I Don’t now why..but when we try to open website by IE (theme picture and color) does not come up..!!

Dear Mazisoft,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

Please send me an email to with the URL of your website, as well as and your item purchase code (you’ll need to log into your ThemeForest account and go to your “Downloads” page. Locate the theme you purchased in your “Downloads” list and click on the “License Certificate” link next to the download link. After you have downloaded the certificate you can open it in a text editor such as Notepad and copy the item purchase code).

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

I have a small issue. When we are on the frontpage with the recent news slider set, it only rotates through the slides twice then throws:

TypeError: rotate is not a function rotate(); //Trigger the paging and slider function

Hey Kathys01,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

This hasn’t been reported before; to troubleshoot I’ll need to ask you for the URL of the page, as well as admin login and password (you can send those to I will look into the issue!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

By far the greatest theme out there, the support is amazing, I really have nothing more to say! Great job!

Thank you very much for the kind words! Doing my best.

Hey There!

How can I get the integrated Nivo-Slider responsive?

I put this Code (according to the documentation): [nivo_slider source=”post” link=”none” size=”900×450” limit=”10” effect=”fade” delay=”10000”]

The Images have to resize for mobile devices. For now, it stays the same Size – the images are sticking through the right side of the theme.

Can you help me? As always, great theme ;-)

Hi Goal!

I’ve altered several shortcode files to make the nivo slider responsive – please download this archive from my repository, unzip it, and upload the contained folder into the following folder via ftp:
replacing the existing files.

Please let me know if it works!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

You’re a beast! It works perfect! Thank you! :-)

Best regards, Tristan

Glad to hear it helped! Should something else pop up, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best, Andrew | Satori Studio

Hi, one question, my top menu doesn’t desappears in mobile version, how ca i fix this?

thank you

Hey Ronaldo,

I can see that you have the following CSS declaration in the beginning on the “custom-styles.php” file: #nav-primary { display: block !important; } which overrides the theme’s menu styling. Please try removing the line and the full menu will disappear on smaller screens, as intended.

Let me know if this helps!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Thank you Andrew but it doesn’t work. after remove the line the menu stop to show even in large screens.

Hey Ronaldo,

I’ve looked through the code of your website again and it seems that I’ll need access to the backend to find the root and fix this. Could you please send me the admin login and password to (no disclosure guaranteed).

Thanks, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Andrew, after install the theme i`ve got the problem of a white screen when call the login-page /wp-admin. I tried to install other version of wordpre (3.3 and 3.4) but nothing will work. Also I tried your support-solution by adding the define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘1024M’);. Is there any other thing I can do? Thanks a lot! Nils

Fixed it!

Hey Nils,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

Please do the following: in your “config.php” (i.e. the same file mentioned in your comment) locate the line which says:
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
and change it to:
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
Reload the website after that and post here the error message it returns – I will then be able to troubleshoot the issue.

Andrew / Satori Studio

Oh, good! You managed to insert your second comment while I was in the process of writing mine :) For the record, could you please tell me what was the cause of the error? Thank you!

Hi! I’ve been using Mingle Forums for a little while now and I keep having a common error where when a user edits their post, a lot of HTML tags are generated automatically, forcing the user to delete them.

A lot of people have this issue, and the only fix I can seem to find is this:

Unfortunately, it involves finding a particular line in functions.php, which has been highly edited in Fuji. Will this fix work for Fuji users?


Hey Craig!

Fuji’s files do not contain filters that add special formatting, thus I am not sure that the theme’s files are responsible for the bug. Could you please try activating a default WordPress theme (e.g. Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen), as well as deactivating all other third-party plugins one by one to find the cause of error? If you’ve already done so, is it the theme that causes the issue to appear?

Andrew / Satori Studio

How can I keep my header image from being stretched out?

Hey Skinnyginny80,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

In order to prevent the header image from stretching to 330px in height, please download this custom file, unzip it, and upload the contained two files into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Fuji/), replacing the existing files.

Please let me know if this works!

Andrew / Satori Studio

WARNING: THIS THEME DOES NOT WORK ON IE8. IE8 is still used on 21% of all systems, mostly business, and this theme DOES NOT WORK ON IT. Also, the developers REFUSE to offer a wordaround. This is a WARNING to anyone wishing to purchase this theme.

Hey Jhhawkins,

thank you for the comment, yet I’m afraid I will have to disagree.

Firstly, Fuji does support IE8.

Secondly, I am always happy to help the users with any issues or questions (yet I am not sure we’ve conversed previously on this topic).

Thirdly, IE8 runs on less than 5% of all computers around the world (source); moreover, its support is not required by ThemeForest anymore (source).

Finally, please clarify your source of information about the theme – I can see that you haven’t purchased it.

Thank you!

Andrii / Satori Studio

I have purchased it, since I already created support ticket #576 using the purchase code ending in B56.

It does not support IE8, as I have tested it extensively and it does not function.

I’m open to suggestions, which is why I submitted the support ticked with my purchase code.

Hey Jhhawkins08,

are you sure we are talking about the same theme? Mine is this one:

Have you created a support topic on my support forums here: I am afraid I do not work with a ticket system.

I’m pretty sure that it supports IE8 because I built it myself and added a special IE8-compatibility css file to make it look fine on IE8 ;)

Andrii / Satori Studio

Hi there, thanks for the beautiful theme.

Recently it broke so that pages freeze when loading, but work fine on reload. Please check it out:

www [dot] toneriot [dot] com

This is business critical. Thank you.

Hey Zildjian,

the website you’ve linked to does not use the Fuji theme by Satori Studio (you can compare the theme appearance and code on its demo page with the website under discussion). Please contact the organization or individual who provided the theme that is used on the website for support. Thanks!

Andrii / Satori Studio

How to set up an image slider in the header on a page?

Hey Dorfpixel,

first of all, thank you for using Fuji!

In order to display an image slider on a page, please follow these steps:

1). In the Theme Options admin menu, please check the „Display custom header” checkbox in the “Header” tab.

2). Add one or more slides in the “Header Slider” tab of the Theme Options panel.

3). You can individually choose any type of header for any specific page with a right-sidebar, left-sidebar, or a full-width layout template, by using the „Custom Header” meta-box just below the WYSIWYG editor area in the page edit mode.

Should you face further problems with the slider or have other questions about the theme, do not hesitate to contact me.

Andrii / Satori Studio

Thank you very much. So now I did it right. But unfortunately The slider shows up a blank when the viewport is bigger than ca. 992px width. Any suggestions?

Could you please provide the URL of the page in question? I need to take a look at the code. In case you don’t want to post in here in public comments – you can send it to support[at] Thanks!

Andrii / Satori Studio

Hey there Andrii, just wondering if any updates are in planing for this theme?

Hey Denis,

so far we’re not planning any major updates to Fuji; we’ve recently made it (and all our other themes) 100% GPL, apart from that we’re switching our focus to free themes (see our website for more info).

Andrii / Satori Studio

Hi there,

Does this theme compatible with 4.8 WordPress. Can you please let me know?

Hey Yuris,

thank you for expressing interest in Fuji! Yes, the theme is compatible with WP 4.8, in fact, the theme demo website is currently running on this version of the CMS.

Sincerely, Andrii / Satori Studio