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Hello, This is a very nice looking template. I have a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to add a video slider above the portfolio, perhaps above the menu as well? I’m new to Joomla and the just how much customization can be done with modules and extensions.

Your lightbox is one of my favorites and the sort of your portfolios work very well. However I have noticed that after clicking to a new item from the lightbox is displaying video, it’s impossible to click back to the video.

Thanks for your help. Hoping I can purchase soon!


Hi S,

Please check the available module positions in documentation, I’m sure you can add the video embed.

About lightbox, do you have a link to your site please?


Hello, really great design. Is it possible to get rid of the text animation in the Masonry Grid.

Hi Marcalexander,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?


Hi there !!!

Excellent template for photo site i’ever installed!!!


Please tell me how can i change the size of pictures from 600×400 to another size ???

Thanks for your help. Hoping I can purchase soon!

Hi Denis,

Actually you can try using your own image sizes, be aware we recommend use our demo sizes for better results.



I’ve already done that!

I loaded image 1,000 pixels, but it still became 600×400

Where can I change the display format of the big picture.

Thumbnails look great!

I see your point. The images are resized automatically.

The big picture is define in every article you are using by editing it and going to Images & Links > Fulltext image. You can choose a different one.

Hopes this helps


What file should i go into to change the dimensions of the logo. It looks like it is about 180px by 80px. i would like to use the entire space to the left of the menu.

Hi mienography,

We recommend use the similar logo dize from our demo. If you try to set your custom logo size, how looks your site?

Please share a link to see the preview.


I cannot find where i can make the changes to the logo dimensions. Usually it is located within one of the style sheets or even in the index file but nothing so far has allowed me to see the current height and width of the demo logo.

If you want to change logo dimensions, you would need to add custom CSS. We strongly recommend use the demo site logo size instead for better results.


Hi, great template! Will support for this be extended to the latest Joomla 3.3 series?

Hi AtreyuOhmsford,


Let us know if we can help you in something else


Thanks …. sorry so you’re saying it is already supporting 3.3+ ? Or it is going to (in the future) support 3.3+?’

Cause at the moment the listing only specifies Software Version Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.1.x, Joomla 3.0.3, Joomla 3.0.2


3.3 is supported. The quickstart is done in a previous 3.x version but if you update the core ti last version easily will work with 3.3.6

Hi! I check the HtML5 free version. Its fantastic! I m going to buy the Joom version. Is it pre configurated, is there a starter installer for the system?

Thanks! Klem

Hi nmbass,

Yes, include a quickstart package for an easy installation with demo content.


Dear htmgarcia,

Could you tell me where I can change the ‘ALL’ word in the filter section to something else? The reason why I want to do it because I would like to change it to another language.


Hi olivermenyhart,

Please try doing a language override from Extension > Language manager > Overrides > New

The constant is: VG_ALL The value is: your own text

Hopes this helps

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!

We appreciate if you rate us :)

one question, there is a way to show a video like the “slideshow” does with images? (1 video) and another thing, can the gallery links to articles? in the demo is not showed. thank you

Hi Marco,

If the demo doesn’t show is because is not supported in the specific way you mention.


Hello, great template thanks!

On the home grid, does every image you want to display in the grid have to be in its own article or is it possible to load an image gallery like with Simple Image Gallery Pro? Or choose a folder where all the images are that has to be displayed on the grid.

thank you. chantal

Hi chantal_steyn,

Every article for every image for that case.

Hopes this helps


can i link an image to a full article instead of just the full image…no lightbox?

Yes, you can. Is required customize the code to achieve it.

May you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Also, provide details about which module you want to apply this. Thus customization would require a small fee to cover the spent time of our developers.



Can lightbox preview of image from homepage give only images from filtered selection, for example if i choose filter ‘GERMANY’, and click on some photo from that selection, lightbox opens and on image is arrows left and right, when i click for examle on right arrow it gives me next image from order but not next image from filtered selection ‘GERMANY’. Can this be made so that next image would be from filtered category?

Thank you

Hi iklaic,

I see what you mean. Unfortunately is not possible to filter the images when the popup is opened. The next/prev links will point to all the images globally.


Hi the template works great and the quick-start was perfect. But it seems the blog pages are not responsive and even the demo has text going off the screen (using chrome)

Hi clickmedia98,

May I have a link to your site to see what you mean?


Hi i cant upload the template on joomla 3.4.8 i get thi error JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file

what can i do?

Hi ramingo,

Be sure you are trying to install the template, NOT the whole quickstart.

The template is located inside piece-by-piece/template/ folder from the zip you downloaded from Themeforest


hi, very cool template. i have only 1 question: where i can find part of code about 600×400px preview? i want edit this option to 16:9 aspect ratio. thanks.

Hello I install the FULLSCREEN :: Photography Joomla Template but I can’t pass to the second step, 2 Database I click on NEXT but it doesn’t do nothing. thanks.