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great design, GLWS :)

i’m realy stguleing to get my site to look the same as the demo :S don’t know where to start too.

Supported via email.

This is outrageous! I purchased this theme 3 days ago, i payed with Skrill, yet no download link, no reply from envato support, no nothing. 40$ were taken from my credit card yet they don’t appear on my account and no reply from anyone. What to do?! What kind of support is this?!

Envaton Support takes 2-4 days to reply your support. Please go to our website at for better response time.


i would like to do a link with the logo, i would like to get home when i click on there, it is possible?


hi this template looks awsome, jus a quick question … in the demo … block grid are these views ? are views automatically rendered in this way … im looking for something simple to use without having to mess with much code. Good Job

The grid display is implemented on a view and then styled by CSS. It applies for that specific view. So if you create a different view, you may need to alter CSS code to achieve it.

so im guessing with the demo version i can easily borrow the styling available already

Yes, you can browse all styles on the demo.

Is the mouse movement animation able to be turned off? I love the theme otherwise.


Yes, pls edit that view, click on the field that you want to hide and choose “Exclude from display”.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Will be purchasing soon.

My sites folder doesnt have MODULES folder. What am I supposse to do??

We are supporting this issue via private emails.

Best looking drupal theme I’ve ever seen! There is a typo in the preview “Portfilio”

Not all ideas of the html Version made it into the Drupal (and WP) version yet. So the tagged view of blog posts. And there is no search. Is it to come?

Thank you very much :)

We do omit the tag view. That we need to fix.

The search is not on the original design, so we don’t implement it.

Hi. Before I buy, is your site configured for embeded vimeo instead of photography in the portfolio? cheers. and can I land on the portfolio as my home and only page? thanks

Yes, you can use Vimeo embedded videos with this theme.

Hello, I have a question about the front page. I like the portfolio-grid view for images, but when I set this as the front page it changes the view and stretches them out horizontally instead of 3 in a row. Can anyone enlighten me on how to get it to look like the view if I set it as the front page? Thanks.

Pls use the contact form on and send us the access to your site.

I was able to bypass the front page with a php redirect. That works for now, thanks.

Great you figured it out.

Hello, I have one more question about the theme. It looks like with the masonry-grid layout in Google Chrome the page height is loading before all of the images and it makes them squashed on top of each other. How can we prevent this? Here is a link to our dev site.

the documentation included in the download package speaks of “Fullscreen ecommerce”? And I don’t seem to have the ‘modules’ and ‘default’ folders in the zip file..

Also the support-code.txt is missing from my download package, so I can’t register on your support forum :/

Pls contact us at, we will send you the support code.

Hi, I want to buy this theme but first I need to know: Is it possible to install the full demo, just as it is?


Yes, you will get a site which is exact as our demo.

Hi, first thank you, I love your theme.

I installed the demo and everything’s working fine (so far), except for the PREV/NEXT block which is not displaying when I create new Portfolio Item content pages. Why?

Thank you

Hi, I changed settings on the PREV/NEXT module and now it disappeared again…

OK I ran cron and it is working now

Ok great.

To get a look like the demo, this theme requires the use of quite a few modules that are obsolete, deprecated, no longer supported: page_title, prev_next, views isotope, an old version of flexslider. It installs using features. You can get around it by just installing the theme. I’m having a lot of trouble getting this to play nice with panels, paragraphs, display suite, image formatting. Bottom line – I recommend using this for new installations only. If you have an existing website, you are likely going to run into trouble unless you are open to reworking a lot of the way you manage your content. Nice theme, just not keeping up with the state of drupal module development.

Yes, honestly we haven’t updated this theme for a while. It is great you still find a way to get around it.