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Good job!Good luck :)

Awesome work. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you :)

Wow! It’s very beautiful !

Thank you!

nice work…does it work with videos also?

Yes, you can have them in the lightbox popup or in an item page directly (i.e. in classic.html). For the lightbox, I have an example of the link in slider.html. Otherwise, see the docs for an explanation on how to implement them. Hope this helps. Thanks!

thanks dude i’m just starting with your template…really cool

Beautiful as always, in fact, more beautiful, great work on this one Tobias :)

Thanks for the kind words, Tom ;)

This is an outstanding theme and as I am currently seeking for one to step up from a free theme, then I have a few questions I did not get an answer to from the info or the live preview: Do the pop-up lightbox images resize to the viewer’s screen size as well? And can you edit the width of the lightbox white border seen in the sample live theme for, let’s say a thinner one? And do I understand correctly, that images shown on the main page can either have a post when you click on them or just have the image pop up in a lightbox? You see, I like the minimal presentation of my images but I also like to write a few sentences as a description to the image and I am not sure how well this theme would handle that. And my final question: can you show a full image in the post as well instead of having to click on lightbox link to view it in full?

late january I presume

Thanks! I guess I will be waiting, then… :)

Wordpress version is available now. You will find the link on the item details page. Thank you!

Hello, is it Joomla 3 compatible? Thanks

It will be converted to joomla in january.


does it support video? is it possible that when you click in one of the pictures instead of pooping up a little frame showing the picture could this been showed as this:http://ppp-templates.de/fs/classic.html basically i want to be able to click in one of the pictures of the main galley and show what it is inside as a proyect so it will be showed as the link below so i can show more pictures of that project and explain it too but the only thing missing would be that there is not button to close the project and go back to the general gallery.


Yes, you can have videos in the lightbox popup or in classic.html.

You can link the images in the gallery to the classic.html, slider.html etc. pages and create a “close” button on the top right to go back to gallery view.

Hope this helps.

Hello Thanks for answering, Could you please explain me how i can add a close button on the top right?

I am having problems with the icon of pinterest etc when I click on one of them i can link it to my pinterest profile but i cannot tel to the browser to open a new tab and load it there. could you please help me?


In classic.htnl you could just rename the button on top right “close” and link it back to index.html for example.

To open a link in a new tab, you have to include target=”_blank” in the tag.

richtig gutes theme ! Super :)

Hello, can I add a play button to the grid images?

You mean like in my MF template?

Hi pp&p when i install this theme i get a “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed” message?

any tips as i cant see anything in the support page for this item thanks j

ahh not a wordpress theme is it :-) my bad i guess

Wordpress version is available now. You will find the link on the item details page. Thank you!

After looking so long time for the zen-style minimalistic web site for my paintings I have finally found this one and consider ti the best I have come across. Really great in every single thing. I have a question to author (sorry, I am new to all site-building stuff). Is this one ready to be installed? I mean, does it require a cms? When is it going to have cms attached to it? And the last – it has a shop really? as I couldnt check it in this template. Thank you for your answers! Really great one!

Wordpress version is available now. You will find the link on the item details page. Thank you!

I mean, does it support shop? because i couldnt check the process of filling in the form in the cart and all. is it ready for shopping cart full activity?

You would need to wait for the WordPress version for the complete shop functionality. It will be developed this month.

thank you, will wait, its worth it)

Wordpress version is available now. You will find the link on the item details page. Thank you!

hi, great template. How add photo on background in contact site? Now it’s black from .body css. I need some photo…

THX :)

you could give the body in contact.html the class “contact” and then give the background an image via css: body.contact {background:url(../images/image.jpg) fixed no-repeat center center; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; }

Hope this helps.

ok and how and where add class “contact” in html?

replace the body tag with <body class=”contact”>