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is the picture in preview included? :D I just want to know..

Sorry Segelion, pics are never included… :)

Amazing PSD keep coming, do you think of coding for wordpress? It’s phenomenal good work

Almost 1 month after let me get back to you :) how is the planning of this project? Wordpress version in on the way? can you give some estimate? I just saw your new work with supermarket, once again you have managed to bring something exciting to the game

Hi, sorry we had some delay due to the different proejcts in the pipeline, the HTML version of Funder will be sumitted in about 1 hours, the Wordpress version should be online in 2 weeks if everything goes well. i’ll keep you posted + thanks for the message glad to know you liked Supermarket, it’s the first grocery&supermarket e-shop on themeforest (I think so :) )

WOW man it’s really Awesome Please Make it HTML so we can get use of it keep it up man

3ala eini u rassi :) thanks Youssef

Hi Everyone, sorry about the delay but we got a soft rejection due to non-compatibility with IE8, we’re working on it …. Cheers UOUdesign

Where is WordPress version of Funder? :’(

Hi, the astoundify crowdfunding plugin is no longer supported by astoundify so we’re actually trying to redo it with a different crowdfunding plugin

ok, clear :( will it be with easy digit downloads only or woocommerce?

it will be with woocommerce we have a similar theme to funder and we will integrate it in it

do you have a wordpress version of this

Hi, we had to remove it , it’s this one: www.uouapps.com/wp/funder because the astoundify crowdfunding plugin is no longer supported by the astoundify team

in that case, many other themes using “astoundify crowdfunding” are also in danger of closing down right?

it depends who’s managing the plugin if the developer knows properly the code then i guess he/she can manage, but for those who don’t have experience in coding they might regularly have issues like we had it with funder, that’s why we removed it, we will try to create a woo crowwdfunding plugin for funder and republish it but now in this period