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Hi. This is a question before proceeding to purchase.

when I import all the demo content, my website will remain as the LIVE DEMO?

Thank you


yes, you will get content as shown in demo. If you have more questions, let me know :)

Pre-sale : is it possible to have individual payments details for each campaign owner and the fund goes directly to the campaign owner not the site ? he/she can setup his payment details in the project or his profile


sorry for waiting this long. It is possible to see individual payment details as website admin only. Fundings can’t go directly to the campaign owner, since there has to be at least 1% of admin commission. Project owner needs to set his payment details anyway (connect his account to PayPal, WePay or Stripe).

If you need further information, I suggest you to contact our support at

we need to customize it this way-admin have other offline way to get his commissions – is it possible ? and how much please ?

For additional theme customization, please contact our developer team at


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do you resell a plug-in version of the crowdfunding system?



sorry, we don’t have a plugin version.

hi i can not register in you’r support system via purchace code i have problrm with you’r theme demo import don’t show in theme option plz help me!


sorry for waiting this long. Please send an email at they will help you set up your theme.

Is it possible to disable the payment section and manually edit the total amount raised and number of rewards at different levels claimed?


you can disable payments and add checks to add total amount raised.

Hi, please can you help me how to create correct PayPal API Credentials?? Thanks

I have insert PayPal API Username, PayPal API Password and PayPal API Signature but not found :-(


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with this:


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thanks for your great product.

Using it I encountered a problem. I tried inserting project blocks in the visual composer tabs but every time I step from one tab to another, the project block is not shown but I only see navigation arrows. When I try to analyze the page with the browser tool strangely the projects appear. I don’t understand the nature of this problem and I would like to ask you if you could suggest a solution.


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that:

Dear Sir, I would like to know 1- Can I can start the crowdfunding as soon as I install the program on the server? 2- People can install their project ideas remotely and just need my confirmation for the publishing ? 3- Must be easy to translate it to Turkish … 4- Can connect to a billing gateway for credit cards immediately without any additional program 5- Can connect to paypal without any additional program 6- I can extend the project time of any project? 7- I can decrease the required project money of any project? Regards Max please let me know your email

Please explain “Yes, but you need fully approved application for that first. We have some guides which can help you go through this.”

what you mean fully approved?

You can find more info on that here: And something more here:

We are using Preapproval Adaptive Parallel payment model.

can’t really see the demo projects, is it going to be fixed?

Yes, sorry we had to flush permalinks. Check now


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could i disable the projects block title truncation? If yes, how can i disable it? Could i show categories on the projects block for every single projects? If yes, how can i show that?



please contact our support in forums: They will point you to the files which needs to be changed.

I am waiting for a reply in this topic for more than a month. the most simple thing of the site, that is someone submiting a project simple does not work. I need a solution fast.

yes we are talking but the problem is something you should give a check. I can t imagine that this is not a problem that other users have. Still no solution.

Our support will inform developers. You will get a reply in your support forums.

After one month waiting for a reply. The reply was that a button that is in the template and says “start a project” should lead nowhere if the user is a new user. You support thinks is rational to have a button that does not work and confuses people on the homepage, and calls that a customization issue. This is the topic i want a solution for it.

Presale questions: 1. Is there a way to disable campaign/project creation privileges so I can start with only admin creating them, but allow other users to donate and follow etc?

2. Is there a way to disable the “target/progress” bar so that there is no “goal”, but only shows total amount raised?

3. Does this support Stripe payments?



1. Yes, it is possible through theme options.

2. Well you can hide that bar (and goal) using css code. But this is not default theme feature. It has to be coded.

3. Yes, it does. Stripe, PayPal and WePay payment gateways are default theme features.

if you need more info, you can contact our support at

I bought this theme, but it is not working. Support in one of my questions took 1 month to answer and after it did, simple said the bug is not a problem and it is still telling anything just to get rid of the problem after 1 week. Be careful if you buy this theme you may loose time and money.

when? I am waiting for almost 2 months already. While hearing your suport say all kinds of nonsense. I want to know when i will be able to lauch this website.

We will add it in the next update which we are currently working on. If this is a game breaking bug for you rename the button to something else or remove that section. As support told you, the demo is just for showcase

when you showcase something and sell it it is expected to work. It is a serious problem to launch it if i can t have a button “register a project” goingo to right direction. This is the most basic button that this kind of website is expected to have. When are you expecting to have the next update?

Hello Sir, i have some questions before buy this theme:

1) this theme provides rewards in case of donations over a certain threshold?

2) When a funds campaign is in progress, the owner can change the rewards and other campaign rules/conditions?

3) When a visitor give money for a fund campaign, the campaign owner take the money on his paypal or the site admin decide when unblock the money for the campaign owner?

4) When a visitor starts a campaign, the campaign is automatic public or the site admin have to approve it?

5) The campaigns can be categorized? example: campaign from italy, england ecc or per argument

6) The site admin can cancel a campaign in progress?

Waiting for a your reply, thanks and best regards.


1) Yes, you can set rewards.

2) No, only website admin can change original project. Project owner can add Updates to project.

3) When visitor funds a project, money is reserved. Charging occurs once collect button is pressed, and money gets distributed between project owner and website admin (by % of admin commission set). Collecting funds can be done by website admin only, or you can allow project owners to collect their funds when they want. Also, you can enable “Keep it all” or “All or nothing” modes.

4) Both options are available

5) You can predefine categories which users can pick for their projects.

6) You can switch project state from published to “Pending review” or “Draft”. You can also delete it.

1. You should add a live backend preview. 2. You should take a course on customer service. I can only imagine how many potential clients you’ve lost due to your arrogance and stupid responses to people’s feedback.

Thanks for your feedback

where can i change submit project button permalink?


please start a new topic in our support forums:

Our staff will help you with it :)

Hi! Could this theme be used create your own crowdfund site where you are running only your own internal campaign and nothing else?

Can other features that allows other people to register/create a new crowdfund campaign and so forth, be locked down/removed etc?

Thanks in advance for your response.

If you talk about subscription, then no. They can back project only once.

Right, and there is not way that you could add recurring payments to it?

Please send an email to our developers about that, they will give you the most accurate answer. Email is

Theme is full of bugs and suport is the worst possible. this is the seccond time i have to wait more than a week to have an answer for a problem in the theme. Last time i had to wait a month to have an answer of button present in the demo that does not work, after 2 months the developer said they would solve in next update, update was released and the problem persists.

I’m very tired of your threats and talking nonsense, we showed you numerous times what to do and that theme works. Here is a video proving that theme works on your website: If you continue making false accusations and threats we will take necessary actions.

of course after i fixed it works! this was before. I can prove that theme has bugs and you take a month or a week to answer. You can take any action you like, but i hope you start to give fast, professional and acurate support if the theme has other bugs because my client is mad and my patience is over. What i can do so you act professionaly is warn other costumers and i will do if i have to.

You just showed that bug was caused by user mistake. Check that error properly. You got fast responses on all support topic, please don’t make me take all screenshots and waste my time.

Hello, I had some help from Zorz already on editing and replacing the FundingPress logo and homepage images. (#post-107706)

That worked nicely, but…. I can not replace the same logo on the BOTTOM of the homepage. Also in that same bottom area on the homepage I can not change the Contact Details. (skywarrior’s contact info)

I can not even touch it in VC, Front End, Back End, visual or text.

Can you help me on this problem?


please use our support forums for support questions.