Discussion on Fundingpress - The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

Discussion on Fundingpress - The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

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There is no option for demo import. Sent you mail guys for demo installation with login credential but still waiting for your reply. Already 3 days passed.

ETA for updates? I have clients waiting, I gave my recommendation for this theme, even when they think this project is quasi dead, and I say: no-no! skywarrior are good develop[ers, but they ask me every 3 days how is coming…

Hey Josh, please shoot us an email with your list at info@skywarriorthemes.com

there is coming updates ?

Hi, yes there will be an update.

there is coming updates or I can install this one? or I wait?

this April? because I can wait, is a sure thing?

it will finally happen this April?

Fundingpress types plugin wont install because it says it needs an update to version 3.1 and wont update. Please advise

I contacted you about this issue through your support site too and no response. If you can’t fix the issue I would like a refund since I can’t even use the theme.

Please send us an email to info@skywarriorthemes.com with admin access so we can check.

okay I sent the email

Hi! We are interested into FundingPress and we have some pre sale questions in order to see if it is a perfect match for our project: 1) In order to make a contribution in a project, does the user has to login first? As we need this to be optional. 2) Can we use Stripe for payments? 3) Is there an option to make payments as an anonymus user? As we can see this required form: “Who Are You?” in the following page: https://skywarriorthemes.com/fundingpress/project/desktop-plants-zen/?step=1 4) Are any financial information stored in the website’s database? As ideally we don t want personal information stored in our server. 5) The login functionality is meant for the project starters or for the backers as well? 6) Do you have any demo in order to see the backend as a logged in user? 7) Regarding the search functionality, can we integrate our own search filters? Is this tag/categories based? Except from the country we need to have another custom filter as well. https://skywarriorthemes.com/fundingpress/all-projects/ 8) Do you provide any customization services in case we need any further changes in the theme? Thanks a lot in advance :)

Hi there, 1) No, you can contribute without an account

2) Yes

3) You can write whatever there

4) No, sensitive info is with gateway providers

5) Project starters

6) Shoot us an email

7) No, but it can be made custom

8) We do provide customization services

Pre-sales Question : I am launching a crowdfunding site.How i will have to integrate wepay with my website as an admin?

Hi, by adding WePay API credentials in the Dashboard.

do you know wepay Api account approval time ? Or can you assist me with this? Thanks

Buddy, was the Social Reach theme completely withdrawn? Is that being updated? Will it be working fine now?

Hi, no Social Reach theme is discontinued.

Hello Admin please I installed BillBox gateway plugin and it seems to conflict with the crowdfunding theme any help please

Hi, we don’t support third party plugins.

How can we change the ‘to’ email address for the “New project submit” notification? It looks like it’s sending it to ‘admin_email’.

Hi, yes new project submission goes to the admin email. It would require modifying the theme to make the change.


In the administration panel can I know the data of the monthly donations?

Can I manage the payment methods with woocommerce?

I wait your answer.

You can download the data. You cannot manage payments with Woo.

Pre-Sales question: You say that users need to make sure Paypal Adaptive Payments works in their country… but Adaptive Payments has been depreciated by Paypal for some time now. What’s the new solution?

It still works in some countries, best solution is to use different payment methods like Stripe and WePay.

Yeah… it still works (for now) for previous accounts that already had it.. but there’s no possibility to create a new Adative Payments account with Paypal. That service has gone for good.

So basically, just to check, the theme can still work without Adaptive Payments? It’s not a requirement?

Hi, yes theme works without Adaptive Payments.

demo install no where to be found

demo instructions dont apply to new version

Demo importer is located in the main menu: https://i.imgur.com/dStAQJh.png

Hi Skywarrior Would you be able to update the theme please. We have paid for 2 licenses and we have never used so far. We would like to start using it. Please let us know the ETA. Thank you so much

Thanks so much we really appreciate it :)

Thank you so much for the update :) :) :)

Sorry it took us that long! :)


1. Do you plan to keep support for this theme?

2. Can I use another BUILDER like Divi?

3. It´s legal to run this kind of sites in the USA?

4. Money goes directly to the account of the Lister and my % goes to my account? or I have to manually give them their money?

1. Yes, we update it when is needed

2. No

3. We never heard any problem with one of our users but thats up to you to research

4. Automatically

4. So their part goes to their paypal/stripe/wepay account? and my percentage goes to my paypal/stripe/wepay account?

5. why not add crypto?

4. Correct 5. There are some plans to do that in the future

I am having problems using the stripe payment system. when I go to submit a support the page shows a critical error in wordpress and nothing happens. please, help me to resolve this issue

Another error i’m get when add a stripe account: {error application matches the supplied client identifier”}}

Hi, please check your email.

Hello, it is possible to make a homepage as kickstarter? Then add a Disqus Comment System in project?

you can do something similar to kickstarter yes. The theme is using elementor. Disqus could also be added

Hi Skywarrior we have purchased 2 Licenses but have not yet use and now we would like to activate but we see it has not been updated since March. Do you still have plans to update soon as it’s really the best crowdfunding theme :) Thanks


Yes we will update the theme soon. Thanks

Thanks Skywarrior


Please I just did an upgrade to the latest version and lost the custom work you did for me. Please can you help?

I am using the Give donation plugin on the site when I activate it I get a critical error. Please can you help? I have open a ticket on your help hub with ref #128630 Thanks

We sent you an email.

i need to add more route for my custom url. how to to it u can send example for me ?

Hi, sorry I’m not sure about what are you trying to achieve.


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