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Hello, I would like to create a crowdfunding site, and I am interested in buying your Fundingpress teme. But before the purchase, I would like to know if your teme allows the management of donations by using solutions of electronic wallet of the type mangopay or lemon way?


theme supports PayPal, WePay and Stripe. For the other payment gateways, I suggest contacting our developers at since those gateways can probably be custom coded.

users cant edit their campaign after creating it, is there an option for this?

i figured it out, but when u edit the campaign from front end it starts the campaign back to $0 is there anyway to fix this


sorry for late reply. Users are not able to edit campaign once it is published. Only website admin should be able to do it. I’m not sure about this restart to $0. For support questions please use our support forums:

Our staff will help you with this.

Theme looks good I bought it but there are many bugs. There are buttons missing, payment options missing, front end is not working. Please assist.


thank you for your feedback. I’m not sure how do you mean “buttons missing, payment options missing, front end is not working”.

If you talk about register button, you should enable it through Wordpress settings. Payment options are: PayPal, Stripe and WePay. There is also options to add checks through backend.

For the front end (and other issues), please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that. i am trying to fix this problem in your bootstrap.css file but is taking too much time and my client is already angry because of other delays.

It is very hard to work with this sistem and this support.

another 20 days have passed, the site is still with a bug. no one answers. The item has no support.

the theme does not work, my client is mad because i am working on this for months and is never finished. i want my money back right now. Unfortunately you wont be able to pay me for all the hours i lost investing in this.

Purchase code invalid..what is going on..I need a valid one


do you have troubles with registration in our support forums, or you see this error message somewhere else? If you have troubles with registering in support forums, please contact our support at

Hello, I’d like to change things like logo position inside the menu. Is this possible in this theme? Thanks in advance.


this is not possible through theme settings, but you can contact our support in forums. Maybe they can help :)


I am looking to at this theme with interest.

However, my client needs a extend a facility to the users wherein the registered users can chat with each other within the theme and a record of old chats is kept.

Is there a facility in this theme to achieve this? If not, could you suggest a good plugin which would integrate with your theme to achieve the above said functionality?

Look forward to your early response,

Regards Teejay


There is no such thing in the theme. There are a lot of plugins that have that feature, I suggest reading some reviews online.

hallo im very like your themes if i want buy your themes, can you help me for add new feature we need

1. indonesian currency ( IDR Indonesia Rupiah )

2. add Choice a funding method with bank transfer indonesia, we want add my bank acount and show my bank account at funding page

3. can you add unique code for every new funding before transaction, exampel i want contribute $10.000 so i must pay to contribute $10.095 because the system add unique code

thank you

Regards Hilmy

1) Yes 2) You can use Stripe (has CC option), WePay or PayPal 3) In admin panel you can set commission %

Hello, I like your theme design and development a lot, it’s really similar to what I’m looking for in a WordPress theme, but it’s not exactly it. So the question is, can I hire you as a freelancer to modify the theme? The main idea of the modification is to create a platform where the people who want money (loan) post a “project” where it mentions their professions, the time they would pay the loan (24 months for example) and their warranty in case they don’t pay monthly (their car for example). And the investors would deposit money to the project that would fill the goal bar, but the money would be deposited to us so we save the money until the bar gets to 100%. Also a EMI calculator for the clients. That would be the main idea. Sorry for my bad English.


I suggest contacting our developer team at for more information on this.

I will, thank you!

pre sales question …

1) can i also create an account as a funder , not as someone who is going to be funded… then as a funder, am able to see projects i have funded?

2) does it support woo commerce and can one add additional plugins like

3)Can one set the minimum amount of funding required ?


1 and 3 have to be custom coded. About second question, do you talk about project funding or some separate purchase in website?

project funding… , in regards to question 1 & 3 is this something that is acheavable?

Project funding is done directly through coded gateways for WePay, PayPal and Stripe. There is no option to do it through WooCommerce. So in order to have this, I suggest contacting our developer team at for more info.

Yes, 1 & 3 are achievable.

Hello, is it possible to configure each campaign with a password so that they are only visible to people who know the password?


this is not a default theme feature, but it can be custom coded. You might be able to do it using some plugin also.

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