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HI great theme here. One request: Where can I change the $ symbol? We want to use our own symbol.

Nevermind, found it already in globals.php ;- )

i. when i try to funding a project the site tell me this alert, “The reward you chose is no longer available.” what does it means? i have add a reward in the project but the error it looks the same. help. thanks


please make sure there are enough rewards in the project. Or if that is not a case, please contact our support in support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

does this theme support digital downloads? Can authors upload a digital item for backers to download after they backed the project? How do the authors receive their funding? Can I impose a commission on the funds they receive?


digital downloads feature can be custom coded. Fundings are received through one of the 3 included payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal and WePay. Commission is required for whole funding process, and it has to be at least 1% (there is option in wp-admin).

is there a way for users to submit a form along with their donation? this form would include 3 lines of text which is limited to 20 char each? Also is it possible to send each payment immidiatly without completing goals


yes, users can submit a comment while funding project. Payments are not charged immediately due to payment model (preapproval adaptive payments). Payment is complete once project owner, or website admin (depends on the settings) press collect button.

Hello there, A quick question: can your theme and plugin be usedto build ideas crowd-sourcing platform instead of crowd-funding (i.e members to post challenges/problems and other members post solutions to those challenges). The whole thing will be non-for-profit and no fundraising is involved.

Please check this similar example to get the idea: https://www.innocentive.com/

Thanks in advance and appreciate your soonest feedback.


sorry but this cannot be done with our theme.


roguetv Purchased

Wierd thing, my register pop up does not show the privacy checkbox so registering cannot complete, pls help !


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Please also check if you have set the privacy page.


roguetv Purchased


I am thinking to purchase this theme .. But our requirement is little different then this. We need below points to be configured..

1. As our project will be completely for India, So we need payment gateways related to India configured like CCAvenue or something like that. I think Woocommerce will be helpful here , but we need this theme to be taking payments from Woocommerce payment gateways not Paypal,stripe and wepay.

2. We want the backers to transfer money to us directly and we will be sending the money back to project owner after deducting commision and when project goal is completed or time is reached. So we need this kind of configuration.

3. We need to add additional info which needs to be collected from the user while registration.

Please let me know if this is possible with this theme. Please do reply asap.


sorry, but this is not possible due to payment model, #2 is not possible to have with this theme. Other payment gateways (#1) can be custom coded, #3 also.

Hello. Can you tell me if the theme is compatible with blockonomics plugin or is this planned for the future?


we haven’t tested theme with blockonomics plugin so we cannot say it is compatible or not. My suggestion is to send an email directly to developers at info@skywarriorthemes.com and they will be able to give you more info on it.

Hi, May I also create an online store that allows me to distinguish item for each user? Will this be compatible with woo-commerce?

Hi, unfortunately that’s not possible.

If I use this theme, I will be able to create a portal similar to https://zrzutka.pl/. Can you do it?

Hi, sorry for late reply. We do custom work, so you can send us an email to info@skywarriorthemes.com for more details.

Hi we want to use this theme for a Real Estate Crowfunding, this is possible? we need to show to the investor the rentability of the proyect and from the panel control how are going their investment.Thanks!B.

Hi, there are 3 users in this transaction. Project owner, website admin and people who fun project. For control panel you can see who donated and what amount and you can withdraw money.

I am very interested in this theme…

Before I purchase I do have a question.

Since PayPal Adaptive is no loger supported do we stil have the ability to have payments collected on when we want them to be collected?

Thank you

Hi, PayPal is preparing new model for crowdfunding, but until then they told us people can still use Adaptive.

Greetings to Sky warrior I have gone through the theme and have a positive review for it but it has some glitches like i am located in india and i need gateways like paytm and payu as visitors will be from india . If you could help me out if i am stuck somewhere i would like to go for a purchase . I may need a bit of customization at individual project and while registering the user can have an option for registering as individual user or he may also select as an organization . I feel myself skilled at wordpress and if you could work a bit on my suggestions it will yield in higher sales of your theme as these requirements will be according to current market needs. Also let me know that my account funding options has Funding Details where user can enter their payment gateway . In that case how we are going get commissions.

Willl love to work with you all

Will expect to hear something soon from your side.

Hi, we only support those 3 gateways atm. Adding any new gateway will require coding.

does this theme allow offline payment

Hi, yes we have checks as an option, so you can add any amount to the project total

What is the response time here . Is the support closed for this theme ?

Hi, is not closed, response is a bit slower since it’s vacation time.

we need to integrate give plugin can it be done

Please send an email at info@skywarriorthemes.com to developers about custom integration. Let them know what would you like to integrate and give them the details. They will give you the quote.

when try to install i get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘} fundingpress/themeOptions/rating.php on line 1


you probably used FTP to upload theme, but you haven’t used binary transfer type. You can try again with binary transfer type, or you can upload theme through wp-admin > appearance > themes. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

thank you for your answer i tried upload from appearance but i get 413 error too large entity files!

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