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How can I change the VIEW GALLERY BUTTON color?

Hello and thank you for purchasing our theme!

Changing button title from our Fancy Gallery Shortcode is pretty easy. All you have to do is to copy this CSS rule and paste it into the CSS Editor from Theme Options Panel -> General Settings -> Custom CSS Code.

.js section.photostack-start::after {
    content: "NEW BUTTON NAME";

As see on the following screenshot:

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask us here or via our ticketing system on Ticksy (

Have an wonderful week! - ThemeSLR Team

Thanks for your response, but I wanted to change the COLOR not the text. Can you show me how?

Ok, Sorry about that.

Changing button color from our Fancy Gallery Shortcode is pretty easy. All you have to do is to copy this CSS rule and paste it into the CSS Editor from Theme Options Panel -> General Settings -> Custom CSS Code.

.js section.photostack-start::after {
    color: #fff; //Text Color
    border: 3px solid #fff; //Border Color

Replace the #fff with your own hexa color code. If you don’t know how to choose the hexa color code you can use a colorpicker like this one:

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Have an wonderful week! - ThemeSLR Team

Before buying your theme (it looks great), just a question. Can I add some information about projects at donations page? Thank you!

Hello abd thank you for being interested in our theme.

On each donation project you can add unlimited content or shortcodes as there is a visual editor for this scope.


Hi, Q: Could donation products has their own image?, is there a history of donation assigned to certain cause on panel? thanks!

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme!

1. Yes, every donations cause (product) can have its own image(featured image).

2. Yes, there is a nice history of the donations received in admin panel for each cause. Take a look at this screenshot: *Click on the image to see it at full size;

- In that view, if you click on a donation product, it will filter the view by showing on donations made on that particular product. - There is also a search form (you can see it on the same screenshot), you can use to find donors/donations products;

For any extra questions please don’t hesitate to ask us anytime!

- ThemeSLR team

when the price change to $49? any chance to me to buy this template with previous price?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme!

We had that discount for 2 days only. We really can’t tell you when we’ll reduce the price again.

For any other questions, our help team will gladly help you at any time.

Thank you for understanding! - ThemeSLR Team.

Hello, presale question… Is it possible to have a box to check for Monthly Donations instead of just one off donations?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme!

The Plugins we use for as donations engine comes with an addon called “Recurring Donations”. It allows monthly, or weekly donations (and many other options). You can check it here:

P.S: This addon does not come bundled with the theme. To have it you need to purchase it separately.

Regards, ThemeSLR

Would it be easy to use the Charitable donation plugin instead of Give?

Yes, you can also use Charitable. The theme is also compatible with that donations plugin. but it will not be styled according to the design of the theme. I mean, both plugins comes with donations lists, forms etc. We didn’t styled the forms, causes lists from Charitable.

Regards! - ThemeSLR

Hi. Pre-sale question. Strange question but can this be set up to accept donations in other ways? My website i dont want monetary donations. I want donations like work experience, household items etc

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme.

As I solution, You can completely hide the currency (So there will not be any $ signs on the site. There will only be numbers).

This idea can be used along with offline donations or using payment donations (PayPal for example).

- ThemeSLR

hello . does it suppport 3rd party payment gateway like ccavenue Indian Payment gateway on donate button with indian rupees symbol

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme.

Yes, the donations plugin supports CCAvenue Gateway. It is not included into the package but you can purchase it separately as it comes as an addon:

Regards! - ThemeSLR

Before I buy this theme. Does it have one click import? Is the demo content based on visual composer or some crappy page builder ?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme,

1. Yes, the theme comes with One Click Demo Importer(See screenshot from our Theme Options Panel: )

2. The site is based on Visual Composer Plugin.

For any other presale/postsale questions, I will gladly help you anytime.

- ThemeSLR

I assume that the images are not in the demo

Yes, All images from our demos are replaced with placeholders after importing demo content.

Does this theme support bbpress forums in the stylesheet?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme.

It is compatible with bbPress but doesn’t come with a custom stylesheet for this plugin. Basically it will come with its default styling.

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to let us know.

- ThemeSLR

Does this theme include the original Photoshop files if I want to mockup some design adjustments to show a client?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme

At this moment PSD’s are not included in the package.

Sorry about this.

Pre Sales questions:

Why is there no text added for any cause/donation page? I can only see an image and the donation fields section. Can admin add the description text under the image for a cause page? Seems every basic and no area appearing for description of the cause.

Do users receive confirmation email once they have donated from admin back end? Also does admin receive email notification when a user has donated ? Not PayPal, i understand they receive PayPal receipts but wish to know if they receive email notifications similar to PayPal.


Also thirdly can users submit their one causes on front end?

Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme,

- Any text/shortcode can be added into a donation cause page. See this example from our demo where we added a quick demo text below item title. It can be also added under the image, with some quick modification of the single cause template(from the theme);

- When a donation is completed. Both (visitor who submits the donation and also the admin of the site) will get a confirmation email.(Notification from the WordPress engine + email from your PayPal)

- The plugin also allows you to create Frontend forms but to do this you will also need to use another plugin like: Caldera Forms or Gravity Forms. This functionality is not covered by the theme or support. So if you are a developer you can follow this tutorial in order to achieve the front end donation cause submission.

Hope these answers your questions. - ThemeSLR


we purchased the Theme over 6 months ago. We got on our home site the ThemeSRL Blog Post which shows the latest three posts from a specified category. We wanted to add another ThemeSRL Blog Post with another category specified, but when we add it and select in the options “Stretch Row” the whole lower part of the home site is white and nothing is shown…

Maybe you still could help us out?

BR, Vera


Please send us a ticket via or an email at and we will gladly take a look to see what is wrong with that page.

P.S: Please also send us your domain name + FTP + WordPress admin login.

Thank you

Hello, I want to change the currency used in Give project, how can i do that? If changing the code is needed, which file should i change?

I want my donate button in Give project to open a Whatsapp link because we have to contact donator directly before donating. How can i do that?

Thank you


1. Please access this screen capture to learn how to change the currency for the Give Donations Plugin. ( )

2. You can add your own Whatsapp Link into the Theme Panel -> Donations -> Custom url field (See screenshot: )


Thank you for your answer, but I still have questions:

1. How to make call to action button to get to far right (have “pull-right” class) ? I have set alignment field in tab button of call to action element into “right” but it only put the button into right of the text

2. How can I change content of donation receipt?

3. I want to send a message using whatsapp api including first name n email of the donator when they are clicking Donate Now in a project. How can i do that?



Kindly submit a ticket at: and one of our support team members will handle the request.

Your questions requires some detailed solutions, because they are more like custom work but we will gladly help you with them.

Please also provide more details about the 2nd question. It is a bit vague. Some screenshots will be perfect.

Thank you!


Where can I please change the default footer text?


Copyright info/default text can be changed directly from the Theme Panel -> Footer Settings.


Thank you. The setting is missing from my Theme Panel. See the screenshot


1. The image url is broken.

2. As we can see your account does not have the purchase badge next to it, so we can’t verify you as a customer. If you purchased the theme from another acoount please contact us from it or send a ticket at

Thank you! - ThemeSLR