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Hi Peerapong,

Just a couple of pre-purchase questions:

- on portfolio page; if i view a project… is it possible to go back to overview after watching first project?

- if i push the “launch project” button in project description… is it possible to open a fullscreen gallery with it to view more pictures of a project?

Thank you for your help,


Thank you for interesting.

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Hi Have the same problem as djboy concerning the repeated image above a single blog post which is set as background image. How to get rid of that? Best wishes

Sorry which single post layout you use? fullwidth or with sidebar.

It happens with both layouts.

Aaah, now I see! This is on purpose! I expected the same possibilities as for portfolios. Sorry for bothering …

Love the theme, thanks for everything. I am having a problem uploading a photo to my home page, or attaching my logo. I use the upload tool from the Theme Setting and have tried to launch it from an upload, or from a pic already in a portfolio. It uploads, I see it, and I click insert to post then when it goes back to Theme setting I see a blue box with a question mark as the photo and the file says which nothing loads. Please help. thanks,

Still not working. Is this theme compatible with Cpanel?

I am being asked where the theme is uploading the homepage photo to, or the path. There seems to be a broken path link that doesn’t allow me to do it.

Nevermind, was able to find the broken link, thanks for your help!

Hi Peeerapong,

I would like to make the social media icons bigger and also include them on the homepage. I can’t seem to find this functionality in the theme settings so could you direct me towards the css to do this?

Thank you very much


Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

But I will add it into the future if there are many requests from customers


DC5 Purchased

Hello, Thanks for a great theme. I’m creating some portfolios but I’m not able to see a place in the Wordpress editor to write the description and project details as in the example.

The manual says that you should be able to write a description when you click on “Add New Portfolio” but I cannot see a text field that will enable me to do that.

Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your help.

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Apologies for the late reply and I have rated the theme. Thanks again for your excellent design.

Thank you very much :)

Hi Peerapong,

How can I remove or resize the title on a page or post?

The text in the body of my pages is not responsive. It doesn’t stay inside the wrapper on a mobile device. e.g.

This is a shame as the description of this theme states it is responsive. Can you please point me in the right direction to fix this?

Thank you


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

The textflow is not behaving responsively on a mobile device. The link above shows you what is happening when viewed on a phone.

Open /css/grid.css find ”#page_content_wrapper .inner .sidebar_content” change its width to 270px;

Hi There,

the following question was asked some time ago

"How do you set a bg image in the single page portfolio? Currently it is using the featured image as it’s background. I would like it to not use the featured image"

and you said that it does not suppport this but would consider adding this capability if enough customers requested it. Can i add my request for this function please Thanks Johny

Hi Peerapong!

i like the minimal style of your theme, my congrats!! I am new user with no programming knowledge) Four questions: 1)I usually describe my images through texts.I can’t find a way to arbitrarly insert a text in a determined point of a page (usually with a clearer background.So far i do it through image description, but that appears ofcourse only at the bottom of the page.

2)Using the ‘gallery fullscreen template’ in some pages,i adjusted 3 secs for the rotation of the images. How could a bloger ‘freeze’ this alternation in order to get enough time to read the description of an image? Using the mouse to stop to an image doesn’t work ..Or could we make some images appear for more seconds respect to the other images, when using ‘gallery fullscreen template’ ? 3)Using the ‘gallery image flow template’:is it finally possible to enter somehow each gallery by clicking on the flowing images? That was asked in this discussion forum before, but i don’t know if it has been improved. Bloggers click with the ‘hand cursor’ on the flowing images and since that doesn’t enlarge(or enters the gives the impression that it is the only image! 4) How could i insert a social media widget for every image of the following page? (it uses gallery fullscreen template)

Thank you for your time, keep up the good work

1, 3, 4 Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers. Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

2. You can change slideshow timer using Theme Setting > Gallery Portfolio.

Hi Peerapong, Excellent theme. What’s the best way to populate images galleries using the “large” Wordpress file size and not the “original”.

My home page is about 10MB right now, using the large size it would be about 1MB.

Thank you in advance.

Provide URL of page you mentioned please.

Hi Peerapong, I have emailed you the URL and a summary of my request. Didn’t want my dev URL indexed here by search engines. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

If anyone is looking to use smaller image sizes for for fullscreen background images:

For the homepage: Open /templates/script-supersized-gallery.php at line 145 change to

$image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src($photo->ID, ‘large’, true);

For a page: Open page.php change at line 40

Hi, the full screen slider or kenburn style home page are not displaying on iPad. Any solution for that? I had the same issue with the Keres theme.

Hi Peerapong, and thank you for your excellent work. I’m new with wordpress and your theme. I have several questions :

- I’m an artist , I use a static image for my homepage (fullscreen) . I would like to put my latest exhibition in my homepage. iF i use the “page fullscreen or side bar), the box opacity is always in the middle of the screen and take the whole page.I know that you can change the opacity but how can I change the size and the place of the box. The idea is to not hide the image background

My last solution was to wrote the message I want directly in the background image but I lost hyperlink (for exemple to the art gallery website) and most of all ,it’s not fit correctly in mobile phone, the message is cut .I know that the theme is responsive but apparently only with the content not very well with the background. I have a similar problem with the logo , good in laptop, and very small (can’t read my name) in mobile phone. Thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english , I’m french !

1. Yes so you have to backup your changes before updating.

2, 3 Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers. Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

4. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Hi and thx 4. Why the content page dissapear when the “gallery image flow” is choosen? I put some links to show you use “gallery thumbnails” ; as you can see in the page I put some link in the content ” silhouette, cactus, happy birds” so you can go from one gallery to another without go back in the menu “sculptures”. When I change “image gallery” to “image gallery flow” , my links dissapear (but they are still wrote in the page content) ex: thank you for your response nicolas

Yes because on flow gallery template. It only display gallery content as you can see on demo site too.

Hi Peerapong,

When my navigation menu reduces to mobile format (on phone, tablet or small desktop browser) the menu items are divided by dashed lines but the dashed lines do not group the main items with sub-items. Is there a way I can fix this so that menu & sub-item are grouped within the same area?

Thanks in advance for your advice and for your good work.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

I’ve posted screenshots and description here:

Sorry I really don’t understand the issue. As you can see mobile main menu and sub menu displays the same as on desktop view.

hi im thinking about buying your theme. is it possible to have in “gallery fullscreen” also some thumbnails from the next pictures showing up in the down corner like in a slider? would be perfect for me.

a fast answer would be very appreciate. thank you!

2. is it possible to have normal pages in your theme? cant see it in the demo. thanks

3. is it possible to have the menu in a box with a background colour with some transparancy? like you did in the “contact us” box?

1. Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

2. Yes sure you can have that.

3. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

HI, I cant see the slider on homepage on iPhone. Please help!

sorry …just checked its working:)

Hi! i got a problem after all steps to start display gallery i don’t see background picture, and gallery don’t “see” images at full screen mode. at gallery 1, 12, AA I set different templates and see pics only if choose templates whits columns. Thanks in advance

Could you contact your webhost please. Many of your theme files returns “Forbidden” on your server.

For example

just one more question…is it possible to make the for logo bigger on regular screen as well as on the phone? especially on the phone is very small…Thank you for all your help!

ok just figure that out….for those who are interested change the size of the logo in css .logo_wrapper img {max-height: 90px; max-width:650px;} this px size worked for me. Anyway just wanted to share that:)

OK great!

hi peerapong, my home page doesn’t work if i select fullscreen homepage. if i select fullscreen gallery, my page is all black, without anything inside, only menu.

Please help me.


Could you enable fullscreen slideshow so I can test please.

Sorry to ask again, but you haven’t answered my response on your answer:

When I select “sort by random” in theme setting – gallery portfolio – Gallery Settings, it does NOT take the pictures from the gallery I have selected to be the background gallery. It takes the pictures from ALL uploaded pictures (even the logo).

e.g. - I selected “gallery A” to be the background gallery of a specific “page A”. - pictures from “gallery B” will get displayed, too. - even pictures from the password-secured “gallery C” are displayed on the background of “page A”.

P.S.: Using “content gallery” is no solution. If the feature “background gallery” doesn’t work properly, why do you offer this function?

Especially the fact, that “secured pictures” makes this feature to a REAL PROBLEM.

When you create a gallery page. You have to select “Content Gallery” not “Background Gallery”.

Because on gallery template, images ARE the main CONTENT so you have to select “Content Gallery”.

On normal page, you page content ARE the main CONTENT and you can select image gallery as BACKGROUND GALLERY.

Hello Peerapong, thanks for your response. Please read this “bug report” carefully.

On “normal page”, with a regular text site in the foreground: When I select a specific image gallery as BACKGROUND gallery, the site shows randomized pictures from ALL uploaded galleries. NOT only from the selected gallery.

It even displays pictures from “password secured galleries”, which is truely a bug.

This ONLY happens when you have chosen “sort by random” in the theme settings.

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.


I am very happy to buy your theme :-) I would like to ask you about descriptions of the photos on your site (Blue Hour Bridge…) I would like to do the same but I could not figure out yet. Please help. Michal

Ok. I already know it does not work with Kenburns gallery

Hi again and thx you for your first response,photos will not help you so I simplify all my questions to be very clear :

I saw your demo, I loved the idea of a fullscreen photo (photo of sculpture in my case) for homepage. You have no text in your demo homepage. My needs is to write my news,events, the homepage.

1. Severals asked you already this question, is it possible to write text on homepage? You answer that you will add this fonction if many users ask to ,so here I am , you have one more customer who really need this function.

2.I have the zoom icon in all my pages . Could you tell me how can I remove this

3.Is it possible to hide the arrows (left & right) when slideshow is activate, and be visible when the mouse cursor is on it ? no problem in laptop, but very big in the iphone & android.

4.Fullscreen YouTube video doesn’t play neither on iPhone or iPad. Its just black screen. Can you fix it? ( Vimeo works fine ) . I bought your theme also for that. problems with vid in your demo site too I’m stuck waiting for your response. Thx you Nico

2, 3 Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

4. Yes currently Youtube API doesn’t support on mobile device but I will look for the solutions.

sorry to post also here :) ,but I found in this post the same problem ( youtube on mobile device) and mostly saw thay you said you will work on it two years ago . I hope you have found a solution since . Is it a problem from youtube ? because only vimeo seems working fine in your livedemo