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Hello Peerapong.

I’m using ‘gallery Fullscreen’ on my homepage. But I really want to remove the text that appears. I believe its the ‘jpg’ title. Is this possible that I can remove the text? Hope to hear from you

Really love the theme btw!

Open Theme Setting > Gallery Portfolio and disable image title.


You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Hello Peerapong.

Second Question. Is it possible to adjust the slideshow timer for each page? For example: Full Screen Slideshow ‘homepage’ 4 sec, Full Screen Slideshow ‘work’ 20 sec?

Sorry slideshow timer is global setting.

oké, thans

Hi Peerapong,

Can you please advise me on decreasing the size of thumbnails on the portfoilio page when using [pp_gallery gallery_id=”875”] shortcode.

Here is a link to the thumbnails in question on my site:

I have tried Admin-settings-media and altered the default thumbnail size from 150-100px and have also tried the ‘post editor thumbnail’ plugin without success.


It’s used default Wordpress thumbnail size. Sorry currently It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Peerapong is there a way to centre the thumbs on a portfolio gallery page and link the main large image above thumbs to open the gallery as the thumbnails do when left-clicked?




Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

i just bought this theme.. and i have followed all available instructions for creating a kenburn homepage gallery. no images appear. any suggestions? thanks

it appears that none of my custom settings in the theme options are taking effect.. including all font size/color options. nothing works. help please.

Provide URL of page which has issue please.

i emailed you the url and user login.. still having many problems with the theme being unresponsive.. blog loads a blank page. regardless of settings i change. safari and firefox show different customizations. maybe i missed something.. having no luck making this theme work. please see email for more details. thanks.

Hello, I hope all is well. Congrats on creating such a nice template.

I was wondering if you could please help me locate ‘Portfolios > Re-Order’, it is not displaying on the admin side-bar. I am trying to get the portfolio items to display in random order or change the order. As of now, they are displayed in the order they were created.

Thank you so much in advance for your time.

v/r, Adam

Thank you for purchasing.

Please use this plugin.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Have a great day!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

When one is gallery mode, say 2, 3 or 4 column, and you click on an image it enlarges to full size. The thumbnail bar at the bottom advances or shifts only when you select another image to view. Is there any way to make this thumbnail bar scrollable, to be able to preview all the thumbnails with a slider mechanism. This theme has the best range of features I have seen in a template and would be much improved with this minor addition. If you go to this link, you can view 3 screen shots that illustrate the problem. If I am viewing the image in the first screen shot, I an unable to preview the thumbnail of the Golden Gate Bridge without first having to click on a intermediate thumbnail to advance the thumbnail slide to the right. Is there anyway this slide can be made scrollable, say with arrows to move it back and forth to view all the thumbnails rather than a select static set?

You can click on left/right button to navigate or use your keyboard arrows.

I was asking about separate arrows on the thumbnail strip to control it independently of the images. It would allow one to see the first or the last image without having to view all the ones in between first. Just thought it would be a nice feature. Thanks for the reply.

Need a little help: At first I was successful getting the theme to display images, but they flickered and changed sizes/locations rapidly in the browser. I deleted all images, and started again with new uploads/galleries/pages per instructions. Now NO images appear at all. When I choose a more elaborate gallery setting, I only get <loading…> permanently.

Also not sure, but when I set in the reading preferences for the site to show ‘latest posts’ I get nothing. When I choose static page, there is at least the correct interface.

I have had problems in the past with site caching and thumbnails. Could this be related?

Site url.


Also, if I choose any of the gallery options, as I stated before, I end up with a ‘loading, please wait’ message, that doesn’t ever change. Do you really need a screenshot to see that? It’s all I am getting.

The issue comes from one of your plugin name “SGCachePress”. Please try to disable the plugin.

..and so it DOES!.. nice work. So do you recommend against any caching at all? It does tend to mess things up… ;-)


How can I enable a Fancybox effect on images that are placed inside regular posts? I’ve already tried several plugins but they all conflict with the background slider unfortunately.


Thank you for purchasing.

When you add anchor HTML code add class=”img_frame”

Thanks, it works fine :)

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Hi Peerapong, I have noticed that when the Responsive Menu is activated in my browser window, the drop down menu is partially hidden behind the gallery images. Can the z factor be adjusted so it sits on top? Thanks

Sorry for that. It works fine. I altered some css – my bad.

Do you have an html version of this theme (non-WP)?

Thank you for interesting.

Unfortunately it’s only available in Wordpress version ;)


Please document [pp_gallery] & [lightbox] short codes with all of its options.

The manual provided with the theme says nothing about them specifically and the demo site that is referenced doesn’t seem to use them.

I was hoping to be able to use a combination of those two short codes to insert an in-line light-boxed thumb-nailed gallery within the content of one of my pages.

If I use [pp_gallery …] it just puts a list of images into my content with no attempt at thumb nailing or making a grid.

Either way, please update your “MANUAL” to include more information on the actual purpose and options of the short codes.


Hey … any progress on coming up with a description on the purpose and how to control the output of the [pp_gallery gallery_id=”1516”] short code ?

Please provide this information.

Hello ? Are you planning on answering this question or are you gong to delete my questions as you seem to have been doing?

Hi, I have a problem with my full screen slideshow galery on the homepage. I can’t order the image files. I cannot found a plugin to do this.. How the files order is working? tx

Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.


hi guys, sorry 1 question, is it possible to set a 2 pages with 2 different portfolio??

thanks V.

To use portfolio sets.

Once you assign portfolio to set. Go to appearance >menus. Then select which set you want to add to your menu items.

If you can’t see it, click on screen option (top right) and check on sets


Hi Peerapong,

Is there a way to hide, lighten or remove the dark layer over the static background images and slideshows?.


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

How do we change the speed of the ken burns effect ?

If there is no UI to control it then which file should I look in to tweak ?

[both the fade in time and the time that each image is displayed]

You have to edit javascript code in /templates/script-kenburns-gallery.php

Ok, thats a shame. I managed to locate the right place – had to alter 4 lines of code to manipulate the variables I wanted to change. Not everyone is comfortable with doing that.

I’ve looked at most of the comments you receive and one of the more common requests you seem to get relate to ‘fine tuning’ on a per page basis.

e.g. Customers wanting to fine tune things on a per page basis.

You support some of that but given the wealth of features your theme offers its not very good that people can’t use the admin or page setting UI’s to do it.

Anywhere in the theme code where you are using ‘constant values’ to control how something operates should really be considered for adding as tuneable options in the UI.

How do we create a child theme of this theme ?

Please provide instructions for this in your FAQ.

Why ?

Well, it looks like I will have to change some of your theme code in order to get the kenburns effect to work how I want it to (specifically the timers etc) so, rather than change your theme, the proper way for me to do that is to do the wordpress approved way which is to create a child theme that simply overrides aspects of your theme.

Allowing me to still accept any theme updates from you.

Let me rephrase the question—does this theme require anything ‘special’ over and above the normal procedure for creating a wordpress child theme ?

Hello ? Are you planning on answering this question or are you gong to delete my questions as you seem to have been doing?

BUG: “Unable to change the logo via UI. No error reported.”

“Theme Setting -> General -> Website Identity -> Logo Upload”

The logo gets added to the media library but that is all – it does not appear on the website. (I had assumed it would replace the FURIES* logo)

Using firebug I can see where your statically loading the logo from so I can replace that file as a work around but .. as you provide a UI for doing it .. it should work.

When you finish upload your logo image. Please make sure you click “File URL” and “Insert to Post” buttons.

Thank You. That worked.

Perhaps you should add that in the help text on the UI somewhere ?

Its not exactly obvious. Especially when that Media Selection UI has a big “Save All Changes” button at the bottom of it.

Also wouldn’t it be better to call it something other than “Insert into Post” (e.g. “Select This For Logo”) ?

At that point we are not working on any posts – we are setting the Logo in the configuration options.

Hi Peerapong,

I just upgraded my Wordpress Version from 3.72 to version 3.8. I have lost the ability to sort the order of the images in the Furies Galleries for the fullscreen slideshows….any suggestions?


Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.

Also please make sure all of your plugins support WP3.8

Will this template get NextGen Gallery Support ? :)

Sorry I can’t guarantee on 3rd party plugins but I will test them if there are many customers requests