Discussion on Furious - Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

Discussion on Furious - Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

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Hello, frontend upload does not work anymore. After we click on “SEND”, we have a tecnical issue. Please tell me if it’s possible to fix the issue if we renew the support. Thank you.


You will need to renew the support license so we could have a closer look at it and fix it.

Do you have in plans to add new functions?


At the moment we haven’t planed any major release, but the theme still keeps getting bug and security fixes if needed.

Is this support Whatsapp sharing?


At the moment this option won’t be available by default. But I’m sure it can be implemented as a custom work.

I just want to ask few questions before purchasing the theme 1) Can I use reactions also (like fb) instead of like & dislike? 2) There is no left side widgets. Is there is an option to add left side widgets? 3) Is there any other header styles than in the demo?


1. Won’t be possible by default.

2. You can choose left or right sidebar for the posts/pages.

3. Unfortunately at the moment no.

I need to move the Upload and Login from the top bar to main menu, what is the css for that? Also, I need to remove the top 2 bars so the Main Menu is at the top of page, how can that be done? Thanks.

In that case you will need to modify not just the css but also php files at the moment I can’t tell you exactly what changes you will need to make, but as this is a larger customization and it is our of the support policy then we can offer it as a custom work you can find a freelancer for that.

Related to your second question, do you mean this part https://i.imgur.com/E6lyTnk.png ? You want to remove it?

I have it fixed. I upgrade the plug in “Profile Builder” so I could have profile images. The upgrade caused a conflict. The plugin was $70 and they cant fix, said was theme issue. Can you help?

Please share these details also via email and we will have also a look at it. Also if you have some information from the plugins author please include it in the email to, that will speed up the support process.

I receive the following error…. Notice: wsl_render_login_form is deprecated since WordPress Social Login 2.2.3! For more information, check WSL Developer API – Migration. in /home/seethech/ublisted.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-social-login/includes/settings/wsl.compatibilities.php on line 249


Thanks for info! You can share FTP and wp-admin access details and we can fix it for you , or you can wait for the next update.

Where can I send the info?

We already got it, thanks!

Hello, is it possible to embed the Frontend upload is a single page instead of a popup?


It is possible with some small customization.

Thanks for the reply. Are you available to do this work for us? What would be the cost? If you prefer, you can answer to our email: webmaster [at] arkimediacommunication.com

Please use the contact form in our profile here to contact us about more details.

Can you upload videos from other sources by URL, Google Drive or from personal PC instead of YouTube/Vimeo only?

Also, the uploaded sample vids on the demo… I cannot hear the audio. Is that just for demo purposes? Can I have full control of it with basic tools (play, pause, full screen, etc.)?

Lastly, are you able to have the Upload button on mobile as well because it seems to disappear when scrolling down the site. Seems like it would be nice to have it for easy accessibility than having to scroll all the way back up again.


You can use only those sources, you can use google drive etc, it’s made so because of security reasons.

If you will upload a mp4 video it will get converted to a gif. Videos with sound will be only from youtube or vimeo.

It’s possible to add the upload URL also in the regular menu if you want, only then it won’t have that icon.

YouTube Option is not working from user end and the images are not coming from S3 and cloud front.

This is theme not follow WordPress standards.

Can any body help me? When I upload image from admin panel editor then images is loaded from s3 but when I upload image from Frontuploader then they are going in to s3 but not loaded from s3.

Okay, please have a look because If I save images on my local server then it fill all space of my server and also cdn will not work.

So, please have a look and contact let me know ASAP.

Hello Team Can you tell me how much time it takes to resolve?

I have added this to our backlog, at the moment I can’t name any ETA.

Can you please give this theme in free ?

I’m interested in this theme. Have you stopped updating it?


The still gets supported, in case of some issues you can reach out to our support team and they will help you to solve all the issues.