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Where can I see live preview of this tmp?



You can view demo in link :

The demo doesn’t work properly. Please check on it.


We fixed site demo. You can check again.

I want to buy it but I do not have a credit card. Are there other ways to purchase? Can I purchase using my friend’s credit card?


You can submit ticket support in link : . They will support you purchase on themeforest.

From where can I upload images for top slider ?


You can upload image slideshow in folder ”/media/slideshow”


In the last version your script just read images from folder and show on front, and we coudn’t give client FTP access and say him, that you need to upload your images to that folder and then you will see your images in slider… OR he need to put there links on every image. How can he do it ? these are the very SIMPLE future that you haven’t put there …

I have upgraded the site to magento version and need also change slider .


If you want custom slider, you can mail your requirement to .
Note : Magento version was just released. Current theme don’t check with version. We are trying to complete the upgrade as soon as possible.

I have downloaded and installed this theme, the PDF containing the instructions seems to be missing a few key details, Such as how to install the slider when the theme-package has been installed, it is also missing the lightbox and the database that you are supposed to import brings up errors.

Please contact me ASAP regarding the slideshow as I chose to use this theme as I am on a time constraint.

It is currently installed at you can contact me on josh[at]salesmako[dot]com[dot]au


Please mail your information to . We will help you check it.

html version Is available ?


I am sorry. Current, we don’t html version for this theme.

Hi, Theres a problem with the demo. We add a product to the cart, but then the cart shows empty. Please give me a feedback about this issue, because i will only buy it if the theme works 100%.

Still not working After adding to Cart a product, it says

Shopping Cart is Empty

You have no items in your shopping cart.

Click here to continue shopping.

Well, it started working, but i have to be honest, this is one of the most hard themes to get started.

I Have another issue, and it looks like it wont be the last. After installing with options 2 i got a message at the top of Backend: “This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.” How do i remove it and why is it showing up?


You can disable it in : System > configuration > Design > HTML Head > Display Demo Store Notice > No . If you have any problem , you can mail to .

Hello, I have presale question, is this can be use for an online furniture site, my current site is and i badly need a new site. but i have lots of products, can i upload them all in this themes and can you do it for me.or at least set it up so i can add item by item.


We have checked your site for you. It doesn’t use Magento Framework. So if you want to use our theme, we’ll install Magento Framework with our theme for your site. And then you can add your categories and your products for your site.

Hello, I’m from Vietnam. I have some question, 1. Do your theme support in Vietnamese? (Eg: language, currency VND …) 2. What about mobile site, I don’t see it. 3. Can I manager this theme in Wordpress, SEO in wordpress, and more powerfull add on in wordpress Many thanks


You can install package language Vietnamese for your site. I am sorry , this theme don’t have mobile site. And this theme use for magento . It can’t use for wordpress.


This is Magento template, not WordPress.

You can select a WordPress theme in here


Do you have the WordPress Version of this theme?

Hi man,

Sorry, we don’t have WordPress version for this theme. You can see our WordPress Portfolio here I think you can find a theme you like.

Best Regards

I just bought this theme but I have not received the pds files. And I need them.

Dear Sir Please email to our support staff via (in your email please provide your purchase code). We will send to you

Hi – can the slider be animated and slide on its own? The demo shows a static slider that only moves if you click another image. Let me know, please. Thank you

Dear Nandapeterson,

We are not support for very old themes, please choose a newest themes from our product, it is better and using newest features

Hi, Do u have updated ver for 1.9.4, or 2.0 ? Do u have HTML5 updated ver?

thank you

Dear Mohame,

We just support 1.9 for this themes

Hi I don’t have much experience with words press, in your opinion how difficult is this theme to use?

Dear Coolman

This is the Magento themes.

Hi , i want to buy this template but i dont know this template working correctly when i read comment i think how can make (And have support responsive +html 5 ?)


Sorry, we don’t have HTML version for, we just selling Magento themes version, you need read in our themes description before purchase.

i understand you and i read and ask you before buy

Hi , i want to buy this template but i dont know this template working correctly when i read comment i think how can make (And have support responsive +html 5 ?)

and answer coming from you

The theme work with magento 1.9.x

If you have problem please submit ticket our support tech will help you.

If you are not happy we can refund within 14 days from purchased date.

and when i read template description html files included(what does mean)

ThemeForest Files Included Layered PSD, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files


We have refund, we can close this ticket