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I cant open the theme on my computer. I need instructions on how to do this. Thanks. My email is

I thought this was fill in the blanks. Do I need special software to use this template? Please answer soon …time is money =)

This is a template for Magento ecommerce. you should install this on your Magento-based store. Magento is a free open source.

If you get problem extracting the zip file, please try to download by Firefox.

Regards, Giao

please email the documentation to

Hi there, The documentation is already included in the zip package.

Best Regards, Giao

I didn’t receive it, hence the request for it. Could you please send it… Its causing me some unecessary delays. The only things included are the theme files (app and skin folders inside of and the psd files

Sent the documentation by email.


You do no have the Doc’s included in the theme files. You should fix that. I also need the documentation, please email it to me: creatunity at

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, I just bought and downloaded em007 theme, I followed the instruction to copy the em0007 as you have it:

copy: • em0007-theme-package/app/design/frontend/em0007 to sfw-magento/app/design/frontend/em0007

• em0007-theme-package/skin/frontend/em0007 to sfw-magento/skin/frontend/em0007

I also changed the current package name to em0007, but my theme is not loaded.

Please see:

Please let me know if I did something wrong, you can email directly at

thank you Art

I mailed you for the answer. Best.

Is it easy to change the dark brown background on top?

Yes, Just edit the css file or replace the background image by other.


Can you slow down the slide show? Is very quick

Hi, congratulations for the theme.

I have 2 problems with my local installation of Magento:

1) slideshow does not work, does not load images in the folder even though they are average and all permissions enabled.

2) The page of the category I do not view products

How can I fix this? Thanks

Hello Giao,

I like this theme a lot, but the slideshow on the homepage is not working properly in the live demo. I tried Firefox and IE8 .

If you can explain why it will work right if I purchase the theme, and or fix the live demo to show that it works right – I will strongly consider a purchase.


Hi there, could you please send me a screenshot about this error? we have tested on both FF and IE didn’t see the problem.

My email: tvlgiao at gmail Thanks!

Hi I have a strange error I’m getting

“Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home/scoopfur/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Rss/Block/List.php on line 96”

What shall I do?


Need help with this. Got the theme working no problem. However when using Magento Connect Manager to install a extenstion Its giving me a error.

downloading Moo_CloudZoom-1.0.4.tgz … Starting to download Moo_CloudZoom-1.0.4.tgz (33,252 bytes) . . . . . . ...done: 33,252 bytes ERROR : failed to mkdir /home/tvlgiao/projects/em0007/app/skin/frontend/default/default/js

I obvoiusly do not have a tvlgiao directory on my webserver.

My email is please help me


Please check here: Please try to delete file downloader/pearlib/pear.ini

Best, Giao

Will this include the full demo site?

Okay thanks. Planning to buy today. I know our time zones are different so please be awake later!

Please make sure documentation is included in the Download because I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Yes, it’s included

I purchased this template last October, just about to install the files but there is no installation instructions and details on setting up the homepage sliedshow included in the zip file?


I purchased this template last October, just about to install the files but there is no installation instructions and details on setting up the homepage sliedshow included in the zip file?


Could you please send me your email to tvlgiao at gmail

Hi, I bought this theme yesterday and i have an issue with the display of the products on the front end .

Fatal error: Class ‘EM_Catalog_Helper_Product’ not found in

///public_html/app/design/frontend/em0007/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml on line 40.

How can I fix this ?

You can email me at :

Thanks .


As stated in the user guide:

Install extension EM_Slideshow and EM_Catalog you can find the extension in the full demo package. Copy the following files and directories to corresponding folder of your root folder: • app/code/local/EM/Catalog • app/code/local/EM/Slideshow • app/etc/EM_All.xml Then clear Magento Cache.


I’m seriously thinking about purchasing your template “Furniture Store”. But I have only one question, after the installation completes, how can I edit the homepage? When the theme is installed in the Magento platform is only possible to customize the home page using HTML code or is there some other way to edit in the Magento admin panel?

Regards. Nice work!

Hi, I have now installed this template successfully, but have problems with the slideshow, its not displaying?

Cant find any installation instructions for the set up of this?

Can anyone help please?