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Ive messaged on the forum, emailed tvgliao no support?

please advise.


Could you please send us FTP info to my email tvlgiao @ gmail

OK, sent to you.



I’m seriously thinking about purchasing your template “Furniture Store”. But I have only one question, after the installation completes, how can I edit the homepage? When the theme is installed in the Magento platform is only possible to customize the home page using HTML code or is there some other way to edit in the Magento admin panel?

Regards. Nice work!

Hi there, You can change the homepage: products can be managed in the backend, slideshow auto load from a specific directory. Text, footer can be edited in the backend. You can also edit html/css code for your needs.

I can not get the top.phtml (in the base files since I do not see a top.phtml file in the template) navigational links to show the “roll overs” for the sub-categories under my main categories. They have never worked. Can you please help ?

I can not get the top.phtml (in the base files since I do not see a top.phtml file in the template) navigational links to show the “roll overs” for the sub-categories under my main categories. They have never worked. Can you please help ?

Hi there, You should find the top.phtml in app/design/frontend/default/template/catalog/navigation/top.phtml You can edit it as you want.

Does this support version 1.4.2 magento CE

Yes, it does

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on the first go around… Simply put, the roll over for top layered navigation is not working. so, when I roll over “By species” for example, Birch, Oak, etc. do not show up as sub navigation. I have the navigation set as “Anchors” in the back-end, and have the default configuration set to do up to 4 layers of categories. It worked with the original Magento template, but is not working with these template files. Please visit our site and try the roll over yourself: and hover over “By Species” (You should get a drop down. – I would like it to be like this site when you hover over Package Deals and get the sub-navigation: “

Please advise or email me at

Hi there

i’m missing this

from the package

could you please email it to me


i didn’t recived in the zip file a full PSD file! ASAP pls help.

Hello, we have already set the theme, in a local copy of Magento that we are using to learn to use the themes we have already set the theme and it works perfect! We use:

But, when we try to access the admin panel, using the login and password that are written on the pdf manual that comes with the theme, the system says that password is wrong.

We confirmed on the data base that the user is “admin”, but because the password is encrypted we can not see what the password is.

I have a Clothing/apparel line that I am looking to sell online. I absolutely love this template, it fits my theme perfectly. Can this template be easily modified to sell clothing rather than furniture. i plan to use a website designer to help me customize the site once i have purchased the templates. Thanks.

Yes, it’s easy to customize if you have HTML /CSS knowledge.

Hi, for some reason all my featured products are not showing. I have them enabled and they were working fine before.

Could you help?

Hi Richard, Could you email your question to Our technical staff will help you.


I’ve contact the author via the ThemeForest contact page and the response was “email support”. Why should I have to send an additional email to your email address when you’ve already received my message here on ThemeForest??

Anyway- I’ve done as you asked and still have not received a response. This is crazy! I spent $85 on a theme that is NOT working with Magento 1.5 even though it clearly states:

Support Magento CE version 1.4.0 and higher.

The point of a theme is simplicity. This is turning out to be regrettable.

Your message is put in our support tickets queue. We will answer you asap. We are working from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

Best Regards,

In User Guide is: Step 1: Download and extract to em0007-lightbox/.

But i dont have any of this file. Where can download that file ??

Can you confirm that this theme works with Magento please?

I’m going to use this theme for a clients website but need confirmation it will work on this version before I purchase it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, The latest version that compatible with magento 1.5.x is sold on our store

Best Regards

Hello, I just purchased this theme. Love it – looks great.

I’m having an issue getting the home page slider to show up. It just says “Home Page” in the CMS for that page, no slider. I’m using Magento 1.5.1. Please advise.

Thanks, Jack

Could you please send info to

P.S. Please email me at jack at to get more info (url, etc.)

I have the same pending issues such as jchapa. Can I get the information also.

You should set the homepage layout to 2 column-right. Please email your site info to for further assist.


Where can i translate theword PRICE

Hi Giao, I purshased today the theme. My products are viewable with the classique template but not with yours. Then I’ve got the same problem than keyvenferland: ////////////// Hi, I bought this theme yesterday and i have an issue with the display of the products on the front end . Fatal error: Class ‘EM_Catalog_Helper_Product’ not found in ///public_html/app/design/frontend/em0007/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml on line 40. How can I fix this ? You can email me at : Thanks . ///////////// I do not know how to install the extensions.

Could you please explain me the solution by email, mine is zakaria[at]elyandouzi[dot]com

Merci (From Paris ^^ )