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men its a great template…. change item menu? where?

Sorry my bad english

where I can change the menu text? for example “welcome” to “home”

sorry my bad english

Hi, great teamplate but has a bug with the Lightbox integration. I have the same problem as anyone else. Can you fix this or send an email to help? “Maybe you can help with a work around. I have 4 images in the first group for digital but in jquery, you’re adding 2 additional LI items to the list, one at the start which repeats the last image in group and one at the beginning that repeats the first image in the group. This makes my group have 6 line items instead of the specified 4. So now when you click on a lightbox, you get these extra images that don’t need to be there.

Even your default files have the same problem. In your 2 groups of images you have a total of 6 images, but if you open the lightbox, it shows 6 + additional 2 for group digital + 2 another 2 for group print = 10 images in slideshow. Am I making sense? Basically there are duplicate images in the lightbox and can these be removed somehow?”

Hope you responde Thank you

Is it just me or does the Live Preview not work for this file??

Well because the Live Preview wasnt working I took a punt and bought the file. Only to find out it wasnt really what I wanted. There isnt really a good way to display portfolio work. :(

Hi, I bought the template and am very happy!

Am in need of assistance on two things.

1. A script that would allow for google analytics to track the individual image views and drop-down navigation

2. Putting a Form in a lightbox

Again thx for template, I am vry happy and would appreciate help with the above.


Hi, Thanks for the great theme, One strange problem tho, I managed to modify it on my computer and everything looks just fine but when I upload it on my server, the site comes up half-way…does not show pictures and the accordion menu. why is that?

I like the styling of this template alot, I have modified it for my purpose and I am happy with that.

However i think that its very bad to include a contact form THAT DOES NOT WORK . Im not a coder and I simply dont know how to add a php mail script to your contact form. If i had this level of knowledge i would not need to buy your template in the first place. I have read through this discussion and seen other people ask the same question and noted that you have sent them to tutorials.

Im assuming that the php script is a simple thing for you, so my question is, why would you not include it?

hello, ..great theme! i’ve 3 questions please; - would it be possible to have only this accordeon menu with opening page content as website, without the other content/collums?
- the whole not float left, but right? - does it support audio player plugin? thank you!

hi, I want to buy this theme … how long it takes to deliver with payment by paypal?

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Love your item. I will buy it when I have money. Now i’m looking the template like this:

Do anybody know this?

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