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Wow! will buy soon

Thank you so much :)

Great Job mate, GLWS..! :D

thank you :D

thank you mann :)

Nice Email Templates :)

thank you :)

Great… just what i wanted for my e-business….

Thank you mann :)

Nice work man- really like this one!

thank you, hope you are satisfied with my template :)

Hi pophonic, I bought your template and I did a test with MailChimp, but I’ve noticed that maintains the different sizes of fonts but not the type (google fonts), it’s correct? Can you give me confirmation about your test? I’m going crazy to get the same result of your html template, including font. :) Thanks in advance and good job! Radames.

do you know the name of css class of the front you use in this template that have a problem? and what browser are you using? I’ll fix it as soon as it possible for you :D

How do u import this in to mail chimp

How to import mailchimp (recommended import zip file)

- choose one html file and folder images

- zip both to one zip file

- in mailchimp import admin choose “import template” at template type dropdown, and “import zip file” at import type

- browse your zip file and submit

- check box “Automatic CSS-inliner”

- go to next step and already to send


Hi pophonic I really like your work and I am considering buying this template. But I am a newbie at email marketing and was wondering how do I use the template? Can you tell me what I need to edit it please? many thanks

you might need a basic html to editable the template and change to your own photo or text, on a document file included will show you how to use it. however, if you have any question please feel free to contact my via email support :)

It`s possible to use this template for magento newsletter?

Thx`s :-)

I’ll testing for magento newsletter and inform you again, thank you :)

Hi Pophonic

Great looking template, but do you have a fully ‘mailchimp ready’ version? For the template to be sold as ‘mailchimp ready’ I would expect it to have editable areas in place for the text and images, or does ‘mailchimp ready’ simply mean that the Mailchimp system has the facility to inline the css?

Please can you let us know if the template is due to be updated any time soon to include editable areas.


Thank you for purchasing my template. The templates are in the process of updating. I’ll inform you as soon as it possible when already updated, thank you for your comment :)

Hi Pophonic, thanks for that, much better since the update. The template is a nice design anyways, but if you are going to advertise as Mailchimp ready then I do believe basic formatting areas should be in place. Would be very interested if you start adding repeatable area functionality into future emailers too.

Just Bought it – How Can I import this to my mailchimp account?

please see FAQs menu :), I already updated for how to.

Hi all

Latest update already,

- Update for MailChimp Template Editor

- Update css fonts

Thank you :)

MailChimp does not like this font. Please advise

.promotion { font-family: ‘Open Sans Condensed’, sans-serif; font-size: 40px; color: #ffffff; text-align:left; text-decoration: none; line-height: 40px; }

EDIT. I see your solution is

.promotion { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 32px; color: #ffffff; text-align:left; text-decoration: none; line-height: 40px; font-weight: 600; }

However, this doesn’t look anywhere near as good. Is there a different font that can be used that MailChimp supports?

some google fonts can’t be displayed properly in some browsers or new browser version. during template development, i have changed to use the best result performance font which is ‘Open Sans’ that still remain the same design.


is this Template multi language usable?

Korean, Chinese…

anyway this is best looking e-mail Template. i like !

Of course, it already support for editable multilanguage.

Over the fold 300px not apply anymore?

Hi freeHat

Which part? I already tested preview all again, it still work for display.

Very Disappointing – I thought “Mailchimp Ready” meant that it has Mailchimp features, like repeatable, hideable, variable, or drag & drop content blocks using Mailchimp’s template language. Instead, this is simple html to be imported – just like any other html. OF COURSE Mailchimp recognizes that – what email program wouldn’t? I searched for Mailchimp-specific templates just to have those features.

The most disappointing thing, however, is that you can’t see or know this until you’ve already made the purchase based on the misleading “Mailchimp Ready” label.

I’d like to know if there are any plans to actually make this function with Mailchimp’s features.

I have put this information already on the details page, comment page and also updated document on how to import and use Mailchimp template editor. You can import this template to Mailchimp and change all images and text without HTML edit.

If you inspect document or item details clearly, you will have no problem using this template.

My apologies – it won’t let me edit my comment. I see that there is actually mailchimp language, just not the part that lets you hide or duplicate sections.

I’m glad that the misunderstanding has been sorted now, and your happy with the Mailchimp template editor. please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or queries.

Hi does this work with all marketing companies apart from mail chimp? thanks

It work well with any kind of email service provider that have import or create HTML function. (e.g. Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor)

Is this API compatible with such providers such as Sendgrid, Interspire, etc.?

sure, it’s valid HTML template and work well with any kind of email service provider, also I’ll test for both of providers that you specify and inform you as soon as it possible.