Discussion on Fusion - Mobile App Landing WordPress Theme

Discussion on Fusion - Mobile App Landing WordPress Theme

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Im having troubles to import theme options, Im getting the message “Data could not be imported.”

Can you pls email us at https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact to open a support ticket with us? We would need temp access to your server since we cannot replicate the same in our site. Thank you.

Hi there I plan to use your great theme for a small commerce store for one customisable product and plan to use the shopify buy button.

My question… Is there a plugin or something that will help me organise my orders so that the uploaded images are tagged with an order number or similar so I can systematically print and assign correct postal labels?

Any thoughts would be great.

Many thanks :)

Thanks for your interest. Sorry about this – we are unable to help with your query. Maybe you can check with Shopify support on this?

i just installed this and the demo – didn’t install properly, so had to remove it. has this theme been updated recently?

tried to upload fusion legacy version 3x and now my side is down. please clarify which version is good to use

hi there, the folder that was last updated march 2020 is the only version that doesn’t break my site. i uploaded the .gz that came with the download, and my site still doesn’t look formatted properly. i hope that purchasing the support shouldn’t have to happen before even getting it to work.i send you an email through your support. if you can assist me with getting this to work. that would be great. thank you!

Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form – https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact and we will help load the demo data for you on your site. The version 5 and above should be the one you should be using.

Failed to import “Default sign-up form”: Invalid post type mc4wp-form how do i deal with this?

Hello i sent you the details already, did you get them?

Yes we received the details. Pls give us few hours and the demo site will be setup for you. Thanks for your patience.

The demo site has been setup for you. Pls check if things look fine at your end. Thanks.

hi, I’m looking for an app builder for wordpress… would I be able to build a mobile site that has app attributes that google and apple will accept?

A theme cannot act as an app builder. You need to check elsewhere on tools which help accomplish this. Google for the same. Thanks for checking.

ok, i didn’t ask that correctly… this is built through a visual editor but can it look like a mobile app?

Not sure what you mean by ‘can it look like a mobile app’. Can you pls clarify?

Hi LiveMesh,

Can you please help me with creating the same site template as in demo site shown for FUSION theme? i.e; www.livemeshthemes.com/themes/?theme=Fusion

Please share a blog or xml doc for the template.

Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form – https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact and provide us a temp login to your site and we will replicate the demo site for you. Thanks for your purchase.

Are you still supporting your themes? The support URL – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/ – is timing out. The URL from the theme link in the dashboard no longer works either. And it looks like this theme is only compatible up to 4.9.x. Are there any plans to release a version compatible with WP 5.x and PHP 7.x?

The server went down for some weird reason 4-5 days ago and it was brought back up within 48 hours. We do support our themes and we plan to release a 5.x compatible update soon. Thanks for checking with us.

We love the template and would like to buy it. But we are not sure if it has the Google Font “Dobra” included. Can anybody help?

Thanks for your interest. We do not use the paid font “Dobra” in our theme (it is NOT a google font and hence not free). We use the popular Google Font Open Sans for our Fusion theme.

Hi there. I I bought this theme but it is working very slow. Is there any way i could get HTML version of that template?

Pls get in touch with us in the support forum -https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/fusion-theme-support/ and provide us the link to the page and we will be happy to help optimize the site for you. We do not have an HTML version of this theme.

Hello, I want to change the height of navigation bar. Is there any custom section for doing this? If i have to change it with css, can you explain? Default bar opens with 100px @1920×1080 resolution. I just need to increase to 60px


Sorry about the delayed reply – pls open a support thread in the forum – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/fusion-theme-support/ and our support representative will be happy to assist you with this. Thanks

i just purchased support and your link to the support site doesn’t exist! are you still active?

I will recheck the support links. Here is the right support link – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/fusion-theme-support/.

Sorry for the delayed reply – have been traveling during early part of this week.


tag page header have a error.

“Revolution Slider Plugin Not Installed/Deactivated or No Revolution Slider entries created. Prepare the Revolution Slider or choose a different slider type in page edit window.”

how can i this.

Screenshot : http://www.callfix.com.tr/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/callfix-screen.jpg

Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact and provide us the temp login to the site and we will take a look at it. Also pls email us the purchase code for verification. Thanks.

Installed the Theme, but my site looks like a bare-bones wp site? What am I missing?

You need to import the demo data content to help replicate the demo site. Pls go through the readme.txt file to know how to accomplish the same. Thanks for your purchase.

I do not see a sample data folder or sample.xml

Nvm, I see where to download, let me try that.


how to change category and tag page header styles,

You cannot change them individually since they are auto-generated pages managed by WordPress. You can still change the header across all category and tag pages by changing the options -




in Theme Options->Background tab. The image you set here changes the background for all category and tag pages. Hope this helps.

This is a bug which strangely has gone unnoticed for a long time. Will provide a fix by the end of the day. Thanks for reporting.

Hey there, question on the Fusion (and also Cosmic) main menus.

Why have the hamburger display a second vertical menu when you have a nice horizontal one already displaying? Is it to show the capabilities? Can the Hamburger be used to open a side panel instead?

Also, your Wired theme has a lot of boxed pages. I assume I can switch to full width correct?

Lovely work, by the way! Regards Jerry

Sorry for the delay in replying. We somehow missed your query. The side menu is mainly to show the capabilities. We we designed the theme, there was a trend to completely forego main menu in favor of hamburger side menu. We were just providing a way for the user to get rid of primary menu and use side menu exclusively on desktop as well as mobile.

Due to nature of its design, we were forced to box the content. Fusion is all full width. Thanks for your interest and again I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We registered our account under your support website but it didnt send us any e-mail with the password (renato@webiwebi.com) (rgoldoni) – Can you help us? We need just to know how to make all the itens on the theme black and white, we did not find any place to change font colors. Thanks

We have emailed you forum access details. We have update your profile to enable you post to the forum. Pls get back to us if you still have trouble. Thank you.

We would like please to change the colors on the home page, just to black or grey, but your theme does not allow to change the colors? How can we do that?

The theme does come with ability to change colors across the site via the option ‘CUSTOM COLOR FOR THE SKIN’ in Theme Options General tab. For changing colors for individual elements on a page, you should use custom CSS or a plugin like this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/so-css/. Thanks

Hi, how to a theme options backup?, need to migrate folder, thanks

You may use the export/import feature available in the OptionTree page of WordPress admin.

Hi, I want modify /portfolio/ url “eg. /services/” How can I do?

Can you pls open a thread in our support forum here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/fusion-theme-support/ . We ll be happy to assist you there. Thanks.

Hi i have this theme but it been over 12 months and need to get extended support please advise how I can purchase thanks

When you login and browse the page – https://themeforest.net/downloads, you should see a link beside the listed item which says – Your support has expired. Renew support now!. Just click on the same to renew the support for the item.

I got this through a web developer who is no longer supporting this but bought this for me and installed it on the server.

I am sorry – only way out of this to repurchase the item. You will get 6 months free support with the same.

Hi; is there a way to load certain portfolio category?, i mean now im unable to show only one category, thanks

Its quite confusing, “medium” looks bigger than “large”... quite annoyng

Would you mind opening a thread in our support forum and provide us a screenshot or a mockup of how you want this to show up? That would help us provide you with the right shortcode to make this happen.

You can also use the Livemesh Grid widget part of free siteorigin widgets plugin of ours to achieve this. We can surely help if you provide us exact information about how you want this to look. Thank you.

Ok. Done. Opened ticket, thanks


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