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Hello, I don’t know why the height above the menu is so big, and I don’t find a way of adjusting that height, I also would love to get rid of the line between the menu, and the space for social icons and search. this is the website www.epro360.com so you can have an idea of what I am talking about. Thank you very much.

Check your theme options and documentation and if you need further help please post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support


here is a error meassage i see in CodeStyling Localization Plugin ” Compatibility: Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_theme_textdomain or load_child_theme_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that. “

Moreover, i can’t create new language (Russian): “Your translation file doesn’t support the multiple textdomains in one translation file extension. Please re-scan the related source files at the overview page to enable this feature. “

Is it possible to fix?

Thanks in advance.

Will be glad to look into it for you, but please post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support

Hi, very nice theme! Just a short question. What I need is a customer specific header and menu bar (with tabs and they have to be integrated as graphics) that looks like a scribble the customer gave us. Is it possible to manage your theme like this with custom css? Do I need other plugins, e.g. to handle the look&feel of the menu? Cheers, Rainer

Well WordPress allows for custom menus and this theme has support for custom menus. But you may need a plugin depending on the functionality of the menu. If it’s just visual, it can probably be done through CSS and we can help you out in the forum.

Hello, does you template have slider demo content ?

Yes it does. All sliders in the demo are included with the theme.

i cant installl the theme

i have3 this error

can´t copy this fusionate/library/meta-box/img/jqueryui/ui-bg_highlight-soft_75_cccccc_1×100.png

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i need all words are in spanish, how i do that


have problems with the sidebar , i will want are on right position but is on left and dont have options to change

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i writh on forum but dont have answers to my questions

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. We usually get back to you in under 24, but you’ve posted only 12 hours ago.


Help me please. 1. How can i create submit button as on demo? 2. How can i create page like “contact us 2”? (Shortcodes for GMaps and icons below)

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Hi man! I’m really enjoying working with this theme.

I have a little problem in the plugin “revolution_slider” installation. Put the folder “revolution_slider” FTP plugin is still not recognized.

How do?

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How do I find the codes (Shortcode) on pages to add the first (home) page, they are not all that boasts the code for this insertion. Thank you. Rudnei Moraes – (computer science RDR).

You have not posted in our support forum.

so I do not know where rss posted, but then could send me the link?

I’m sorry, I really don’t understand what you’re asking. I’ve posted the forum link above.

interested in your theme.. can the menu be put under the header? / slideshow? thanks!

It would require a little bit of coding which we can get you started with in the support forum, but you’d have to be fairly comfortable editing files. It also depends on what exactly you’re trying to do. The more complex, the harder it will be to do.

For example, are you wanting this header to be below the slider and then stick to the top of the screen after scrolling? This would require some level of custom coding as this type of functionality isn’t included in the theme.

Hi, I was trying to style a [section] tag. I wanted to add a background image to the tag. I was able to add the background by [section background_image=”<image url>” background_size=”false”], but I wanted to repeat-x the image. I was unable to find the shortcode documentation anywhere. Please advice. Thanks.

Shortcodes are explained pretty thoroughly in the documentation.

If you need more help, please open a support request on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support

Hi I just purchased this theme and it’s awesome! I just have one problem.

The Woocommerce doesn’t appear anywhere. I uploaded fusionate.zip theme and then uploaded the demo content successfully. I have all the demo pages and uploaded the plugins but no Woocommerce. I checked my FTP files for the site and it shows that Woocommerce is in the site files, so I’m really stumped.

Can you please help me out?


Please post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support


I can’t upload any photos, it always comes back as an HTTP error or Fatal Error even though there is nothing wrong with the photos. I’ve used these photos on previous sites and they work fine. They are all around 500KB jpegs.

Please help.

This sounds like a server or WordPress installation issue.

But if you’d like a second opinion, please post specifics on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support

Hi, Good day i was wondering if you could provide those lines of code in the css to make the theme boxed Thank You

Please post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support


Very interested in your theme, but I need 2 things to be able to buy it.

1. sticky header 2. Metro menu

How hard is to add this 2 features?


1. This is possible. May need some extra CSS (you can get on the forum) depending on your styling.

2. This can’t be done unless you have a specific plugin to do so. But having a metro menu would also negate point #1.