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1 – How to insert the “next project” and “previous project” buttons?

2 – Is it possible to add the sharing button of a project (portfolio) for facebook?

3 – I can’t import the XML file demo files. It appeared failure to import the image files


1. You have multiple ways to add them but the general idea is that you have to add them using visual composer components – for example the Button element

2. Yes, there are plugins that bring this functionality

3. we had a problem with hosting that was causing this. We changed hosts and fixed it. The theme also has received an update in the meantime. Please redownload the theme and use that xml demo content. also take a look at the changelog for instructions on how to properly update the theme.


smotski Purchased

Hi, is it possible to add more than 3 slides in homepage slider and how to achieve that? When I add new item in sliders nothing changes, thanks :)

Please contact me through the item support page. And send over WP login info so I may take a closer look.


2fcomm Purchased

After the update – the homepage slider is not fullwidth – what i have to do? In visual composer – the row and content is full width!!


All help requests should be sent through the item support page. So, did you change row stretch to be “Stretch row and content (no padding)” and the slider refuses to be fullwidth?

error message on the contact page Oops! Something went wrong. This page did not load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console to see technical details. how to solve?


actidis Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to avoid the “flashing” between each slides on the homepage (after each transition from a slide to the next one, the image fades quickly to white and comes back… hope you see what i mean… ;-) ) ? Thanks,

That is a limitation with the slider plugin used, I cannot really do much about that, sorry!

Map won’t show up. Shows Gray area with a message “Oops! Something went wrong.”

Sent you a support ticket as well.

Please advise.

I have responded to your support ticket, we will continue the conversation there.

For people reading this and having similar problems – the issue is that they are using a older version of the theme that doesn’t have the google maps API key feature implemented. Updating to the latest version and adding the API key should fix it!


otexbe Purchased

Hello, when I activate https I get following error and my map is not showing up: Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://url' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ‘http://google-maps-utility-library-

Where can I change this to https or how can I fix this otherwise.

Kind regards


What version of the theme are you using? It should be fixed in version >= 2.0.0