Future Architecture - Responsive WordPress Theme

Future Architecture - Responsive WordPress Theme

Notice regarding WordPress 4.6. Please read before you buy/upgrade!

We already tested the theme with WordPress 4.6 RC and have this to report:

  • the theme IS WordPress 4.6 compatible
  • the customized version of Visual Composer we included IS NOT compatible with WordPress 4.6

If you are a new buyer or are making a fresh install on WordPress what you need to do is not install the customized version of visual composer and instead use the included stock version of visual composer (v4.12 found in the /Plugins/Visual Composer stock 4.12/ folder) and everything will work fine. The only downside is that the included xml demo content is not for this version of visual composer so you should not use it ( the newer VC implements the grid and other features diferently then the old one)!

If you already have a website that uses this theme you have two options:

  1. delay upgrading to WordPress 4.6 for a while ( WordPress 4.5 will still get security fixes after 4.6 is released so it is safe to use)
  2. delete the customized Visual Composer and install the stock one (v4.12 found in the /Plugins/Visual Composer stock 4.12/ folder). if you decide to do this you will have to redo some parts of the pages like the grid / parallax / video background sections ( the newer VC implements them diferently then the old one!). Sorry about this but there is no other way around it.

Notice regarding item support.

As per our Support Lifecycle Policy, we are NOT offering Mainstream Support for this product anymore for NEW purchases ( that is why you see the “bitpub does not support this item” message).

However we still offer Extended Support. In the Extended support phase buyers still benefit from:

  • free updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version
  • critical security updates
  • bundled plugin updates
  • detailed documentation

and while paid support is not available anymore we answer all email that we receive through the contact form on our user page

Future Architecture – Responsive WordPress Theme

Attractive yet functional, Future Arhitecture is a well structured theme intended for general business usage.


Whether you are viewing the website on a big or small screen, laptop, tablet or phone it will always look great. Just put your info and FutureArhitecture will take care of the rest.


Future Architecture offers a great visual experience on high density screens due to the Font Awesome integration and heavy CSS3 usage for layout.


The theme integrates Visual Composer for WordPress which is a drag and drop content builder that allows you to build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required.


Visual composer is very flexible out of the box with 40+ predefined elements but we wanted to take it to the next level and added 15 custom elements of our own. The goal was to make good on our promise that no programming knowledge is required to work with this theme.


You can add content to the widgetable areas much easier using the 5 custom widgets that come with the theme: flickr widget, navigation widget, contact form 7 widget, latest post widget and contact info widget.


The entire Font Awesome icon set (369 icons) is included in our content box elements giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. Font awesome icons are retina ready icons.


Just select the accent color you want and FA takes care of the rest. Change the color scheme with just 1 setting!


Portfolio can be a definitory element in your website. FutureArchitecture allows your clients to visualize your entire work or a specific category.


Create an amazing parallax effect with this unique styling and show your clients what you are all about!


FA WP supports the Contact Form 7 plugin that allows you to easily create advanced forms.


Future Architecture has a unique sidebar and page layout manager. Easily create and manage an unlimited number of sidebars and assign them on a per page basis.


Quickly install the theme through WordPress or FTP and then just import the demo content provided, add widgets and set up the menu and you are done. It doesn’t get much simpler then this!


Easily translate the theme using the Codestyling Localization plugin.


If you ever need to change / extend the design we provide 13 fully layered psd files that you can use for quick mock-ups. These are the same quality you would find in an item in the PSD section.


We wrote the documentation with beginner WordPress users in mind. It is written in a step by step format and takes you through setting the theme up and customizing it. It is divided into sections and sub-sections so power users can just skip to what they are interested in.


All the experience and knowledge acquired while working towards reaching elite author status has been put in the template. Rest assured that you are receiving a top quality product!

What are you getting when you buy template?

WordPress Theme
and documentation
\\   \\

Client feedback:


Theme full feature list:

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Cross browser Support – Tested in IE9+, Firefox, Chroma, Opera, Safari, Android, Blackberry
  • Responsive layout – 12 column, 1170px width grid system
  • W3C Valid source code, properly formatted and commented
  • Programmed with SEO needs in mind, the template uses semantic code
  • Load speed optimised, demo website scores A+ on the page speed grade scale.
  • Extensive documentation – written in a step by step style it take you through editing up the template, hosting it, page speed optimisation and search engine optimisation
  • Retina Ready graphics and icons – looks crisp on high pixel density devices
  • Supports Wordpress 3.x Menu System – Three level Dropdown Menu implemented
  • Responsive layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Drag and Drop page builder – visual Composer
  • 15 custom Visual Composer Elements
  • 5 custom widgets
  • 3 widgetable footer areas
  • Unlimited sidebars. custom sidebar manager
  • 3 custom post types: portfolio, slider, case studies
  • filterable portfolio
  • contact form 7 integration
  • sample data provided, set up the theme in minutes
  • extensive documentation
  • translation ready
  • easy to use theme options
  • 1 click color changer


*** Changelog ***

= 1.0.13 - 11 Aug 2016 =

*Fixes: Theme text domain problems

    If you translated the theme using the old text domain you will have to do it again !

*Fixed: Some small issues regarding blog functionality    

= 1.0.12 - 25 Apr 2016 =

*Fixes: Theme Options logo upload was not working
*Fixes: Page header not working

= 1.0.11 - 16 Apr 2016 =

*Added: WordPress 4.5 Support

    If you you are updating to WordPress 4.5 from an older version, what you need to do in order for the theme and 
    customized Visual Composer to work properly is:

    0. redownload the theme from you Themeforest Account > Downloads section
    1. update the theme to the newest version (1.0.11)
    2. go in the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins section and delete your current version of the Visual Composer plugin    
    3. Once deleted, the theme will generate a prompt to install a new version of the plugin. follow the instructions and install it

= 1.0.10 - 7 Oct 2015 =

*Added:     Bundled Visual Composer 4.7.4 with the theme
*Updated:     TGM Plugin Activation to 2.5.2 for WP 4.3 Compatibility
*Update:    Updated Revolution Slider
*Changed:      Dropped php 4 style constructor used for widgets for WP 4.3 compatibility
*Fixes:        Various small fixes and improvements

= 1.0.9 - 27 June 2015 =

* Updated: Modified the Visual Composer Plugin version bundled to fix a XSS vulnerability found in the prettyPhoto plugin

    You can update the plugin by disabling and deleting it in WP dashboard and installing the version found in 
    "Plugins\Visual Composer 4.2.3 modified for WordPress 4.2 + prettyPhoto XSS fix"    folder!!!

= 1.0.8 - 29 Apr 2015 =

* Updated: TGM Plugin to version 2.4.2 as older version where vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks

* Changed: Modified the Visual Composer Plugin version bundled to make it compatible with WordPress 4.2. 

    If you are updating your WordPress install to 4.2 from a earlier version please also update the Visual Composer plugin 
    by replacing it with the version found in the "Plugins\Visual Composer 4.2.3 modified for WordPress 4.2"    folder!!!

    If you need to use the theme with a WordPress version < 4.2 please do not let it install the plugin and manually install 
    the version found in the "Plugins\Visual Composer 4.2.3 standard" folder!!!

    If you are doing a theme install on a fresh WordPress 4.2 you do not need to do anything.

    In the modified plugin version the assets/js/params/all.js file was edited and

        it was replaced "#url-field" (line 1645 & 1654) with "#wp-link-url" 
        it was replaced "#link-title-field" (line 1646 & 1655) with "#wp-link-text" 
        it was replaced "#link-target-checkbox" (line 1648 & 1660) with "#wp-link-target" 

= 1.0.7 - 27 Mar 2015 =

* Changed: TGM Plugin Activation now allows you to disable and remove installed plugins. - /framework/plugins/plugins-required.php
* Fixed: Content stretching beyond the grid limits when Visual Composer is not present. - page.php
* Changed: Removed animation option from composer elements.
* Fixed: Visual Composer 4.2.3 icon overlay issue  - /framework/admin/includes/options-panel.css
* Added: Remove comments section when comments disabled - comments.php

= 1.0.6 - 17 Sept 2014 =

* Changed: Modified Visual composer to version 4.2.3
* Fixed: page header encoding
* Fixed: Flickr widget not working on chrome

= 1.0.5 - 27 June 2014 =

* Fixed: Visual composer Portfolio Grid glitch
* Fixed: Inline css being wrapped in <p> elements causing spacing problems
* Fixed: Visual composer Portfolio Strip was not working properly

= 1.0.4 - 11 June 2014 =

* Changed: Updated Visual Composer to v 4.2.2
* Fixed: problem with backgrounds in full width rows
* Fixed: blog navigation
* Fixed: Wordpress Toolbar overlapping with Front End header
* Fixed: full width on project single

= 1.0.3 - 29 April 2014 =

* Changed: Updated Visual Composer to v 4.1.2. Read how-to-update-visual-composer.txt to see how to manually update visual composer
* Fixed: Pagination on archive pages
* Fixed: Problem with Codestyling Localization plugin
* Fixed: search page pagination
* Fixed: problem with page header not working properly on portfolio post type pages

= 1.0.1 - 22 April 2014 =

* Changed: upgraded visual composer to v4.1.1.  if you previously installed FA WP version 1.0 
* Fixed: problem with text blocks in Visual Composer on WP 3.9

= 1.0 - April 2014 =

* Initial Release