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i have a problem, the map of my contact page is gonne and i dont know how or why does it happen


We are working on this as we speak.

Hi, could you checked it?

This is how my contact page looks

What should i do? O.o

I recommend you temporarily skip using the contact page template and create a normal contact page using the visual composer components available.

Hi there, Could you please update this project in relation to the MENU BAR for smaller devices. The issue is when you scroll the webpage down on smaller devices (Mobile Type Menu) the elapsed menu bar does not stick to the top of the screen. So the user wont have to scroll back to the top of the webpage to get to the MENU.

Can you fix that, or give me the additional code and guide me through with its implementations. Thanks


That is a design choice. you could change it by making the mobile menu position:fixed

hi there, I have tried your suggestions. IT DOES NOT work…

Can you not update your version so all types of menus can stay on the top of the page while user scrolls the page (desktops, iPads, mobiles, etc )

And also can you add “back tot he top of the page” button please… It is very good practice these days to have it.

Hi, After going through the code, we found that the thumbnails of the portfolio images enlarges on click. We want to know if is there a way to load the original pictures to appear when the thumbnails are clicked. We do not want the resolution of the pictures to be get effected(blurred) on click. Some of our pictures are in landscape also.

Please provide a solution. Appreciate your quick response.


<a href="_content/portfolio/440x440-1.png" class="portfolio-item-zoom magnificPopup-gallery">
<i class="fa fa-search-plus" />
The portfolio doesn’t enlarge pictures, the zoom links to a larger size version of the same picture. For the href you can link to a larger version of the image or you can remove the link and zoom button completely.

Hi, I want to have the home page slider as in demo with the overlay effect. Can you please let me know the overlay color code and opacity. I didn’t see the overlay opacity in the psd files. Appreciate your reply.

I am not sure what overlay you are refering to, i will assume you are refering to the one with the menu. That is created with css, it is a rgba background color applied to header.

#header {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

Hi, The way that the portfolio filter is working is that, it filters the categories only on a particular page. Suppose, I have total of 50 images for portfolio with 4 categories and I want 9 images to be appeared on each page( as in demo), which made me to create 8-portfolio pages. When I select a category, the category is working only on the particular page but it’s not applying to all the 8 pages.

By the above comments, I tried making separate category pages and tried to tie them up with data-filter tag but nothing is happening (only the category filter is working on that page). It will be appreciated if a clear documentation is given. Please provide a solution for this.

The portfolio was designed to operate as a single page. If you want to use it with the filtering add all on one page.

If you want to separate it in multiple pages what you should do is remove the filter and load more button and then create a similar looking set of links like the filter but that will send you to a different page – this way you create a separate page for each category.

Hi, I added all pics on the one page. But when the portfolio page clicked, I want to show only a particular category pics (for example, residential category pics to be shown) and don’t want to show all the categories pics on this page. Is there a solution to this. Thanks.

There isn’t a default solution to your request. The portfolio lists everything and if filters on a category only when you interact with it.

Hello, I am interested to buy your theme but unfortunatelly i can see that the laste update was in July of 2015. So, is your theme compatible with the current wordpress version 4.9?


You are looking at the wrong version – – this is the correct version and has been recently updated and supports WordPress 4.9

Hello. Thank you for your response. What about the upcomming version 5.0 (see, will your theme be compatible?

Yes, it will be.