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is it possible to import dummy data to existing joomla site? Could you send me a manual how to do it p.e. via database or ftp?

Thanks a lot, Jay

Hello Jay,

in theory you can upload all extensions files separately, erase the database content and you can import sample data, in practice you will loose all current content and it will take a lot of time to find and upload correct files.

In that case installing QuickStart package as new installation is a much more easier (simple 4 steps of installation) and you can have an exact copy of demo website in few minutes.

I suggest to take a look at documentation and use QuickStart as complete new installation.

Kind Regards, Tomasz


Great theme! I am a big fun of your work. It is the second of your themes that I use and I am very satisfied. I have a little problem with the titles of ZOO items (in ZOO news module). Even though I have uploaded the Greek language both for the site and ZOO, when I type in Greek instead of letters I get ”?” So, my titles look like this “? ?? ????”. I asked for help in ZOOlanders but they told me that

it seems that you have a problem with the encoding itself
and they suggested that I contact you first.

Could you please help me asap?? Thank you very much

Regards, Maria

Tomasz I cannot reply to you. I have just received a “no reply” email from envato that says “Thank you for your email. This email address is not monitored and we have not reviewed your message. If you need to contact Envato, please submit a ticket via our support page, http://support.envato.com." In our previous communications there was no such problem. So where can I send you the login details? Thanks

This is untypical, I will try to contact envato support to clear this up, it looks that it some kind of problem at their end. I have a previous email from you, so I will try to contact you directly via email.

Best regards, Tomasz


Hey, is there any chance to buy a HTML template of this?

Hello, unfortunately FutureProspects is available as template for the Joomla! CMS only. Thank you for your interest.

Best Regards, Pozdrawiam! Tomasz


super Template, thank u 4 that! One little Question: Is there a way that the modules on the Sidebar right are all in seperate boxes? At my site i make the Background of the sidebar blue, and the color is from top to the bottom.

Thank you very much!

Hi, sorry. Here i got 2 Pictures for you. The first shows how it is right now and the second one shows how i like to have it.

http://www.rdas-systems.de/one.jpg http://www.rdas-systems.de/two.jpg

Thank you so much!


thank you for a screenshot, it is clear now.

I think that instead of applying background color for the whole side bar, it could be better to prepare blue suffix of module, to apply background only to the module.

If you wish please send me a short message via contact form from my profile page, and I can provide you some example how to achieve that.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hello, please check your mailbox ;)

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi, can you please test your Quick Installation Package? I installed it, but the template and all modules/plugins were not installed automatically and all module positions are not correct!

Hi, i made everything like described in the dokumentation. I can see the sample-date in the database, but the template is not installed, so the module-positions ar not available, so in the module-manager the postions are all set to ‘None’. After manualy installing the template, the default page looks like this: http://de.tinypic.com/r/ohutzs/8 And i found another thing – if you disable the Drawer Slider, the menu will not slide the content but lay over the content in mobile view. i added a span class=drawer-toggle pull-right after the menu to fix this problem, but it may not be nice…

Ok, i manualy wrote the database contents new from the sql-file and now it works…


if you are using template for Joomla! 3.X during QuickStart installation, in step 3 please make sure to choose “sample_futureprospects” as sample data.

Otherwise Joomla installs only basic sample data which doesn’t contain any details for template or extensions.

I will check problem with drawer button. Thank you for your information.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi 7studio, i just realized, that, on this template, when the drawer slider feature is turned off, and you visit the website on android mobile (i bet the same thing happens on iphone or ipad), if you click the mobile menu to be opened, it opens but it does it behind the slider image. It seems like somthing to be fixed with z-index.

Hello Escolta,

yes, it is a small bug in responsive style, it appears if the drawer button is disabled.

To fix it, in file template-responsive.css (templates/futureprospects/css/template-responsive.css) please change line 55, from:

height: 42px;


height: auto;

This small change should fix this problem.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hey Tomaz u r the best :)

Any way to install fontawesome??

Resolved with plugin!

Yes, this is one of available options, you can also load font face by adding fonts straight to the template and to load font via css.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi Tomaz,

Just, i want it to be seeing 100% high all the time the template?


Hello Ancadia, could you please expand your question? I’m not sure if I understand correctly.

Have a nice day, Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi I bought this theme sometime ago. I am currently using version 1.4 on joomla 2.5.14. I want to update the template to the new responsive version. I am happy to keep it running under joomla 2.5 but how do i update it to be responsive (the new version) ? thanks


the new responsive version of the template is available only for Joomla! 3.x. In order to use the newer version you will have to use latest stable and supported version of Joomla.

Please note that Joomla 2.5 is not supported since january this year, so you should really consider an upgrade.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

I am new to joomla but I have extensive knowledge in web development. I have two questions:

1.- The template is fully compatible with joomla 3.7.4 ??

2.- Once the template is purchased, it comes with some instructions on how to install it in Joomla?

I am very attentive to your answers.

Best regards.

PS: Sorry for my bad English, it is the fault of the google translator hehe …


thank you for your interest in our template!

1. Yes, template will work with Joomla! 3.7.4, latest version is also used by our demo site. QuickStart package shipped with the template is based on older version of Joomla, but it can be upgraded after installation or you can choose to install template and extensions only on any exisitng Joomla based site.

2. Yes, template is shipped with basic documentation that describes installation of QuickStart package and template only. Documentation covers also basic functionality of the template.

If you are new to Joomla you can download and install Joomla CMS from joomla.org even for testing purposes.

In case of any further questions please just let us know.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hello How do I install FutureProspects_QuickStart_Package?


detailed informations how to install QuickStart package you may find in the documentation shipped with the template.

In short – the process of installation is almost exactly the same, as if you will download Joomla installation package from joomla.org. The difference here is that you will need to choose a correct sample data during installation, in order to install demo content.

Please make sure to read documentation where you will find all nedded details.

Best Regards, 7Studio

In mobile view of template in joomlan3.8, mobile is creating a problem on home. Its getting overlap with slider like slider image in front and mobile menu at the back because of this we can select the right menu. Please helm me fix this.


please add following code to the custom.css file in the template (or please enter this code in the Custom CSS field – in the tab “advanced”, directly in settings of the template):

@media (max-width: 980px) { #menu .container-fluid { margin-bottom: 0; height: auto; line-height: 42px; } }

This should solve mentioned issue with mobile menu.

Best Regards, 7Studio