Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template

Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template

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Futurico 4.8

Update: Joomla 3.9.2

Futurico 4.7

- Joomla 3.9.1
- SP Page Builder Pro 3.3.6

Futurico 4.4

Update: SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.9

Futurico 4.3

Update: Joomla 3.8.12

Futurico 4.2

- SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.8
- AcyMailing Starter 5.10.4
- Roksprocket 2.1.24

Futurico v4.1

- J2Store 3.3.2, 
- SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.7

Futurico v4.0

- Joomla 3.8.11, 
- AcyMailing Starter 5.10.3

Futurico v3.9

Update: Helix3 framework 2.5.5

Futurico v3.8

Update: SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.6

Futurico v3.7

Update: SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.5

Futurico v3.6

Update: SP Page Builder Pro 3.2.4

Futurico v3.5

- Joomla 3.8.10
- Helix3 framework 2.5.4

Futurico v3.4

Update: AcyMailing Starter 5.10.2

Futurico v3.3

Update: SP Pagebuilder Pro 3.2.3

Futurico v3.2

Update: AcyMailing Starter 5.10.1

Futurico v3.1

Update: Joomla 3.8.8

Futurico v3.0

- Remove: Unite Revolution slider 2
- Add: Revolution Slider

Futurico v2.9

1) SP Pagebuilder 3.2.1
2) J2Store 3.3.1

Futurico v2.8

1) Joomla 3.8.7
2) Helix3 Framework 2.5.3

Futurico v2.7

Update: RokSprocket 2.1.23

Futurico v2.6

Update: J2Store 3.3.0

Futurico v2.5

1) AcyMailing Starter 5.9.6
2) Helix3 Framework 2.5.2

Futurico v2.4

- Update:
1) Joomla 3.8.6
2) SP Pagebuilder Pro 3.1.3
3) AcyMailing Starter 5.9.5

Futurico v2.3

- Update: 
1) SP Page Builder Pro 3.1.1
2) AcyMailing 5.9.2
3) J2Store Free 3.2.29

Futurico v2.2

- Update: 
1) Joomla v3.8.5.
2) J2Store v3.2.28 (free).
3) Falang v2.9.5 (free). 
4) SP Page Builder Pro 3.1
- Fix: http://prntscr.com/ign0kx

Futurico is a Modern, Unique and Multipurpose Joomla Template for Creatives which suits any kind of Corporate Company website. Futurico is suitable for all creative people, agency, creative business, company, individual or agencies portfolios, product or service selling website etc.

Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template - 4

Included Pages

Here is a list of most important pages that are included in the download packages, but it’s not limited to the following pages.

Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template - 5 Home Pages

Blog with default
Blog 2 columns
Blog classic
Standard post
Video post
Audio post
Gallery post
Link post
Quote post

Blog with K2
Latest Items
Single post
User page

Page layout
Left sidebar
Right sidebar
Left & Right sidebar
Boxed layout
Right to Left
Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template - 6 Headers
Header 1
Header 2
Header 3
Header Topbar Clasic

Footer 1
Footer 2
Footer 3
Footer 4
Footer 5
Footer 6

Page Headers
Page Header 1
Page Header 2
Page Header 3

Shop index
Compare view
Single product
My profile

Futurico - Multipurpose Joomla Template - 7 Extra Pages
About 1
About 2
About 3
Service 1
Service 2
Coming Soon
404 Page

Portfolio Page
Portfolio style 1
Portfolio style 2
Portfolio style 3
Portfolio style 4
Portfolio single style 1
Portfolio single style 2


  • Compatible with latest versions: Joomla 3.7.x and J2Store.
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder and Page Builder Pro Integration (Save $49).
  • Newsletter Integration. We also added support for AcyMailing newsletter, because we know that email works a lot better than any other online marketing tool.
  • “Parallax” scrolling effect for background content (i.e. an image), while scrolling.
  • Font Awesome 4.7 (675+ Icons)
  • Multi-languages Support.
  • Fluid and Boxed Layout – Use wide (default) or boxed layout variant.
  • Sticky Header with Mainmenu. Improve your website usability using Sticky Header feature. Main menu and logo will always be at the top of the screen, automatically following when user will scroll down. Easily turn the sticky header on or off in template options panel.
  • Support for RTL languages. With carefully styled every part of template for RTL (right-to-left), Flex supports middle eastern languages such as Hebrew and Arabic which are written predominantly right-to-left.
  • Unlimited Colors. Six template styles allows you to choose your own colors. Beyond that using custom CSS allows you to override all used color presets.
  • 700+ Google Fonts with update button – Typography based on Google Fonts, with unique update button, support for Subsets (like Latin Extended, Cyrillic Extended for example), choose font weight and font size for several HTML tags (H1..H6) and navigation.
  • Logo Options. From template settings you can choose logo type, logo position, logo image (also for retina screens) and upload logo used only for mobile devices.
  • Custom Code. Use your own custom code, for example: CSS, JS, metatags, links and verification code by using the custom code fields or input more lines of styles inside custom.css file.
  • Documentation included. You can find it online here.
  • Fully Customizable Mega Menu
  • Supports K2 Component