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Its telling me that my Purchase Code is invalid but i’ve been using it for months, and it currently has 3 months remaining. Please fix. It starts with: 4297bf1d-fb02-44a8…..............

Here is my question:

​We would like to move the comments module to the top of the “base” of the article. Currently there are too many things above the comments and they are too far down the page.

We do use the Disqus plugin but it seems to plug right into the Gadgetine comments system – as far as location on the Post. So what file do we edit, and what code? I want to retain this change after any template upgrades so does this need to be done only in the child theme? Which file? Which lines? And where do they move to? Thank you.

You can modify the “includes/news-single.php” file and move these lines:
<?php wp_reset_query(); ?>
<?php if ( comments_open() ) : ?>
    <?php comments_template(); // Get comments.php template ?>
<?php endif; ?>
This change can be done in both child and parent theme.

Would you answer the question about my Purchase code please? Its still not allowing me to create new support requests. Why do you guys just ignore portions of support requests like this? Its like every single question i ask, half the question is just ignored.

Yes, apologies for that, the ticket system should be working now, there were changes in the API which needed to be addressed.

This is the second time Ive asked you this since you ignored it the first time. I have a valid purchase code but when I try to open a support ticket on your site it says: “Whoops, something went wrong … Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid.” It currently has 3 months remaining. Please fix. It starts with: 4297bf1d-fb02-44a8…..............

Here is my current question:

Yes, apologies for that, the ticket system should be working now, there were changes in the API which needed to be addressed.


I have some problems about theme.

I want to have same looks on my site like Homepage1 of your theme.

But I have some problems.

1) I dont have Slider on Main page. (I checked “Show This Post In Homepage Featured Block” and “Show This Post In Main Slider” also. Am I have to create a Main Slider also?)

2)I get some failed when i import demo xml into wordpress; Failed to import product_type external Failed to import product_type grouped Failed to import product_type simple Failed to import topic-tag tag 1 Failed to import topic-tag tag 2 Failed to import topic-tag tag 3 Failed to import product_type variable Failed to import product_cat Clothing Failed to import product_cat Hoodies Failed to import product_cat Music Failed to import product_cat Posters Failed to import product_cat Singles Failed to import product_cat T-shirts Failed to import product_cat Albums

3) I dont have “Blog” page in Settings > Reading also.

Help Me please.


I still waiting for answer my ticket and help me.

When I get answer for my ticket?

We replied to your ticket.

Yes I saw answer but its not fixed my problem. I still dont have Main slider on my page.

Hi, I bought this theme but it isn’t suitable for my business, can I have a refund. Thanks

We replied to your support ticket.

yip, they are not going to listen, knew this was a mistake.

Your footer menu does not show on mobile.

When will you be fixing this?​


Could you please send a live link to the page?

You are support. Did you actually check this before asking me to do the work for you? Look at your own demo theme. Compare desktop to mobile. You will easily see there is no footer menu on mobile. This is basic simple research on your part. Cmon guys … I pay you to figure out basic things like this on your own.

Sorry seems like we have misread the message.

Yes the menu is missed, we will release a update to fix it, but you can also fix it simply by editing footer.php file, this line:

'menu_class'      => 'right',


'menu_class'      => 'right load-responsive',

But this will be included also in update.

this theme working stabil in last version wordpress?


Yes it it will work fine on latest WordPress versions, we updated the description, also if you get any problems, you can contact our support team and we will help you to solve the issues.

I see that from latest update you have added Gadgetine extended plugin. Does this mean shortcodes are no longer tied to the theme and will stay even if we change theme


Not yet, but with next updates for sure, this was the first step. The main idea is that the shorcodes will stay after theme change, only you won’t be able to add new shorcodes using shortcode buttons, only as code.

Hi, Can I change the review box position in the post so it will be on top of the content?


Yes with some small customization in one file it’s possible.

I don’t know if management changed or someone else took over of overseeing this theme but finally updates, fixes started rolling out. I mean this theme really looked unfinished even after few years out and updates were two maybe every year.

Yup, after update all good now. Changelog says added back to top button but I can’t find it in settings

The button is added by default to all pages.

Ok, see it now. Needed to clear cache from CDN provider too.

Is this theme using visual composer or page builder or both?

By default it uses our custom pagebuilder, but additionally the theme is bundled with visual composer, but in demo it isn’t used.

Is it possible to add the post date on the slides?

With some small customization I think there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

There’s a way to remove the name of the category from the image in the slider ?


By default you can’t remove categories only from slider posts, only fro mall pots at once, But with some customization you could remove them from slider only.

Please note that your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support your item.

I noticed I didn’t get any emails through contact form for months and before I received very often. Today I decided to test and really message sent via theme in built contact form never came.

Before it worked. I haven’t changed nothing. Also no more notice that message was send successfully.

Can you check this on your part?


Can you please send us a live link to the contact form so we could take a look at it?

I am interested in purchasing Gadgetine for our blog site.

Our current server is using PHP 5.2 x. Is it possible to use current Gadgetine version?


We recommend to use 5.4.4 or newer, you can contact your hosting to upgrade the PHP version.

awesome theme, does it support RTL?


By default no, but have seen that many customers have adjusted it for RTL, you can read more here about that:

Hi…I’m planing on purchasing your theme…I would like the Layout to be the same adn just replace the content….wanted to know if you provide the sample data when I install the same…Is this possible?


The theme comes with the demo xml and management import files, but still some custom things need to be st up manually, you can buy it and create a support ticket here: and add also wp-admin access details, then we can set up your page 1:1 as our demo, only in this case we recommend a clean install, or a existing, that we can reset.


Ilbirs Purchased

Hello!I receive emails about updating the Theme, but I can not download a new Theme from the site. Is this due to the fact that my support period has expired? Or am I doing something wrong?

There was a bug in our version system, that version you have should be 3.0.012

The latest one is 3.0.7 that you have downloaded, check the changes.txt file you will see the sequence of the releases.


Ilbirs Purchased

TNX! :)


Ilbirs Purchased

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I have been waiting over 5 days for a response to my support question. If you are going to charge us for support – I would expect a response within 24 hours maximum. I get faster turnaround on support tickets from software that offers it free of charge. Here is my ticket:

“We havent found any support tickets from you” – i literally just gave you the URL to see the ticket. Not clear why you reply that you haven’t found it. Try clicking the link???

Also – did you note the URL I provided above? Did you notice that it is different from the URL you’ve given me? Why is your old ticket system still online if its not a valid ticket system anymore?

Literally all of my old tickets are still there at – are you saying this is not your ticket system any longer? Maybe take it offline and put a notice somewhere with a redirect?


Seems like we haven’t noticed the link.

We can’t set up any redirection there, right now we are working with ticksy support team to close our account there.


bruno21 Purchased

How active the sliders? I have already edited post with the main slider option and it does not work … The documentation is old version 1.0, you should update the documentation to be able to install correctly …

Please make sure that you have enabled the slider in the homepage, and that the post is added in the slider selected categories.