Discussion on Gaiz Clean Horizontal Scrolling Responsive Vcard

Discussion on Gaiz Clean Horizontal Scrolling Responsive Vcard

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Awesome theme, it really simplified my job of building a portfolio site. The only problems I have is that there were no PSD’s included in the download, and I can’t find the right place to load my API key for the Google Map integration.

Hello there, thanks for the comments. Yes we dont psd for the google map placement but it can be pasted under or above twitter feeds.

Best Regards Mannat Studio

The item description says it comes with “6 Layered PSD included”. I didn’t say anything about PSD’s for the map.

Next, there is an active request for a Google Maps API somewhere within the code, and it throws an error. Adding another Maps line won’t fix the issue. You can view the EXACT same error I’m receiving if you open the Google Dev Console on your demo site linked from here.

For further support please contact us from our profile page contact form. Also describe your issue in details or if possibke attach some screenshot.



After download your template, I found that your index.html cannot properly view using IE. I am using IE 11. Can you please check this.

But when I view your online demo using IE, it was okay. Firefox and Crome is also okay.

Hello harnisa,

Thanks for showing interest in our theme, rate us if you like our work and support. :)

We recommend you host the file on you site to check online. Sometime IE has compatibility issue locally.As you mentioned that it is working fine on my host. Also send us the live url to us for checking it on our hand.

Thanks Mannat Studio

Hello I´m Luz and I bought this theme but I have a problem to install, the server error is “stylesheet is missing”. Please can you help me?. Thanks

This is only a plain html version, not a wordpress.

Ok. Sorry I didn´t know that. Thanks.

The contact Form does not work! I’ve done the settings I changed the e-mail but not getting the email! :stress: This is the message that appears:

Thanks! Our Team will get in touch in next 24 hours’); //Error message when message can’t send define(‘ERROR_MESSAGE’, ‘ Oops! Something Went Wrong, Please Try To Submit Later.

‘); /* | | Begin sending mail | / $from_fistname = $POST[‘name’]; $from_lastname = $_POST[‘lastname’]; $from_name = $from_fistname.’ ’.$from_lastname; $from_email = $_POST[‘email’]; $mime_boundary_1 = md5(time()); $mime_boundary_2 = “1”.$mime_boundary_1; $mail_sent = false; # Common Headers $headers = ””; $headers .= ‘From: ’.$from_name.’<’.$from_email.’>’.PHP_EOL; $headers .= ‘Reply-To: ’.$from_name.’<’.$from_email.’>’.PHP_EOL; $headers .= ‘Return-Path: ’.$from_name.’<’.$from_email.’>’.PHP_EOL; // these two to set reply address $headers .= “Message-ID: <”.date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’).”webmaster@”.$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].”>”; $headers .= “X-Mailer: PHP v”.phpversion().PHP_EOL; // These two to help avoid spam-filters # Boundry for marking the split & Multitype Headers $headers .= ‘MIME-Version: 1.0’.PHP_EOL; $headers .= “Content-Type: multipart/mixed;”.PHP_EOL; $headers .= ” boundary=\””.$mime_boundary_1.”\””.PHP_EOL; $message = ‘Name: ’.$from_name.PHP_EOL; $message.= ‘Email: ’.$from_email.PHP_EOL.PHP_EOL; $message.= ‘Message: ’.PHP_EOL.$_POST[‘comment’].PHP_EOL.PHP_EOL; if(isset($_POST[‘phone’])) { $message.= ‘Phone: ’.$_POST[‘phone’].PHP_EOL; } if(!empty($from_name) && !empty($from_email) && !empty($message)) { mail(DEST_EMAIL, SUBJECT_EMAIL, $message, $headers); echo SUCCESS_MESSAGE; } else { echo ERROR_MESSAGE; } / | | End sending mai

Ok, I solved the problem. Thanks! Nice theme! :)

I’ve sent an email without return about another problem. PLease, I have clients waiting only because of this!!!!

Could you please help with the problem I’m having with the contact form, that the message content is not arriving when I open it in my webmail.

All fields are coming fine on my demo site, please check your hosting setting. If the problem exist contact me from my profile page. :)

Hey, any plans to make it a WP theme? Would love to get it ;)

Thanks for showing interest, WP version will be soon. Follow me here for latest updates :)

Hi, thanks for the quick response.

First, sorry I wasn’t aware that this was a standard with one page templates as your’s is the first one I’ve looked at. So if this is how they all function then my apologies.

Second, this is just happening with your on-line demo in my chrome browser. I’ll do a check in a different browser and anyway as you mentioned and I already said in my post this is unlikely to happen in practice.

Thanks again, Cheers

:) Most Welcome

Just checked and noticed the mobile menu now collapses and if you refresh a page you no longer get a blank screen, great work.

However just noticed a couple of other things that you might like to fix when you’ve a moment and if it’s possible.

1. Although you no longer get a blank screen if you refresh the page you always go back to the Home page and not the one you’re on.

2. The second one is really a technical fix as in reality it’s not going to happen as you won’t switch device (screen) sizes. But for completeness here it is: If you go to mobile screen size and select a menu item it works fine however if you then go back to big screen size you loose the big Menu.

Neither of these is a show stopper so will be purchasing. Many Thanks

Yes we will update this soon with our next updates.

For your first issue, i want to let you know that this is one page template so if you make a refresh, all the custom jquery shoots and force the first slide to load as set in our custom code. So i don’t think that this has to be fixed.

For your second issue: Normally the user don’t do like this. But i checked that on my side and if i drag the browser window the menu don’t get hide. I don’t know what the issue on your side.

But anyway thanks for knowing the issue. Let see if anyone else face the issue you shown us. Than we will definitely fix that. :)

Regards Mannat Studio

Nice template! I will definitely purchase but will wait until mobile menu auto-collapse and page refresh issues are resolved. But Great Work. Cheers

Thanks mate :)

And how to change your twitter profile?

Its very easy to change from custom.js file. :)

Nice one! But I found a small error: when you click on the menu-item of the page that your on, the page disappears. Can you fix that?

I have fixed this issue let update new file here. Or email me from my profile page, i will send you the updated files. Thanks :)


Nice one. mannat!

Thanks mate :)

In mobile view – is possible to have the menu collapse automatically when it arrives at the chosen content? In the demo, when you click on a menu item it stays expanded and covers the content until you hit the menu again.

Thanks jfortier, sure i will work on this and let you know as get it done.

Regards Mannat Studio

Awesome Work :D I like it

Thanks mate 8-)

Very nice! I think you should make a WordPress Theme out of it! ;)

Thanks HenkVanIngrid, sure i will convert if get good sale. :)

awesome template :D

Thanks mate :) And thanks for checking contact form as well. 8-)

awesome work buddy! Good luck with sales :D

Thanks mate :)


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