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Am I allowed to remove all the branding of Gala Brand Store and EM Themes from the front end as well as the back end?

If so which files do I modify?

When I install the theme I want it under a new name not Gala Brand Store. How do I achieve this.?

Also please send me s PM and let me know if there any such thing as a buy out price for the theme?

By this I mean that no one else can buy it,


I am sorry for not explaining myself clearly.

Remove all branding; By this I mean replacing all your branding with generis names, e.g. in Admin, there is a tab “Gala Theme” with a drop down menu which refers to EM Themes. I want to have generic words instead of your words. Also in Admin/Configuration, I want to change “Gala Brand Store Settings” to “Theme Settings” and remove your logo, and change “EM Quickshop” to “Quickshop”

Renaming the theme: This means changing the name of the theme to “eshop” instead of “GalaBrandStore” so when you look at the source code, the you see …/default/eshop instead …/default/galabrandstore Also in Admin, under Design, you select theme as “eshop” not “Galabrandstore”

I have tried creating my own theme in app/design/frontend/default/default and skins/frontend/default/default but this did not work with this theme but this techniques works with other themes.

The reason I am asking you to do this because I want to keep the theme name confidential. I want to create a demo site for hyperstore in order to show case to potential clients. I dont want my clients who have “friends who do websites” who look up the source code and then Google the theme name to find its origins and spoil business opportunities.

I hope this clarifies my humble request.

One more thing (sorry)

On the Product View page, I would like the Tabs to be the same like the ones you did for your other theme “Gala Go Market” or even “Fashionista”.

It is my view that Tabs should look like Tabs and not look like text or links. The H2 size for the Tabs text is far too big and I just can not find the CSS to change this.

I hope I am not being fussy or demanding. I have discerning clients to please.


About the Remove all branding: it’s possible but it will take many time do to, so please send an email to support@galathemes.com , our Technical support will check it.

About the tab in product detail view: to do it, you must edit css for these tabs. please also send an email to support@galathemes.com , our Technical support will give you a good anwser.

Best Regards


When i add an product to the wishlist i get an error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function setProduct() on a non-object in ../app/design/frontend/default/galabrandstore/template/wishlist/sidebar.phtml on line 45

Do you know how i can solve this? Greetings


You please send your issue to support@galathemes.com to get support theme at your site.

Thank you

Hi, Is the one page checkout included in the theme?, I saw this as I was going through the checkout. Please let me know

Hi obaoma,

The One Step checkout extension don’t include in the theme package.


Hi I am trying to list all categorizes using, {{block type=”megamenupro/catalognavigation” name=”mainmegamenu” category_id=”3”}}

but no joy

Hi hemaldesai,

Please make sure that the Root category on your site have the ID is 3.

You can sent an email to support@galathemes.com , our Technical support will check it for you.

Kind regards,

Hi, where can I download the galabrandstore-megamenu-extension?

The Mega menu was included into theme package. So, don’t need download any thing.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply. How can I disable the settings on the left of the site. One is the Magento Theme Variations, then the phone scanner etc? Thanks

You can disable this at Admin Panel -> GalaThemes -> Gala Brand Store Settings -> General tab -> select “Disable Variation block on frontend” is “yes”

Kind regards,


how can i remove “COMMUNITY POLL”? and one more que.

my main page title absolutely no change. fast help please:*

- remove “COMMUNITY POLL”: please refer the knowledge base http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/how-do-i-configure-and-use-polls

- Home page title: you can change it at Admin Panel -> CMS -> Pages -> select “Gala Brand Store Home page” -> change the title page at “Page Title” field.

Best Regards,

what if its not working? i did. i change it from “CMS -> Pages -> select “Gala Brand Store Home page” -> change the title page at “Page Title” ” it still says gala brand store :(


You please send your issue to support@galathemes.com, the Technical Support will check it for you.

Thank you.

Hi, I purchased the theme yesterday and when i extracted the theme it showing me lost off errors and some folders are completely blank

it seems that due to errors the files are not proper extracted.

i have to install the theme as soon as possible and its very urgent

let me know your comments on the same..


You try downloading this theme again and extract it again, or you can send your issue to support@galathemes.com to be helped.

Thank you.


I’m interested in your brand store theme that I want to purchase.

The link for it is here: http://themeforest.net/item/gala-brand-store-responsive-magento-template/4488443

Could you please, provide me with any life web site links that already used your product?.

Any 1 or 2 life web links currently working using this theme would be very helpful.

Thank you very much, Zilola


You can view some live websites use Gala Brand Store theme below: http://thetonershop.co.uk/ http://www.barbacanelibri.it/

Best Regards,

Hey Guys,

First of all brilliant work on this theme loved it.

i have couple of queries and answer to which will help me complete my project, hope you can answer them.

I am building a website focused on US Gift industry, which typically means bulk selling, pricing based on quantity purchased. also ability to capture additional info at the time of purchase like imprint text, imprint colors andOr Logo To be imprinted etc etc.

A typical example can be found here http://www.branders.com/

Try buying Pens or Hot / a Thermos.

We’d also want to customize a buy / quote feature.

Also note the change in per unit rate as per quantity etc.

The problem i am facing is

a) We have created additional Attributes which gets captured during the Add To Cart however this info is not being brought forward to the Checkout and stored in the DB.

URL for the site : promogini.yourdemowebsite.com

I can provide with UID / PWD for the admin.

Product http://promogini.yourdemowebsite.com/index.php/novelties/economy-jump-rope.html

I have tried emailing your support email and have also added the Skype User but no response there.

Hi hemaldesai,

We think we need access your site to check it. So, could you please sent an email into support@galathemes.com , our Technical support will check and give a solution.

Best Regard,

I have just sent you the access details on the email id above. Also find me on skype hemal.desai if you need FTP info or some clarification.

Hello, I have done the complete install to a new database. When selecting “gala brand store settings” I receive this error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/rtri5162/public_html/magento/app/code/community/EM/Galabrandstoresettings/Model/System/Config/Source/Attribute.php on line 1”

Can you help me?

Hi octavian_nicula,

Could you please sent an email into support@galathemes.com , our Technical support will give you a solution to fix it.

Best Regard,

Thank you for help! Technical support help me to fix the problem! Great team and template!

Hi, How can I change the decimal font size of products price?

You can change this size at the css file /gala-brandstore/skin/frontend/default/galabrandstore/css/theme.css line#268

.price { color: #F30000; font: bold 26px/1.35 helvetica,arial,sans-serif; }

Please sent email into support@galathems.com to get more guide for any your question.


Great theme!

How may i change the background color of header and top menu bar?


You can change the background color of header in Admin Panel -> GalaThemes -> Gala Brand Store Settings -> set the “Secondary 2 Background Color” field -> save and refresh your site.

Please sent email into support@galathemes.com to get more guide :)

Best Regards,

I’ve Installed it my magento 1.7.02 But it doesn’t works. I can’t access the Gala Brand Store Setting. How is that even possible, all the other parts are working but NOT THE CONFIGURATION PAGE. This is just like HELL.

I also get this message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in …/public_html/app/code/community/EM/Galabrandstoresettings/Model/System/Config/Source/Attribute.php on line 1

Hello, Could you try to replace this file buy this http://pastebin.com/d095M7fm

It’s due to incorrect EOL character when uploading to your hosting.

Best Regards,

Yes it’s wroking now. Thank you.

which the price of the gala brand store version with all modules?


When you purchase Gala Brand Store theme, it will have all modules, but excluding “One Step Checkout module”. If you want One Step Checkout module, you please contact support@galathemes.com to get the answer.

Thank you.

I am working with Aug 9, 2013 release. How can i change the title of homepage? Magento doesn’t let me change the page title due to “Gala Brand Store Home page” has empty content. Also sent an email for this question, please kindly reply. Thanks.


You can change the page title in CMS > Pages > Gala Brand Store Home page and in its content, you click on “Show/Hide Editor” to view the content in HTML mode and input “ ” to save it.

Best Regards,

Please How do I remove Copyrights Magento Templates by GalaThemes.com. Thank you.


You can edit it in file /app/design/frontend/default/galabrandstore/template/page/html/footer.phtml

Best Regards,


We really like your template design for Gala Brand Store. However, there is one thing we wondering if you were able to integrate into your design, if so, we would buy this design in an instead.

It is a little hard to explain but we noticed that the store categories don’t follow you as you scroll down the site. The store categories are only visible at the top of the site, but as a visitor scrolls down the page, he loses the ability to click on a store category with ease and has to go back to the top if he wishes to do so.

What we’re looking for is a function where the store categories follow you as you go both up and down; after scrolling down the categories become more prominent and then static. Is there anyway so that we can use your template and have this function on your design?

Thank you.


If you like this template, you can purchase it. Then you can contact support@galathemes.com to make the customization on this template, and Technical Support will give you a quote for it.

Best Regards,


Great theme, im working on it for quit a while know. when you load some pages it looks like the sidebar is jumping from right to left? in a quik second. its on almost every page, i also checked it on the demo.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Greetings Marc

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your question. When you load some pages on this theme, you see the left sidebar jumps from right to left because we want it to display properly on mobile device (small screen). It means that the main content of website will be displayed first, then it will show the content of left column on mobile device.

Best Regards,

I want to change the layout for checkout page. Currently, it looks like this (2Column-left) http://promogini.yourdemowebsite.com/temp/checkout%20curr.png and I want to make it look like this (1 column). http://promogini.yourdemowebsite.com/temp/checkout%20page.png


Regarding the layout of checkout page: - 2 columns-left is default checkout of Magento. - 1 column is One Step Checkout module. If you want to have One Step Checkout module, you please contact support@galathemes.com to get a quote for it.

Thank you.