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Hi we bought your theme and we are having troubles with IE css, arenot displaying on it, can you help us to find the error? thanks, p.d. what is your support e-mail to keep contact?

“Dear Sir Please email to our support staff via support@galathemes.com (in your email please provide your purchase code, ftp and magento admin info.)” And then, tell me what your ticket ID , We will help you asap

hi the support ticket ID is #2460886685

We have replied on #2460886685 ticket

Any update ? This theme works with the latest magento 1.9.2

Dear Sir,

In this time, we are supporting 1.9.1 But if you want to use for your site with 1.9.2, it is working fine.


I want to purchase this theme for Magento 2.0.

Its compatible with Magento v2.0 so far?

Please let me know, - Cristian

Dear Cristian, Because Magento 2.0 , it is big change, we can’t update this themes to support Magento 2.0 So, next week, We will submit the new Magento in version 2.0

Hi tvlgiao, How to edit upsells tab on product detail page? On my website, all products on upsells tab are listed as ‘out of stock’ but I am 100% sure that they are all available stock. Screenshot is here http://i.imgur.com/XP0HjYf.png P.S. website was installed Call-For-Price add-on.


Thanks for contacting us.

Please pen a new ticket here http://www.codespotsupport.com/others/ and give us url + admin account our support team will check and help you.


Hi, I am interested to buy your theme but I have two questions as follows:

1- Does your theme support Multi Vendor Plugin and link of the plugin is https://www.apptha.com/?

2- Does your theme compatible with latest version of Magento 1.9.2?

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest.

Regards Waqas

Dear Wap1972

The Gala Gomarket , it’s very old themes. if possible you can try to use newest themes from our product http://themeforest.net/item/everything-store-magento-2-magento-19-multipurpose-responsive/12243332

It’s support Magento and Magento 2.0 newest

Hi I have problem with checkout steps Each step shows a writing in the top that should not be there (billing, shipping_method and payment). I have already sent two support ticket but i have not any notify

Dear Ugo,

We checked and custom for you. Please check again.

Many Thanks. That’s ok!

You are welcome :)

I want to build an E-Commerce multi-vendor store When customers come to your multi-vendor site they can pick one item from John Q web designer and another from Company XYZ and it is all processed through the same shopping cart.

Also, do you have an android app or can you recommend an android app source code for this.

The themes is not ready to support Multi-Seller. You need purchase 3rd extension : https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/umarketplace-suite-multi-vendor-marketplace.html or https://www.apptha.com/magento/marketplace and then you can hire us to intergrate in your site, we will charge custom fee

Can we discuss about the setup fees for multi-vendor site

Yes, you can add our skype technical support : emthemes_khang


szrach Purchased

Hi, I bought your theme, but I have problem with it. After Upload by FTP, and do step by step from manual, work only home page. Category pages has error, and product pages are blank. It is probably some conflict with my other modules. Could You help me to solve it?

Dear Sir Please Open a ticket at http://www.codespotsupport.com/magento/open.php ( Remember enter your purchase code, ftp and magento admin info.) And then, tell me what your ticket ID , We will help you asap.

hello, i want this theme for Magento 2..it is possible ? if not, do you have any theme for magento 2 ? thank you

Dear Marian, We don’t have plan to upgrade for this theme. You can choose best seller Magento 2 from our themes http://themeforest.net/item/everything-store-magento-2-magento-19-multipurpose-responsive/12243332/comments

Dear Authors, -need info about all your themes, prices,license and other policys. how about the documentation for your themes, is it include the installation service,if were not include please info about the price for it.

-how about documentation “how to” customize your theme. is it fully well documented for it cost im beginner for this. i need to change the category,main menu,and others custom such logo,footer,product items and other custom things.

-how about the license for more than a year? do i have to pay more ? and if i need consultation or troubleshoot help, would you give me info where to contact your team support. please info , thx

Dear Djokosableng,

You can choose our newest themes http://themeforest.net/item/everything-store-magento-2-magento-19-multipurpose-responsive/12243332/comments .

It is better and fully document support. and important, we are supporting Magento 2 for this themes


szrach Purchased

Hi, I have problem with em themebulider – all sections are duplicated on frontend.

Dear Sir Please Open a ticket at http://www.codespotsupport.com/magento/open.php ( Remember enter your purchase code, ftp and magento admin info.) And then, tell me what your ticket ID , We will help you asap.

hi, i put 14 days ago ticket #9702069291…didnt get any answer.

Dear Marian,

We are only received new message from you today. Please double check , What email you are contacting ?

And please help me , if you have any more question , you need post in same ticket ID, it is easy to us to take care your issues ASAP