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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks :D

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks to you :D

Nice, what font did you use for the logo. Can I adjust it through webfont or do I need to buy the font? Thank you.

I use free font. Sorry but I forgot the name!

Nice work done, Good Luck :)

Thanks :)

Does it include the backend sql and php files?

No this is just HTML5/CSS3 mobile template, you can use it with cordova or phongap for creating an hybrid app

can you send demo files?

can you send demo files?


The images are for demo purpose. We use them from Unsplash. In your rate comment you wrote “Error”; can u explain more where is the error !?

Best regards.

1.javascript file dont run for this theme. 2.links dont run

Can you send the smooth theme for html,css and javascript My e-mail: murat.tarakci@acibadem.com.tr


I’m interested in your template, but I have some doubts. I hope that you can help me:

1. Does this project work offline ? 2. To will become in an APP is necessary to work on PhoneGAP. 3. This include a CSS File to change the colours and fonts.

Does it require some special configuration for..

4. Contact Form? 5. Login and Username?

6. Does it need the creation of a database?

7. It Can be create a page Shop and Cart?

Waiting for your answer.


  1. The project use Ajax for navigation between pages, you need a server to make ajax working.
  2. Yes, is necessary to use PhoneGap/Cordova to build an app
  3. Yes, its include a CSS file to change colors and fonts and everything you want.
  4. Exactly you need to use a Server-Side Language like PHP and special configurations to create a contact form and its need a database for that
  5. Yes, Galaxy doesn’t have a Shop page and Cart, but if you are a familiar with HTML/CSS you can develop them and add them to Galaxy .

Best regards.

Hello, GALAXY MOBILE TEMPLATE – BACK BUTTON ISSUE Could you please advise how to change response to Android o/s “back” button. Whenever Android back button is used the application is exited. In gallery.html for example “X” button works, but Android o/s “back” arrow causes application to be closed.

Hello, I understud the problem. but i can’t fixe that’s because this is only template html/css/js. I can’t controlle Android o/s “back” arrow. But if you are using Cordova check out this link.



I have an issue when I try to run just the preview the page just spins and never moves to a new page I think there may be an ajax issue.As of now this app is unusable since there is some conflict in your code that makes the app literally not work at all.

Hi, You must run the theme in a Web server or in you local server using (Wamp or Xampp).

Best regards.

If I have IIS it will not work ?

I’m sorry I have no idea. The Theme will work perfectly on Firefox without using a Server

Hi, 1. I am thinking of using your template as an app demo, just like your own demo, showing the app within a mobile on a web page. Will it work this way? 2. Is it possible to turn the photo grid to a video grid? 3. Do I need coding to use the template? Thanks