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Love the theme!

Great theme, contact.php working lovely.

However, I have setup the mailchimp account and tested the subscription form.

It gives an error message after submission even though the subscriber email was added to the mailchimp list with success.

Could you help?

Here’s the URL:

Many thanks for your help…

Seems to be working fine now. Did you change anything?

Hi again, I simply deleted the ‘if then show error code’ in the newsletter script and just left ‘echo’ message. Seems to have done the trick?

I guess so! Good luck!

Hey, i would like to change the error messages in my own language in the contact form, but i can’t seen to find them. Where can i find these? ex:’Must be a valid E-mail’change in … Great work by the way.

Hi Tinoblancke,

This template uses the jquery ketchup plugin for validation. You can view it’s documentation here:

Thank you for the nice template. I’ve got 2 issues and hope you can help me urgently.

1. The background isn’t showing up. I followed the instruction in the manual, but nothing is appearing. 2. The tooltips when hovering over the icons is also not showing up.

Hope to get your response. Thank you very much!

Can you give me the url to your website? That would help. :)

Great theme! It was working fine but after some days the background images dissapeared… please check here:

Thank you, I will erase the countdown code and see if it works.

Actually no need to erase the code. Just change the countdown time to another date. For example 2 years from now. Cheers.

Glad you got it working!

no worries mate, i am a space nerd lol, quick question, dumb of me i have looked every were in the code i am trying to make the blue on contact and about me parts to black any idea please

In the styles.css file change the background of .about and .contact from
background: #297fa3;
background: rgba(41, 127, 163, 0.9);
background: rgba(31, 31, 33, 0.5);

Hope this helps!

nice one ;)

on newsletter i get when adding a email to emailing list oops an error accoured but one did send and i have added the key no and id no in the code

its not added to my web server yet

//replace us2 with your actual datacenter $submit_url = "";

That is probably why it does not work. That script does not work locally on your computer.

yeah i worked that out i will get it going plus happy new year

Love this. I actually bought another theme and simply gave up before I got this one. If I bought this first, I would have saved a few hours and had a great final product much sooner. Keep it up.

Glad you like it!

Hi Johneyboy, Still loving your template! I just discovered a nasty bug in IE11. It seems the template isn’t displaying properly in IE11.

Please have a look if you can fix it. Also other sites mentioned in the comments don’t seem to work in IE 11:

I not seeing any problem right off. Could you send me a screenshot?

I’m sorry I missed out on your reply. Where can I send the screenshots to?

How do I add/change the background slider images?

From the documentation

In scripts/scripts.js add your background images to backstretch. Here is an example: /* BACKGROUND SLIDER */ $.backstretch([ './images/background1.jpg', './images/background2.jpg', './images/background3.jpg' ], {duration: 5000, fade: 750}); If you want a single background image use this instead: $.backstretch('./images/background1.jpg'); // For single image use this instead You can change the duration to suit your needs (in miliseconds).

Hope this helps!

I cannot get the background images to work, I have renamed to ./images/001.jpg etc, etc, nothing works!!!

Nor does the email form! I added my email to the script and the page comes up blank when you hit the submit button!

Please advise.

Disregard my last 2 posts, I got everything to work!

That’s great! Glad you got it working!

Hello, your theme is awesome ! Is it compatible with a wordpress website ?

Thank you for your help !

No it is not. It is just plain HTML. Sorry about that.

Too bad … Thanks for your answer