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No, I would not mind them if I had the choice to turn off the responsive feature, and this can done via the options panel. And just to say, I suffer from Autism and I’m sixteen… I really worry a lot. In the future when updates come out, do I do it manually via ftp (something I do not know how to do) or does it come via the dashboard.

Yeah, you can easily disable the responsive feature. You can update via FTP or via the WordPress Dashboard. Either one will work and will save your settings and content. Any edits you make to the theme files will be over-riden so if you make any, just make note of them and backup your files.

Note: There is a reply button in the comments, it will be easier to keep track of the responses I provide if you just continue a thread.

I like the theme, but I’ve noticed your other one white-noise – can that be used as a blog? Like can I have the home-page set out like a blog etc

Yep, you can set the homepage to a blog.

Feel free to e-mail me via my profile page and I can provide you with the documentation. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities with the theme:

Okay – can you email me one about white-noise and galaxy please – – would whitenoise be suited as a tech blog?

I sent you an e-mail :-). You can respond to me via e-mail if you have any further questions.


How do I turn responsive off

If you want to disable the responsive feature, all you need to do is disable the /css/responsive.css stylesheet. We include a note about this in the documentation and can help you in our support forums if you needed additional assistance.


I am having a problem with the sidebars. I selected a full width page but the sidebars are showing up in the footer. I even tried to get a plugin (conditional sidebars) to disable the sidebar on specific pages but it doesn’t remove them either…

Could you help with this….

here is a link to see the issue.
We provide support via our support forums. If you have any issues or questions, please post them in our support forums:

Thank you for your support… I found the issue. It was a problem with the woocommerce plugin.

Here is the fix for any others that may have this issue.

Create a php file in theme folder. Call it “woocommerce.php”

Paste this code.

<?php get_header(); ?>
        <div id="content">
<?php woocommerce_content(); ?>            
        <div class="clearfix" />
        </div><!-- close #content -->
<?php get_footer(); ?>

All Done!

Thanks for the update.


Hey, great theme but 2 questions please:

1) Since I installed Galaxy I cannot embed an iframe in my wp page (in particular a publication that previously had no problem showing).

2) The footer is supposed to contain 4 widgets but no matter which on I select it does not display the 4th one in line, in other words the one bottom right as you can check yourself at (

What should I do? Thanks! S.

We provide support via our support forums. Please post any support forum questions in our support forums:

How many things can i change with administration? Like background and more…

You can change tons of options. Backgrounds, theme colors, fonts, etc. All from the theme options. Feel free to e-mail me via my profile page and I can send you the documentation. This will go over all the appearance changes.

Hi guys, we really enjoy the theme but we were wondering if it’s possible to add multiple colors to the menu and the pages. For example that menu-item 1 is red, menu-item 2 is blue etc. We saw this at another template, but we like yours better [link removed]

Our temporary website is at It's no problem if there is a price to this. Thanks. Grts.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum.

Presale question: Video supported in the homepage slider? Thanks.

Yeah, you can add video to the homepage slider.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

great looking site. i’m looking to purchase. i like that the social media buttons are at the top, can we upload our own icons to that space easily?

also, the rectangle buttons are great, can we change those out to a different look or color easily?


1) You can adjust the shape, size, background color, and font color. The social icons in the top right are created with a font so you can adjust it easily with CSS. If you wanted new icons, you would need to edit the header area and add-in your own images.

2) The rectangle buttons color can easily be changed via a color picker in our options panel. The size and shape can be changed via CSS.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thinking of purchasing and or downloading the update, Is this theme still being supported?

Yeah, all of our themes are supported still. When ensure they are working on the latest version of WordPress.

Purchase question?

Hi I love the theme but I am would want to change the background from the starts to just a solid color. Is this do-able via a few clicks or would I have to mess with the css?


Yeah, this can be adjusted easily via a few clicks in the theme options.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

HI im working on a wordpress project for a client and they have a few requirements i’m not seeing in the demo. would appreciate some answers to these questions.

first – How simple would it be to incorporating a mega menu ?

second – does the theme use bootstrap if so would i be able to make the responsive nav slicker with bootstrap?


1) You could easily incorporate a mega menu by using a plugin like this one: (That one will work great with our theme)

2) We do not use bootstrap. Note: If you use a plugin like the one above, it will have mobile options to make it similar to bootstrap.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, The search is showing the entire article when searched. Would it be possible to make it show a read more as the galaxy preview does? and if so how would i go about achieving this? Thank you

Yeah, the theme will function like the live preview. If you have purchased the theme and need help, feel free to post in our support forums here:

If you have any pre-purchase questions, just let me know here in the item comments as we are happy to answer any.

Hi, how do I set what posts and pages the search indexes ?

The search indexes all pages and posts automatically. You can get more control over your search results by using a plugin like There are also a few other search plugins that are free on

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Check out the documentation included with the theme for setting this up. The section “Using the blog” is where to find out how to use the embed code. The specific section title is “Inserting a Featured Video”.

If you still need help after viewing the documentation, feel free to post in our support forums. We are happy to help:

Hi, I want to remove link in this theme. because it has malware.. thx

I have updated with new version theme, but still read link (view background image on homepage)

So, I want to remove that link because indicate malware link

Not sure how you got that file setup as it is not part of the theme. However you can adjust this and swap it out under Appearance > Theme Options > Backgrounds Tab.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post in our support forums. We are happy to help out: