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Hello. Wonderful theme. The only thing that concerns me is I don’t see a built-in feature for social media sharing on each individual article/blog. Is is available within your theme? Thanks.

We left this out as there are hundreds of great plugins that can achieve this much better than a built-in solution. Check out free plugins here:
and premium plugins here:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Of course : ) – thanks for reminding me of the availability of plugin solutions.

I’ve just purchased my first theme ;) Does it support newsletters?

We have a newsletter widget that you can see on the front-page. This is to support a 3rd party application of MailChimp. Please post your question in the support forums for any further discussion:

Great work. Does it supports other image sizes and aligning text accordingly? Can the homepage slider image size can be changed because I generally do not have big sized images. What if any of my post do not have any image. And I want to display it in slider?

Yeah, you can adjust various image heights throughout the theme easily. The width however is locked in most places as responsive layouts have a maximum width set to the containers. Finally, you can always remove the slider if you don’t have featured images that are large. If your posts don’t have images, everything will display fine, there just won’t be an image :-).

Hi There,

Wonderful theme. I am having one issue I can’t figure out. If you go to the site I have setup at You will notice the space between the logo and the menu below it is quite a bit larger than in the demo. It looks weird being so spaced out.

Do you have any suggestion on how to make it more like the demo, and eliminate the space between the logo and the menu?


We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

I love this theme, I actually purchased three themes one night including this one. Initially it was not my favorite, but after playing with all of them I decided it was by far the best. It’s attractive and flexible. We had two minor issues and the support was outstanding. Quick and accurate responses, both issues were easily resolved. We also saw a jump in our stats, more pages viewed and more time spent on the site. This was an immediate jump, it would appear our users like it better as well. I could not be more happy.

Thanks for the great review!


I tried creating an account in your support forum and it says I’m not allowed to register at this time?

What gives?

Anyway, how can we change the colours of the font? I would like to make it darker but there’s no option to do so

Support forums is up and working now as somebody registered a few minutes ago (Might have been down momentarily). Send me an e-mail via this form and I will manually create you an account:

Do you have a complete list of where it’s possible to place ads? And does it suport menus and widgets on the left sidebar?

Any sidebar can have an advertisement. We have sidebars on any page in the right column. In addition we have a widget area above the site container that can be used for an banner advertisement. The sidebar is located on the right but you can change this with a few lines of css to the left if you wish. So every page has a sidebar on the right and a header widget area above the site.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

But if I buy the theme, wil you help meg change the css?

Tom, I responded to your e-mail yesterday. Check your mail :-)


Can you please tell me why the Article Carousel doesn’t work on my website? (

I added the category in the widget the same for the post that I want to be displayed in there but the post does not show up in the widget.


Please post all support questions through our support forum.

Hello, i have a few questions bevor buying this Theme:

Can i add a (Custom) Sidebar on Portfolio-Posts? Can i add Custom Backgrounds to Portfolio-Posts? Can i change the ”/portfolio-post/” Slug to ”/artists/” or something else?

Background of my questions is the following: I want to build a similar magazine page as Each artist has his own Artist Page with Sub-Pages such as News, Music, Videos, etc.

In addition, I wanted to ask if you would help me to implement two of the above mentioned Website elements into your website template:

- The Head area (Logo + navigation) should be visually separated from the rest of the theme like on (I can Design it, but i don’t know how to Slice and write the Code .)

- There should be a secondary navigation for the above mentioned Sub-Pages such as News, Music, Videos available on a Artist Page. (like here:

Or should I rather look for a different template?

Regards, URBN

Yes, you can have a custom sidebar on your portfolio posts. You can have custom background images on portfolio posts BUT this must be set globally and not on a per post basis. Yes the slug can be changed easily.

If you want customizations made, please send me a private e-mail and we will discuss:

Thank you for your quick response :)

I will buy it next week when my cash is on my PayPal Account.


I would like to buy Galaxy WP theme but first I want to know that is it possible to easily set the height of top space (above the menu) as my needs?

Thank you.

Yeah, it’s very easy to set the height of the top space. Most of the spacing is handled by the logo height. You can adjust via the logo height by adding blank space below the logo OR via a simple margin CSS setting.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello again,

My project is confirmed and your theme is selected by my customer :) I want to use wordpress version but if i want to implement with my own CMS , can i have the full working HTML layouts of theme?

Thank you.

Yeah we actually include a set of HTML files with the theme download :-). You can find these files under /misc/HTML-Files folder. If you have any questions while working with the files, feel free to post them in our support forums:

Is it possible to add more social icons at the top like Tumblr?

Yeah, there is a tumblr link at the top built-in to our Theme Options. You can see this at the second from the right in the live preview. There are also a few others that you can add that aren’t in the theme options panel if you wanted to.

Some questions about the theme. Can you have two sidebars? Are there any settings for related pages? Are there pages with photo gallery?

Currently we only have 1 sidebar. We support unlimited sidebars so you can have unique sidebars per page BUT the only real sidebar available is on one side and the content on the other. We don’t have any setting relate pages besides Full Width and Contact. Our Portfolios cover any photo gallery options. Also, we have short codes available for simple sliders and columns.

Let me know if that helps or if you have more questions.

hi there.. this is urgent.. how can i play a mp3 file that i upload using the media uploader?


Check-out the free third party plugins from If you need any additional help, please post in our support forums:

For the second menu at the top (the one with the home icon) I was wanting to use it for displaying category content. Two things bother me when setup this way. First the title for each page says “Categoryname Category” and the second is the url is ”.com/category/categorymenu/categoryname

1. How or where should I look for removing the category out of the page display title.

2. Is it possible to have the url read ”.com/categoryname/” so it doesn’t have the two unnecessary directories and just looks simpler.

Addition: With the footer. I can’t stack more than one widget in each section. If I do it just moves to the right in a new space. How can that be fixed so if I want to put say a blank field with text and have social icons under they both appear stacked and not in separate columns?

Thanks in advance for the response! -Brian

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum.

Hello, before I purchase I have a question. On the sidebar it has ”-” minus signs that look like you can minimize the columns but when I click it doesn’t minimize them.

Thanks for your time!

The minus sign is just a part of the design. You could add a bit of javascript to enable a toggle if you wanted but that isn’t the default purpose ( It’s just there to help divide content.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much for the fast reply, I’ll be purchasing very soon! Can you shoot me an email (You can find it on my profile) with a quote on how much you would charge to implement that to my theme?

Thanks, ThemeLux

Sounds good, I sent you an e-mail.


This theme sucks. Nothing works.

Can’t even get the slider on the homepage to work. Absolute shit. 1/2 star.

Checkout the documentation in the “Help Section” folder. I assume you haven’t looked at the documentation as our theme has had nothing but great feedback (Theme is still rated at 5/5 stars!).

Also, we have a support forums. I see you haven’t asked any questions in our forums. Please ask for help before rating and leaving bad feedback.

Hi – is this theme any good for a tech magazine? It works with all browsers? Will there be future updates to keep compat with wordpress and browsers…

Well, it certainly looks good – just want to see screenshots of the mobile theme – I’m looking to have it for christmas:-)

And like the pages like news – can I have the homescreen set up like a classic blog with the images at the side, slider and side bar?

Yeah we have a few screenshots under the screenshots area here:

You can also resize your browser down to see the various tablet, mobile sizes as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

What do you mean resize ? Is there a way in the settings to turn the responsive feature off, and like have the site not as wide

You can just resize your browser window on your computer (Drag the corner to make the window smaller). The site will automatically resize based on the browser size. You can turn the responsive feature off easily. Note: If you disable the responsive feature, the site will remain in the full width state that you are viewing on your desktop.

And the mobile theme looks good – I just don’t want margins at the top and bottom of the site – and remove widgets from the mobile view.

You can always make additional modifications to the theme. Those two would be easy to add yourself or by hiring somebody. We do not offer free support for modifications and customizations.

Right – but there is an option to turn it off via the options panel. I’ve already purchased four themes, and all of them have been trouble – just need the perfect one:/

If you want to disable the responsive feature, all you need to do is delete the /css/responsive.css stylesheet. We include a note about this in the documentation and can help you in our support forums if you needed additional assistance.